Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 375: The Grand Barren Sect

Chapter 375: The Grand Barren Sect

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The Supreme Elder took a sip of the soup and his gaze toward Bu Fang changed dramatically. He had never expected a bowl of soup to have the same effects of elixirs. A soup could actually tend to wounds?

Elixirs demanded a rigorous process in the making and there was certainly a low success rate. Elixirs of the higher level would be even harder to formulate. This was why Elixir Masters had such high reputations in the continent.

However, Bu Fang's simple bowl of soup was enough to match the capabilities of an elixir…

The Supreme Elder's eyes were filled with a bizarre look, but his mouth never stopped blowing at the steaming hot soup. He took another sip. He enjoyed the sensation of the hot soup gliding down his throat and into his stomach with a satisfied look.

As the rich broth hit his stomach, a tiny spot of golden light burst out of his abdomen. A toasty, warm feeling spread across his body and into all four limbs. The injuries on his body were recovering at a speed perceivable to the naked eye.

Its effects… were even stronger than that of elixirs!

"Good Heavens! This is unbelievable!"

Bu Fang shot this old fellow a look. Catching sight of the old man's changing expressions, Bu Fang smiled gently. A wisp of light smoke twirled around his hand and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grasp.

He spun the knife and lifted up the Blood Phoenix Chicken he took out. The shine of a blade flashed across the pitch darkness, and the Blood Phoenix Chicken was cut in half. A blood-colored drumstick of the Blood Phoenix Chicken floated in the air. Bu Fang gripped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and casually waved it down. The Blood Phoenix Chicken drumstick glided toward the Supreme Elder.

The rich broth of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup wasn't its only noteworthy part. The ingredients inside were also gourmet delicacies.

The Supreme Elder's eyes lit up. He swayed the ceramic bowl in his hands and caught the drumstick. Rubbing his beard, the elder inhaled deeply to take in the aroma of the drumstick.

"This meat… is so fragrant!" The Supreme Elder showered it with praise.

Afterwards, he grabbed the drumstick and gave it a large bite. The tender chicken meat slipped into his mouth like a river of water, transforming into thin strands of silk that glided through his teeth. It felt like his mouth was getting a wonderful massage.

The chicken meat wrapped tightly under the chicken skin was bursting with aroma, sending this fragrance into the immediate surroundings. Everyone nearby became intoxicated.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife continued to flip. Bu Fang also sent a chicken wing towards Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng received the chicken wing and cupped his hands toward Bu Fang in gratitude.

Ni Yan's eyes sparkled. She stared at Bu Fang and shouted: "I want one too!"

Bu Fang flickered a glimpse at Ni Yan, curling the corners of his lips.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife twirled once more. Slash. The chicken butt from the Blood Phoenix Chicken and was sliced off and sent into Ni Yan's ceramic bowl.

" What is this? Chicken butt?"

Ni Yan's beautiful face froze. She was furious!

She rolled her gorgeous eyes and glared at Bu Fang, though she kept her silence.

"Eating chicken butt maintains one's beauty and is very nutritious. The chicken butt in Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup… naturally has even more pronounced effects," Bu Fang announced solemnly.

"Owner Bu, give this sovereign a portion as well…" Ji Chengxue was thoroughly stimulated by the aroma that dissipated through the air.

The fragrance of this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was extraordinary. He had tasted Bu Fang's food before and naturally knew that Bu Fang's dishes were always quality ones. How could it ever disappoint?

After divvying up the Blood Phoenix Chicken, Bu Fang put away the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

The crowd ate the food with great relish. Faint residues of fragrance drifted around their glossy, greasy mouths.


Duan Yun entered the Imperial City and found Fang Fang's Little Store by following an aromatic scent. That intoxicating fragrance has disseminated through the entire city. It didn't take much effort for Duan Yun to find his targeted destination.

Arriving at the entrance of the store, he immediately witnessed the ruins of the great battle from earlier. The sharp surges of true energy floating in the air caused his heart to shudder. It was evident that a terrible fight had just taken place there. Duan Yun could detect very clearly the mix of Pressure of Heaven and Earth in the air.

Somebody actually summoned the Pressure of Heaven and Earth? Could it be that a war with a warrior of the Divine state just took place in the Imperial City?

The tenth grade Divine state, the first stage being the Divine Physique Echelon.

How could a battle of that level… occur in such a remote little place?

He stepped into the store and saw Bu Fang, just as expected. He was about to open his mouth to says something but was instantly distracted by the dense aroma floating through the air. He looked at the crowd of folks around him smacking their lips and eating to their hearts' content.

Duan Yun couldn't resist the temptation and also asked for a portion.

Crystals were no big issues for him.

After gulping down a mouthful of soup, he suddenly lost all memory of the serious business he ought to tell Bu Fang.

Delicious! Even more magnificent than the meat roasted with alchemic fire!

Duan Yun had never eaten anything that good his whole life… he was suddenly overcome with emotions.

"Wait a minute… surely this dish wasn't cooked with the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?"

Duan Yun thought about Bu Fang's nature and subconsciously asked.

However, Bu Fang didn't try to conceal this and directly nodded.

Duan Yun nearly burst into tears. Of course… this fellow was extravagant enough to cook with the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Those were the flames that every Alchemy Master craved in their dreams!

"You're freaking using this kind of rare treasure to cook? Don't you know you are squandering away god's gifts?"

Duan Yun felt his heart chill, overwhelmed with sorrow for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. He was grieving over his own alchemic fire before, but who would have known that his alchemic fire was much luckier than the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

"Owner Bu, the purpose of my trip this time is not only trying your dishes, as I've also brought a piece of good news…"

Duan Yun muttered as he gnawed at a big piece of meat.

He opened his mouth again.

"The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was birthed in the Southern Region. This news will soon travel far and not after long… the powerful sect that uses the Southern Region as a mere training ground will find out and dispatch their people to retrieve it. The ones sent here… will surely have forbidding cultivation levels."

Duan Yun reminded Bu Fang and then continued chewing his meat.

The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu both furrowed their eyebrows, fully alert. At their levels, they acknowledged how tiny was the Southern Region.

The sect that Duan Yun referred to was called the Grand Barren Sect, a major sect that dismissed the Southern Region as a training ground for their disciples. It was a formidable presence and had a powerful force of influence. For the disciples of the Grand Sect, the training ground posed no threat to them whatsoever. However, how could they ever let go of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, a type of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, that was birthed in their training ground.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was certainly not easy to come by.

When the time came, the Grand Sect would surely send warriors to demand the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame from Bu Fang.

The Supreme Elder also informed Bu Fang of this, but the latter did not take the matter to his heart. He had already swallowed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. It was his. Surely he couldn't spit it out, right?


Bei Gongming roamed through the forests of the Hundred Thousand Mountains with a few injured Grand Sect disciples. He had a very ugly expression on his face. His heart was clouded with reluctance, dejection, helplessness, and remorse. To say that his heart didn't itch for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame… was certainly a lie.

He imagined earlier that he could easily wipe out the forces of powers in the training ground and snatch the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. However, he had never expected there to be so many intimidating warriors in this plain, remote area.

The existence of an almost Divine warrior…

The existence of a wok that knocked him out cold…

And… the existence of a freak that swallowed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

That the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame slipped away from him due to these reasons ached his heart.

He sauntered through the quiet forest with his men.

Not after long, the row of men walked out of the forest and arrived at a gigantic mountain valley. A waterfall poured down the mountain, emitting loud, ear-splitting roars. A rich Spirit Energy of Heaven and Earth filled the entire valley.

A desolate palace sat within the mountain valley. Numerous figures, all dressed in the same uniforms, walked in front of the palace. The forces of energy on their bodies were terrifying.

A couple of figures sat within the palace cross-legged. One of them seemed to have detected Bei Gongming's arrival and slowly fluttered open his eyelids. Golden gleams of light radiated and burst out. These dense beams nearly lit up everything.

Bei Gongming's heart shuddered as he stepped into the palace. He felt like he was being watched by a silent pair of eyes.

"Executive… Executive Feng. I have something important to report!"

Bei Gongming was reluctant to divulge the news on the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, but since he couldn't obtain it himself, through torn, he still decided to spill the beans.

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