Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 374: This Soup Is Really More Magnificent Than Elixirs?!

Chapter 374: This Soup Is Really More Magnificent Than Elixirs?!

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Outside the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire, the shadow of a figure gradually rose up from the horizon afar. This figure had a head of hoary hair, the force of energy of a dragon, and an erect body.

The gray-haired man had a formidable cultivation level. He drew up a storm as he walked forth. With every step, all the trees around him swayed violently.

However, this gray-haired man, a warrior with an incredible force of energy, clutched a roasted leg of meat in his hand.

It was hard to tell what spirit beast this leg full of meat came from as it was roasted into a burnt black shade. If it weren't for the general shape of a leg that allowed one to discern it belonged to a spirit beast, it would have looked like this fellow was chewing on charcoal.

"Pft! How can it taste so disgusting?"

Duan Yun sank his teeth into the roasted leg held in his hand as he sped by, but this hopeful munch put a bitter expression on his face. The roasted leg was too bitter, almost as if a ball of ashes. It was so bitter in taste that he nearly cried.

He spat the roasted leg out of his mouth, and his complexion was filled with misery.

"I used the exact same alchemic fire, but why can't I cook a roasted leg as delicious?"

Duan Yun threw away the roasted leg in disgust. Dejection smeared across his face.

He traveled from the Hundred Thousand Mountains to the Light Wind Empire. Given his cultivation level of an eighth grade War-God, he could have arrived at a much faster speed, but he was not in a hurry his entire way there.

After leaving the Hundred Thousand Mountains, he met a seventh grade spirit beast during his journey. He accidentally slaughtered that spirit beast.

He recalled Bu Fang snatching away his alchemic fire to roast the Earth Dragon meat. The golden, crisp dragon meat, the glossy sauce of oil, and the bursting aroma tickled Duan Yun's heart.

If Bu Fang could cook such a gourmet delicacy as a seventh grade Battle-Saint with the help of his alchemic fire, shouldn't he have a better control over this fire as its owner?

Because of his watering mouth and unwillingness to concede, Duan Yun gave it a try himself. From then, he couldn't stop roasting meat with alchemic fire.

Of course, the alchemic fire wasn't as fierce as the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, but it was just as difficult to operate it.

When it came to roasted meat, there was a lot of work involved.

Duan Yun has gotten much more adept as time went on. However, the meat he managed to roast ended up like pigswill. Having tasted Bu Fang's Roasted Earth Dragon Meat, and then trying his own work… he felt like the latter was no different from pigswill.

After tossing away the roasted meat, Duan Yun decided he had no talent for cooking and should go back to being his Alchemic Master instead.

However, he already couldn't go back from roasting meat with alchemic fire.

"Umm… it seems like I got here too late?"

Duan Yun could see, from a far distance, the towering city walls of the Light Wind Empire Imperial City. The walls were covered with cracks, appearing broken and shattered. There was even a great hole at the center of the walls.

It was evident that Duan Yun got here too late. The battle was already over.

"Surely that fellow couldn't have been slaughtered by someone… so many Supreme-Beings have gathered here. It would have pained even the best disciples of the Grand Sect." Duan Yun rubbed his chin and exclaimed quietly.

He didn't worry about Bu Fang too much. If he had the guts to snatch away the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, then he should have prepared to face such bombardments.

Duan Yun knew very clearly that even if Bu Fang managed to overcome the attacks of these Supreme-Beings, there was still more waves of obstacles waiting for him. The birth of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame… was enough to garner the attention of the Grand Sect, which used the Southern Region as its training ground.

Duan Yun tugged at his disheveled gray hair, took in a deep breath, and continued walking forth.

There were many soldiers tidying up the flat grounds of the Imperial City, on which lay many shriveled soldiers from King Yu's troop. They appeared very busy.

Duan Yun continued to inspect this fascinating sight as he walked away from the soldiers and stepped into the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.


A surge of vitality energy burst out of his eyes. Spirit energy wrapped around his body and trembled, generating a small spirit energy storm that whistled in the store.

Even though it had formed a storm of spirit energy, it did not disrupt any of the items within the store.

Xiao Yanyu's beautiful eyes were filled with thrill and excitement. Wasn't this a blessing disguised in misfortunes? One that enabled her father to reach a breakthrough? Her father was finally about to reach a breakthrough!

Xiao Meng has been stuck in the echelon of seventh grade Battle-Saint for years, unable to find a chance to break through.

The Light Wind Empire finally had its first eighth grade War-God!

"Hahaha! My dear General Xiao, you managed to gain from this unfortunate incident, stepping into the echelon of War-God. You really are the guardian of my Light Wind Empire!"

A loud laughter rang outside of the store. A weary Ji Chengxue stepped in. Though he looked drained out, excitement immediately filled his face upon witnessing Xiao Meng's breakthrough.

"Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup contains much spirit energy. It is made with the meat of supreme beasts and is rich with spirit essence and spirit energy. Having been processed with a unique cooking method, the spirit energy is gently conserved and the spirit essence continues to circulate. That General Xiao can take this opportunity to obtain a breakthrough is not surprising at all."

Bu Fang kept his cool as he gazed at Xiao Meng, whose force of energy continued to swell and escalate. With his current broader vision, he could see that Xiao Meng's breakthrough was not as simple as an advancement to the ordinary eighth grade War-God. The rich sense of spirit energy on him was much stronger than that of an average eighth grade War-God. This was a wonderful accumulation of strength!

After a long howl, a surge of vitality energy soared out of Xiao Meng's mouth and into the sky. It was like a beam of light that shot into the horizon. The pumping force of energy on Xiao Meng's body finally began to settle.

His head full of hair fluttered as Xiao Meng opened his eyes. His pale face suddenly turned rosy after the breakthrough, beaming with a healthy flush. His body, which was previously corroded by poison, was now cleansed of any weariness and recovered.

One could see how he was still a little fragile, but with the new energy obtained by the breakthrough, he would be fully recovered soon enough.

A murky ball of energy escaped Xiao Meng's mouth. The breakthrough was finally completed.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were elated. Xiao Yanyu maintained her usual reserved manner, but Xiao Xiaolong was only inches away from waving his arms and legs around while shouting gleefully.

"Thank you, Owner Bu, for saving my life…"

Xiao Meng wore a complicated expression on his face as he gazed at Bu Fang. He knew he owed him big time. This was not something a simple payment of ten thousand crystals could make up for. What his Xiao Family owed to Bu Fang was a debt of gratitude as heavy as a mountain.

Xiao Yanyu was rescued by Bu Fang, Ji Ru'Er was saved by Bu Fang… and him, Xiao Meng, was another name to the list. Oh, this family of his. When he saw Bu Fang, he even felt a little embarrassed.

The Supreme Elder flickered Xiao Meng fascinated look. Given his cultivation level, he was naturally indifferent toward Xiao Meng's breakthrough. He was at the peak of the Supreme-Being stage. As a Magic Array Supreme-Being, he had an incredibly broad vision.

However, he was also very intrigued. Given his knowledge, this Xiao Meng was previously at a state very close to death. Especially since he was hit with the deadly poison of the Shura Sect. Under the tortures of this toxin, his body should have been completely emptied. Even pursuing recovery would prove a big blow to his energy, not to mention attempting a breakthrough.

Still, Xiao Meng here not only cleansed himself of the poison, but also advanced to the eighth grade War-God echelon, all without further draining his strength. Plus, this was no ordinary eighth grade War-God, as the true energy in him constituted that of an eighth grade warrior in the later stages.

"This is odd."

The Supreme Elder was filled with suspicion. Wu Mu, the Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, also gazed at Xiao Meng with squinting eyes. The two of them had strong cultivation levels. With their extraordinary visions, they could see that something abnormal was going on here.

Suddenly, the Supreme Elder's heart thudded. His glance directed toward Bu Fang, meeting the latter's calm eyes.


Xiao Meng recovered by consuming Owner Bu's dish, the gourmet delicacy with rich aroma and gushing waves of spirit essence and spirit energy.

Could it be that this dish filled in the prior void of true energy and vitality energy?

This dish is nothing ordinary, surely it couldn't be even stronger than the average elixirs?!

Thinking about this, the Supreme Elder suddenly found himself captivated.

"Owner Bu. Could you spare this old fellow a bowl of that soup?" The white-haired and white-browed Supreme Elder smiled at Bu Fang gently.

Bu Fang shot a look at this old man and nodded, answering coolly: "Of course, ten thousand crystals per bowl."

The Supreme Elder twitched his lips, taken aback. What a scam. Still, to prove his suspicions, the Supreme Elder still decided to drink a bowl.

At his cultivation level, he was not short of crystals. Plus, he was a Magic Array Supreme-Being, which required even more crystals that the average cultivator.

"Owner Bu, I… I also want a bowl!" Ni Yan snapped back. Drool was about to drip out of her cherry red lips. "Um… help me scoop a bowl. The Supreme Elder will pay for me."

Ni Yan licked her ruby lips with her tongue and began to extort money from the Supreme Elder.

"The Supreme Elder has a lot of crystals and is super rich. Getting him to treat me a meal once in a while is totally acceptable." Ni Yan thought to herself merrily.

The Supreme Elder also smiled pleasantly. This lassie…

Bu Fang certainly couldn't turn them down.

He scooped up streaming hot soup and poured it into a blue and white ceramic bowl for the white-bearded elder. The rich broth, in a light golden shade, emitted hot mists. There was no oily sauce floating on the soup, making it look extra refreshing.

The Supreme Elder took the bowl and happily sniffed at the fragrance wafting up from the soup.

He had to admit that even he, an old set of bones who had lived so long and experienced so much, was utterly intoxicated. The aroma of this soup was enough to lure people's soul away.

The Supreme Elder moved his mouth closer to the ceramic bowl and gave it a light blow, almost trying to disperse the hot steams rising up from the bowl. After this light blow, he took a sip of the burning hot soup.

It needed to be described as scorching hot for the sensation to be right. The burning hot liquid glided down one's throat and into one's stomach, floating through one's entire body, almost reviving every cell. That feeling was splendid. That in itself was the delight in drinking soup.

This was how the elder felt at this moment.

A mouthful of rich soup filled his mouth and slid into his stomach. Gurgle. It felt like his entire person had raised to a higher level, with all the pores over his body opening up.

He widened his eyes. Gleams shot out of the elder's eyes.

Only one word buzzed in his mind… marvelous!

However, after this marvelous sensation, the elder was overcome with bewilderment. The look he shot Bu Fang became more and more astonished.

This was because he discovered a rich flow of spirit energy and vitality energy circulating within his body after drinking a mouthful of soup. The spirit energy and vitality energy was gentle enough to be totally absorbed into his body…

The injury he has suffered from battling with Duan Ling, the Shura Sect Lord, was gradually recovering!

Was this soup… more freaking efficient than elixirs?!

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