Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 369: This Slash Must Slaughter You, Black Dog

Chapter 369: This Slash Must Slaughter You, Black Dog

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Outside the Imperial City, Ji Chengyu's heart trembled when he heard the sounds of explosion from within.

The image of that terrifying supreme beast from Fang Fang's Little Store flashed across his mind again… Ever since that supreme beast has emerged, it has never been defeated!

Could the Shura Sect Overlord really overpower that supreme beast of a dog?

Ji Chengyu couldn't tell how things would turn out, but he certainly did not want to face that supreme beast anymore.

He wasn't alone on this, as fear smeared across the faces of his troops. A gigantic hole… has been smashed through the extremely sturdy walls right before their eyes. The giant hole uncovered bits of the scenery inside the city.

Well, at least it saved them from finding a breach to enter the city. But even with the visible hole there, they… had no courage to step in. Just thinking about what generated that hole sent shivers down their spines.

The High Priestess stayed in her horse carriage. She didn't make an appearance, though a commotion stirred outside.

Her attention rested on the blood-colored jade talisman array in her hand. Her mental spirit gushed out like fine strands of silk and floated toward the talisman array.

Splash Splash Splash!

The city wall cracked and shattered into pieces. Crushed stones rolled all over the pavement as a figure finally crawled out of the ruins.

Duan Ling picked himself up with a glum face. With a puff of true energy, he flicked off the dust from his body.

He had never imagined such a trump card to be hidden in the little store. A supreme beast? And not an ordinary one for that matter!

The doggy paw shoved him backward, but on a large part due to his own carelessness and arrogance.

One could not deny that a supreme beast that was able to send him flying into the sky… was surely a creature at its peak stage!

After all, he was an almost Divine warrior. Those in the ordinary Supreme-Being echelon were no different than ants, and could do him no harm.

With hair hanging loose and covering half of his face, Duan Ling narrowed his grim eyes. He gazed toward the location of the small store and exhaled a long breath. He stomped down his foot, causing the ground beneath him to shake, and charged for Fang Fang's Little Store.

As he soared into the sky, the crushed stones scattered over the pavement instantly dissolved into powder.


After a couple of thunderous booms, Duan Ling, as an almost Divine warrior, was able to travel at a supersonic speed.

The city walls shook, causing those standing on the walls—including Ji Chengxue—to be pale with fear.

But fortunately, the city walls returned to a still state after trembling for a while. This allowed the panic-stricken Ji Chengxue to let out a long sigh of relief.

"Nobody can stop me! Even if it's a supreme beast at its peak!"

Duan Ling bellowed, a red gleam circulating in his eyes, as if there was a ball of fire burning within. The wind whistled by as something erupted in the air. Duan Ling's speed increased once more, letting him dash at an incredible pace.

In that very moment, he caught sight of the chief culprit that had smacked him away.

A black, chubby dog was strutting before the store like a refined cat. There was a spurious smile twinkling in his eyes.

"What was the meaning of this?! What is the deal with this dog?!"

Duan Ling couldn't help but roar in anger. How dare a dog look down on him?

" How dare it?"


Duan Ling's speed was so staggering that he was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Residents of the Imperial City were so scared they felt to their knees. This demon of a man… was back! This time, could he still be smacked away? Most likely not, as the warrior within the store probably won by a fluke—catching the demon in his careless state of disdain. This time… the lone warrior would probably face defeat.

The terrifying impression Duan Ling left them was too deep.

Once the blade swiped downward, deep gashes were left in the ground. He was a nightmare of an existence to the residents of the Imperial City, and could not be erased from their memories.

Therefore, even when the ordinary citizens crossed their fingers for the warrior in the store to succeed, they couldn't be sure of it.

Duan Ling galloped by, bringing with him an even stronger wind storm.

From afar, Whitey thrust its fists on the sword energy cage in hopes of breaking away. It was, however, confined by the Shura Sect sword will hovering above the cage.

Bang Bang Bang!

Duan Ling trod across the air. Every step he took shook the air. The fist he waved around was weighed down by the Supreme-Being shackles wrapped around his body.

Clink Clank!

The sound of chains hitting each other echoed in one's ear. Duan Ling bellowed and thrust out a punch. It was a fist laden with a murderous intent, ready to wipe out the supreme beast.

Blacky, who was just strutting his cat steps, also stopped on his track. The furious wind that blew by flapped the chubby meat hanging from his body.

Yet, his doggy lips curved upwards.

Just as Duan Ling's fist was about to hit him, he stretched open his jaws and let out a thunderous bark! This woof was akin to a dragon's roar, but also a lion's growl, and its overbearingness immediately stupefied Duan Ling.

Duan Ling was completely dumbfounded by this bark. After a second of puzzlement, Duan Ling was washed over by a heavy shock. An unpleasant feeling swept across his heart.

After snapping out of it, he realized that the doggy paw was enlarging before his eyes.

"This freaking dog paw again?!"

It felt like tens of thousands of creatures trampling over his heart. He couldn't help but curse out loud.


The doggy paw was made of spirit energy. It was gigantic in size and extremely sturdy.

Duan Ling's speed was astounding, his domineering might overwhelming the others. From the view of the Imperial City residents… it looked like he was going to crash head-on into the dog paw.

He did not manage to shatter the doggy paw. Instead, Duan Ling felt like his face has become misshapen. With a crash… he was thrust into the sky once again.

This time, he flew backward at an even faster speed, leaving behind a trail of dust through the Imperial City.

He slammed into the city walls and made another hole through the wall. Yet his body didn't stop there, as he continued to lurch backward.

He ended up plowing into Ji Chengyu's troops!

Blacky leisurely retreated his paw. There wasn't anything this Lord Dog's paw couldn't fix. If not, then a few more paws would finish the job.

It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

This time, the residents of the Imperial City were really shaken to the core. The demon, who in their eyes was invincible, was smacked away once again. They must have witnessed a fake demon!

One that could not even handle a dog…

Bu Fang shot another glance at Duan Ling, who was sailing through the sky. He curled his lips and paid no more heed to him. Instead, he turned around to step back into the store, steering his eyes toward Xiao Meng, who had just drunk a spoonful of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

Xiao Yanyu carefully fed Xiao Meng the thick broth of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. She was unaffected by the battle brewing outside.

Xiao Meng's complexions did not change much after drinking the dish.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment.

"Could it be that it has no curative effects?"

If Owner Bu's Elixir Cuisine couldn't save their father, then they could only wait for their father's death?

"Why are you guys in such a hurry. The poison in him is too deep and has seeped into his vital organs. What did you take this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup for—an elixir of life? That it'd yield immediate effects after consumption?" Seeing Xiao Yanyu's despondent expression, Bu Fang couldn't help but roll his eyes and explain calmly.

Xiao Yanyu was taken aback.

However, just as they were exchanging these words, the previously unchanged Xiao Meng suddenly fluttered open his eyelids. His eyes were bloodshot. He felt like there was a ball of fire burning in his chest, prompting him to wail in pain.

The webs of pitch-black poison on his face suddenly began to wriggle and slowly disperse.

Seeing this, Bu Fang gasped with admiration in his heart. It looked like the broth was serving its purpose. His gaze landed on the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, which was emitting a hot steam and a lovely fragrance. Bu Fang couldn't help but lick his lips. This dish wasn't just an Elixir Cuisine, it was also a rare delicacy.

He grabbed a pair of chopsticks, ready to taste this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup himself.

However, at this very moment, outside the store, Duan Ling, who was just smacked away by Blacky, made another comeback. This time, however, he became a little wiser. Instead of being overly anxious to launch an attack, he floated in a distance and glared at that Lord Dog with alarming eyes.

"This dog played a dirty trick! If he weren't distracted by the bark… he couldn't have been whacked away a second time!"

The flames of fury burned more violently in Duan Ling's heart, as if about to burst out of his chest. However, he was no fool. He could blame the first defeat on carelessness. But a second loss meant he shouldn't belittle his adversary, even if it was just a dog!

Rich surges of true energy converged on his body incessantly. Duan Ling extended a palm, and dense waves of sword energy assembled before his body and formed a gigantic blood-colored sword.

The supply of true energy in a warrior halfway to the Divine realm was colossal. The energy contained in this towering blood-colored sword… was enough to make all Supreme-Beings tremble with fear.

This blade was going to be Duan Ling's critical strike. The swipe of this sword must butcher that haughty fat dog!

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