Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 397: A Pufferfish? It's a Delicacy!

Chapter 397: A Pufferfish? It's a Delicacy!

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At this moment, Bu Fang was slightly nervous as he didn't know whether that crystal source truly contained anything inside it.

Usually, there would be one solid crystal among the three. In some unlucky cases, there would be two of them which were solid.

They already opened two crystal sources. As such, the last crystal source in this big crystal mine should be a solid and empty one. If that crystal source didn't have the ingredient which Bu Fang needed, it would mean that he failed the mission given by the system.

Of course, Bu Fang could try to cook or boil that golden mantis shrimp. However, that tiny thing didn't have much meat on its body. It definitely couldn't be counted as an ingredient.

If he had seven or eight of them, then he might probably be able to make a dish with them. However, there was only a single one… Bu Fang felt as though he should forget about it.


The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames temperature was extremely high. Since it was turned into a blade by Bu Fang, it was slowly cutting into the crystal source. It gradually opened one of the sides.


The moment he opened it, Bu Fang felt his heart palpitate with fear.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, several sharp steel needles shot out from that crystal source.

The speed of those needles was extremely swift and they seemed to be able to tear the air apart. Even though Bu Fang dodged them, they continued to fly in a straight line and penetrated the wall behind him.

Bu Fang sucked in a breath of cold air. It was fortunate that he reacted quickly, otherwise, those needles would have already turned him into a human sieve.

What was inside this crystal source?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and waved his flame blade down toward the crystal source. He sliced the crystal source into two pieces. This crystal source was hollow… If he wasn't attacked just a moment ago, Bu Fang would have been delighted.

After being cut in two, it slowly separated into two pieces. A clear and crisp sound resounded through the whole cave.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and stared at the location where the crystal source split open. He could see that there was something which resembled a fish on the ground.

In the next moment, the fish swelled up and with a 'swoosh' sound, countless needles tore apart the air. Countless and innumerable needles were shot out once again.

Bu Fang summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and slightly waved it in front of himself. He managed to deflect all those needles.

After some time, the clanking sound in the cave died down.

True energy burst out of Bu Fang's legs and he jumped up into the air. He clearly saw the existence which appeared when he cut apart the crystal source. Strictly speaking, it was a fish.

However, Bu Fang didn't expect that a fish like this would come out of the crystal source.

Green smoke twirled up as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. Bu Fang slightly waved the knife in his hand before he decided on something and stepped on the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Another mass of needles was shot at Bu Fang once again. The speed of those needles were extremely swift. When they were right in front of his eyes, Bu Fang could see that those needles were completely white. There was a slightly cold glint on the tip of those needles which would cause one's whole body to shudder.


He waved his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and sent all those needles flying. In the next moment, he walked towards the front of the spirit beast. That spirit beast was a fish and it was rolling its eyes as it glared at Bu Fang. The entire body of the fish was covered with countless spots and stripes. When it swelled up, its body became big and fat. Those needles from before were shot out once again the moment it swelled up.

Bu Fang's Meteor Cutting technique already reached perfection. One could only see knife light flickering around Bu Fang and all those needles were sent flying.

After deflecting all the needles, Bu Fang waved his knife and smashed it against the fat and bulging fish. It was instantly knocked unconscious.

After it was knocked unconscious, its body became small again. It was as though the air was leaking out of its body as it deflated like a balloon.

Only after knocking it unconscious, did Bu Fang relax.

"Who would expect that such a weird fish would be inside the last crystal source. Honestly speaking, this is truly a rare and exceptional ingredient."

Bu Fang picked that fish up by its tail and stood up. He started to observe that plump spotted fish. On Earth, such a fish was known as a pufferfish. Bu Fang had obviously heard of them before. However, it was Bu Fang's first time seeing a pufferfish which could shoot out needles in this Hidden Dragon Continent.

As for the taste of a pufferfish, Bu Fang didn't need to mention how delicious it was. Despite the poison contained in the fish, it was still a delicacy people risked their lives to taste.

"Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish, a seventh grade spirit beast. It was an extremely rare breed of spirit beast and breeding this species was extremely difficult. The Thorny Pufferfish could swiftly condense and form needles under its skin. Every time it swelled up, it would shoot out the needles. Those needles contained a deadly and violent poison which could poison even a ninth grade Supreme-Being."

While Bu Fang was observing that Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish, the system's solemn and earnest voice resounded in his mind. He furrowed his brows when he heard the system's description. After hearing the abilities of the Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish, he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The poison in those needles could poison even a Supreme-Being! If he hadn't been careful a moment ago and allowed one of those needles to touch him, he would be dead by now.

As expected of the extremely poisonous pufferfish.

Bu Fang repeatedly sized up that pufferfish which he carried in his hand. He smacked his lips with admiration.

It was obvious that this pufferfish was the ingredient which Bu Fang needed to look for during this trip. When he thought about it, he couldn't help but feel excited.

Lightly patting the pufferfish, Bu Fang was pleasantly surprised.

It was indescribable how delicious pufferfish meat was. It was delicious to the point that one would eat it despite its virulent poison. Just from this point, it was obvious how delicious pufferfish meat was.

Although this Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish wasn't some supreme existence ingredient, Bu Fang was more excited to obtain this Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish compared to some supreme beast's ingredients.

He waved his knife and took a porcelain jar from his dimensional bag. He lightly slashed his knife across the Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish's neck.

The Thorny Pufferfish in Bu Fang's hands immediately started struggling and moving as dark blood slowly flowed into the porcelain jar which was in Bu Fang's hands.

When he finished collecting its blood, he washed that fish with the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water. Then, he carefully stored that porcelain jar which was filled with the Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish's blood.

The entire body of the Thorny Pufferfish was poisonous. Even the blood and internal organs had poison in them. As such, Bu Fang had to deal with them properly.

This Darkmoon Thorny Pufferfish was a pufferfish from the Hidden Dragon Continent. The poison contained within its body was more powerful than the Earth's pufferfish. Hearing that the poison could take down a Supreme Being, Bu Fang didn't dare to carelessly touch it.

After he washed and cleaned the pufferfish, he placed it in the system dimensional storage and clapped his hands with satisfaction.

Now wasn't a suitable time for Bu Fang to cook the pufferfish. It would be much better if he returned to the Grand Serpentine City before cooking it.


Not far from him, the Supreme Mantis Prawn finally managed to turn around. It finally stood up on its legs. It was in quite a sorry state and its shell had a deep indent because of that strike. The aura it emitted was also feeble and weak.

Bu Fang, who planned to leave, immediately stopped in place and he stared at the Supreme Mantis Prawn for a long while.

Bu Fang wasn't a magnanimous person. That fellow was someone who had been hunting him for a long time. There was no way Bu Fang would just forget about it. Moreover, it would be a pity if he missed out on such a good ingredient.

The Supreme Mantis Prawn, whose face was filled with confusion, had just turned itself over and it was still confused. All of a sudden, its eyes widened and it felt as though the surroundings went dark.


A loud sound resounded and the whole cave started trembling.

Bu Fang patted the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which was currently extremely big. He carefully took it out of the rubble.

When he lifted the wok, the Supreme Mantis Prawn was beneath it. Its shell was filled with countless cracks due to Bu Fang's attack.

The Supreme Mantis Prawn slightly raised its sickles and it glared at Bu Fang with its compound eyes.


Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth as he ruthlessly smashed it with his wok. The ground cracked even more and was filled with countless fissures.

"Weren't you just wishing to become an ingredient... You should have just told me earlier. You wasted half your day chasing me."

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth and raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Under the wok, the Supreme Mantis Prawn was breathing its last breath.

He put that Supreme Mantis Prawn into his system dimensional storage with a satisfied expression on his face. He thought that he wouldn't end up getting any supreme beast meat on his trip. Who would have expected that there would be a Supreme Mantis Prawn pestering him? It delivered itself to Bu Fang's hands.

Bu Fang felt as though he didn't suffer for nothing.

The golden mantis shrimp which was curled up on Bu Fang's shoulder slightly stretched itself before it went back to sleep.

He took a look at that tiny creature before he expressionlessly turned his head to look at Blacky who was sleeping soundly on the ground. It seemed like that black dog was in deep sleep.

Bu Fang could only helplessly carry Blacky before throwing it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He managed to carry the wok with one of his hand. This could also be considered as Bu Fang finding a place for Lord Dog to sleep.

As he stood in the cave, he observed his surroundings for a while before walking out of the cave. He followed the path he took into the cave and eventually reached the crevice where he fell.

He took another look at this cave which was filled with innumerable crystals. Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath and he didn't obsess over the crystals any longer. He directly entered the crevice and left the place.

The moment he left, a rumbling sound came from within the cave.

After making his way out of the broken rocks, a figure who was soaked in blood stumbled out. That Oceanic Species' expert was in a sorry state. It seemed like his whole body was covered by blood and even the luster on his blue skin became dim.

"Damned human... Damned black dog. The priest said that the Prawn Ancestor was in one of those three crystal sources... He must have been hidden in some place by that black dog! The Prawn Ancestor is the hope of our race. Without the ancestor, we can't rise up at all… We must find him!"

Blood trickled from his mouth and unceasingly dripped on the ground.

However, that Oceanic Species' expert wasn't a fool. When he saw how the black dog killed a Divine Physique Echelon expert from the Great Barren Sect, he knew that the black dog was someone who broke through more than one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. That would also explain how the black dog could heavily injure him with one slap.

He wasn't the black dog's match. He knew that he had to return and look for reinforcement from the Oceanic Species.

Cough! Cough! He coughed another mouthful of blood as his aura became more feeble, and slowly staggered out of the cave.


Outside the mine, there were several factions standing opposite each other.

The ice-cold and metallic warship was floating in the air and it emitted an extremely strong pressure. It oppressed the Oceanic Species' experts, Wu Mu, and the others.

Every single one of them wanted to enter the mine, however, they knew how dangerous it was.

Not to mention the fact that there were two Divine realm existences inside the cave right now. They knew that even if they went in, they would not get anything precious from the cave. As such, Wu Mu and the Serpentine Sovereign didn't move. They stood there and faced the warship and the Oceanic Species' experts.

All of a sudden, a clear and distinct sound of footsteps came from the entrance of the mine. The sound of footsteps caused the grim atmosphere to become intense and strained.

Everyone's gaze was directed at the entrance.

It was especially the case for the Oceanic Species' experts and the Great Barren Sect's experts.

Who would come out of the mine? Who was the one who obtained the treasures?

Everyone was curious about the outcome.

After all, they had a Divine realm expert overseeing them. It was definitely not the seventh grade Battle-Saint. He was hunted by the Supreme Mantis Prawn and forced to enter the mine.

When they thought about how the seventh grade Battle-Saint charged into the mine when he panicked, everyone couldn't help but laugh.

"He is out!"

No one knew who shouted but everyone turned their head to stare at the figure who appeared at the entrance of the mine.

A tall and slim figure slowly walked out of the mine.

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