Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 368: The Almost Divine Warrior Who Was Smacked Away

Chapter 368: The Almost Divine Warrior Who Was Smacked Away

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"Hand over the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames... or die!"

After muttering this, a rich sense of bloodthirstiness surged out of Duan Ling's body and almost materialized into a physical demon guarding his back.

Everyone felt their hearts thud at that very moment as they retreated a few steps backwards with pale faces.

Waves of energy rolled around and pervaded through the air. Those who stood nearby felt their hearts sink, as if weighed down by a huge piece of stone.

Bu Fang remained unflustered. Or, in other words, his expression showed no signs of change.

"You want the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?" Bu Fang said lightly.

His voice was hushed but remained calm. Silence had washed over the surrounding as Duan Ling exerted a domineering sense of pressure over everyone. The words Bu Fang uttered instantly reverberated through the space.

Duan Ling sauntered forward, the sound of the sole of his foot rubbing against the crushed stone covered one with goosebumps.

"You cannot keep the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames… This kind of rare gem isn't something that belongs in your hands. Hand it over and keep yourself alive, or else… death is your only end."

Duan Ling's tone was still so forbidding.

If it weren't for Bu Fang snatching this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, he may have already broken through the shackles of Supreme-Being echelon with the aid of its might, and hence stepped into the Divine realm. He certainly didn't need to make such an appearance to seize it back.

"What you want isn't this fire," Bu Fang said coolly.

Then, he parted his lips and spat out a streak of golden flames. The flame glided out and hovered above his palm.

"Huh? Owner Bu can… spurt fire?!"

Everyone in the store cast Bu Fang perplexed and shocked looks. Since when did Owner Bu learn such a unique technique?

Gazing at the silently burning golden flame in his hands, their eyes were filled with astonishment.

That flame… looked extraordinary!

Yet, the moment Duan Ling caught sight of this streak of flame, all the energy within his body exploded once again. His pupils shrank as they lusted after the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Yes! That was the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, the fire of his dreams!

Wait a moment…

"The energy on this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames look somewhat peculiar? Has it been cultivated already? How could that be? How could a seventh grade loser ever cultivate the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?"

Duan Ling's gaze continued to sharpen as the force of energy on himself fluctuated unevenly. He stared at the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames as his face continued to change—from amazement, to bafflement, and then to rage…


Bu Fang closed his fist and smothered the flame before uttering listlessly: "This fire has already fused with my body. It cannot be given to you, now get lost."

After throwing out this sentence, Bu Fang stopped paying attention to Duan Ling, who was now so raving mad he was going hysterical. Instead, Bu Fang turned around and walked to the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

The dish continued to emit hot steams and a rich aroma. The intoxicating fragrance plucked at one's heartstrings.

Bu Fang took out a blue and white porcelain bowl and carefully scooped out, from the porcelain jar, a spoon of light golden soup.

The broth was thick in consistency, bursting with a rich amount of spirit energy.

"Help feed this to General Xiao Meng. This is the Elixir Cuisine version of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. It should help disperse the poison running through his body." Bu Fang filled up a ceramic bowl of rich soup and handed it to Xiao Yanyue.

Still dazed, Xiao Yanyue was slow to respond. She finally snapped out of it and hurriedly received the ceramic bowl from Bu Fang's hands.

It seemed like Owner Bu was still as coolheaded as before… The fellow standing outside looked like he was about to explode, and yet here was Bu Fang, calmly scooping up soup.

Duan Ling concentrated his forces of energy, then lifted up the Shura Sect Sword, and pointed the blade right at Bu Fang. He tapped the floor with the tip of his toes and lifted his figure up into the air, shooting directly into the store.


A shadow dashed out of the kitchen.

Blocking the door's entrance, it pushed away Duan Ling's bolting figure.

Duan Ling's body spun in the air. He regained his balance, scanned with his eyes, and landed above the figure that gave him the shove.

Whitey's eyes turned into a shade of grayish-white again. The metallic wings that were tucked behind its back suddenly spread open. Whitey lifted up into the air and came to a face-off with Duan Ling.

Seeing this chubby metallic lump, Duan Ling suddenly evoked a terrible memory. The rage buried inside him only burned more violently.

"It's you who ate the Departed Soul Orb of the Shura Sect! Damn it! Spit it out immediately!!"

Duan Ling bellowed furiously, all the shackles on his body began to clink and clang. The swipe of his sword almost ripped apart the air.

The metallic wings behind Whitey flapped and converged before its chest. They transformed into a shield, ready to endure this strike.


The blade came slicing down. Whitey was sent flying backward and crashing into the ground. Its fall generated a thunderous quake through the pavement.

The Shura Sect Sword was indeed powerful!

Duan Ling's eyes were seeing red as all the blood and energy running through his body lurched. Back then, the Departed Soul Orb had already gone through half of its cultivation. Parts of the spiritual essences inside had transformed into a rich source of spirit energy, enabling him to break through half of the Supreme-Being shackles.

Yet the other half contained in the Departed Soul Orb was swallowed by the puppet before his eyes.

He recalled very clearly that he had almost lost it when he witnessed that scene.

The almighty Semi-Divine Tool, the Departed Soul Orb, was tossed away casually by that seventh grade loser, and ended up being eaten by this puppet.

As for that incident, he could never erase it from his memory.


The crushed stones on the pavement blasted away, but Whitey remained unscathed as it shot skyward, transforming into countless daggers piercing toward Duan Ling.

Duan Ling exerted a murderous force. He twirled his Shura Sect Sword and sent out a sword slash that knocked away the flying daggers.

Whitey's figure launched forward as if pushed by a gigantic force and dashed toward Duan Ling. The punch it thrust was blocked by Duan Ling's Shura Sect Sword.

Boom Boom Boom!!

Whitey's fists showered down at an incredible speed, almost crushing Duan Ling.

The sounds of collision rang in the air as sparks flew in all directions.


Duan Ling swiped his foot and smashed Whitey's body onto the floor. He lifted up the Shura Sect Sword and sent it upwards. The shadow of a gigantic Shura Sect flickered in the sky.

The shadow of the blade continued to slash downwards, landing where Whitey crashed earlier.

Boom! A deep gash was left in the ground.

The residents of the Imperial City instantly felt their hearts shudder. A handful was scared to tears by this brooding technique.

Splash. The crushed stones began to tumble as Whitey' figure emerged from the ruins once more.

Covered with marks, Whitey's figure appeared quite disheveled. There were also light wisps of smokes floating about.

Duan Yun was half a step away from the Divine state after all, and so was able to subdue any Supreme-Being warriors. Though Whitey had swallowed the Departed Soul Orb and underwent a transformation, it was still no match to him.

Once one reached the Divine stage, one's capabilities would see leaps of advancement.

As Xiao Yanyu carefully fed the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall into Xiao Meng's mouth, Bu Fang walked to the entrance of the store. He watched, with scrunched brows, Whitey getting beaten up.

Boom Boom Bang!

Whitey was smashed into the ground by Duan Ling once again.

It was evident that Duan Ling's combat capability had far exceeded that of an ordinary Supreme-Being.

Even though Whitey couldn't defeat Duan Ling, the latter also couldn't exterminate the former. Whitey was able to bear large amounts of strikes. Duan Ling wondered what this puppet was made of.

It was like a tenacious cockroach that couldn't be killed. Every time it plummeted into the ground below, it would rise again in no time.

This unending battle irked Duan Ling very much. A cold look flashed across his eyes. With the flicker of his mind, Duan Ling compressed the blood-colored true energy into a fierce sword will. Such power billowed and formed a sword vigor cage.

The cage trapped Whitey inside, forcibly subduing it.

Whitey's silver eyes flashed. Its metallic wings flapped in a struggle to break through the bars.

Duan Ling wouldn't let his opponent off the hook so easily. He sent his Shura Sect Sword gliding through the air, hovering above the cage to purposefully suppress Whitey.

With a Shura Sect Sword on duty, Whitey wouldn't be able to break away no matter how strong it was.

Having confined Whitey, Duan Ling shifted his glance onto Bu Fang.

A crazed look filled his eyes once more.

"Given your cultivation as a seventh grade Battle-Saint, how could you possibly cultivate the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames? But so what if you did? I am still going to strip you of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames!" Duan Ling bellowed.

Waves suddenly rippled through the air.

Duan Ling's figure leaped down from the sky, aiming straight for Bu Fang, who was standing before the store.

With loud explosions, he swept through the sky like a bomb, at a speed almost unbearable to the air around him.

Both the Supreme Elder and Wu Fu, standing from afar, felt their hearts sink and their pupils shrink.

Bu Fang trod with hands behind his back. The howling winds that Duan Ling summoned snapped the velvet rope tied around his hair. His black strands of hair instantly fluttered in the air.

However, Bu Fang didn't even flinch. He continued wearing the nonchalant expression over his face. He merely cast a glance at Duan Ling, with an added touch of solemnity.

The murderous look in Duan Ling's eyes amplified, his complexion overcame with a frenzied expression.

This was all for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, so as to break through the shackles of Supreme-Being echelon. He was willing to awaken the lunatic inside him.

"Death will be upon you!!" Duan Ling howled.

"Who gave you the courage to yap in front of this Lord Dog?"

Suddenly, a soft and tender male voice rang in the air. Before Duan Ling's eyes emerged a… doggy paw.

Dog paw?! What the heck?

Duan Ling's heart shuddered as an odd expression crept across his face. He planned to casually pat away the doggy paw.

Yet, he was hit with a big surprise the very next moment. Realizing he couldn't disperse the doggy paw, his face changed colors. Instead, the doggy paw charged forth, without any restrictions, and immediately sent him flying backwards.

It was like a bullet being fired, as he was slapped with another paw!


As if a rocket that launched poorly plunging back to the station, a smokey streak glided across the Imperial City and crashed into the city walls.

With a loud boom, the city walls were instantly shattered by this collision!

Ni Yan was unharmed, and so was Ouyang Xiaoyi.

It seemed like all the residents of the Imperial City were safe and sound…

"How did the high and almighty, seemingly invincible War-God just get whacked away like a rubber ball? What just happened?"

Bu Fang stood before the door, exhaled a light breath, and curled the corners of his mouth.

"Blacky, nice job."

Blacky, laying sluggishly on the floor, licked his dainty doggy paw. He picked himself up, looked at Bu Fang, and rolled his doggy eyes.

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