Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 35: Unsealing the Jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine

Chapter 35: Unsealing the Jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine

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In the main street of the imperial city.

Troops in armor were clearing the way and blocking the spectating crowd on both sides of the street. There were crowds of people gathered making a racket. The noise was so loud that it seemed that it was going to capsize the imperial city.

The people were all focusing their attention as they curiously and expectantly looked toward the city gate.

As the icy cold autumn wind blew, the dead leaves on the main street of the imperial city were blown into the air. Since the first group of soldiers entered the city, the mood of the imperial city was somber. The spectating crowd was absolutely silent as hundreds of blood-red flags marched past. It was like a sea of blood as the flags fluttered in the wind.

The troops in armor were marching in step and every single step was filled with a chilly metallic sound as it resounded throughout the imperial city.

Within the troops, the leader was a middle-aged man riding a reddish-brown horse. His sharp gaze and handsome features gave off a commanding aura.

This man was the number one expert in the Light Wind Empire, the Great General Xiao Meng, who was triumphantly returning after battling the Sects.

Within the long and narrow rank of troops, there were six steel prisoner carriages being escorted. The exterior of the cages were splattered with blood, that filled the air with a pungent smell. The carriages were being pulled by gigantic spirit beasts and each step they took made the ground tremble.

Even though the heads of the prisoners within the carriages were lowered and they were barely breathing, their identities were shockingly well-known outside of the border. They were the six leaders of the Heterodox Sect, Death Soul Palace and every single one of them was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

Each of them used to be influential and eminent individuals but were now reduced to prisoners.

The carriages were generating a lot of noise as the wheels rolled over the quartzite flooring of the imperial city. The crowd was also loudly cheering after their initial silence.

They were always enthusiastic toward soldiers that returned in triumph and such a victory would definitely be celebrated. As a country became stronger, the citizens would be proud as well. This was the so-called patriotism.

The hardened and disciplined troops were indifferent to the cheers of the crowd. They continued to orderly march toward their destination, the majestic palace.

A tall platform was built at the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square, in front of the palace. Colorful flags were set up in the surrounding area and were fluttering in the autumn wind.

The palace guards neatly surrounded the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square to ensure order.

"We welcome the triumphant return of Great General Xiao!"

As the troops stepped into the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, the sharp voice of a eunuch—accompanied with true energy—resounded throughout the entire city and could almost be heard in every nook and cranny. It was soon followed by another round of cheers.

On the platform, an elderly man wearing a dragon robe[1] was smiling. He gently looked at the homecoming troops and nodded from time to time.

Not far from the elderly man, the crown prince, Ji Chengan, was leisurely standing there in his python robe. On his right was the heroic-looking King Yu, Ji Chengyu, and the third prince, Ji Chengxue.

On the sides of the tall platform, the court officials were standing with their hands in a fist and palm salute. Below the platform, members of the Xiao family were excited as they watched the slow approach of the homecoming troops and were unable to suppress their joyful feelings.

Xiao Meng took off his helmet and walked onto the tall platform. Then he stopped in front of the emperor, knelt down on one knee, then put his hands together in a fist and palm salute and said, "Your servant did not fail Your Majesty's orders. We eliminated over ten thousand members of the Death Soul Palace, killed hundreds of Death Soul Palace experts above third grade Battle-Maniac, captured six of their leaders alive, and triumphantly returned."

"Good! Good! Good! My dear subject, you are truly the pillar of the Light Wind Empire. As long as you are around, my empire is safe!"

The Emperor Ji Changfeng laughed and did not hesitate to give praises.

Soon, a few rituals were neatly and tidily carried out. Everyone meticulously completed their jobs.

"The welcome ceremony has ended. We will now move to the Great Hall to enjoy the celebration feast," the sharp voice of the eunuch resounded throughout the city once more.


Bu Fang opened his sleepy eyes. He woke up earlier than usual that day, mainly because he was woken up by the two shouts of a eunuch that came out of nowhere.

After Bu Fang finished washing up, he went into the kitchen and started his daily cooking practice. He took a portion of his practice dishes and served it to the big black dog at the entrance.

As he expressionlessly watched the big black dog gobble down the food, he suddenly had a strange feeling: he felt that he was treating the dog like it was a lord.

After opening up to the store for business, Bu Fang yawned, grabbed a chair and sat down, then started to wait for customers to arrive.

However, after an hour passed… the store was still deserted and without any customer. It was slightly unbelievable for a store that was teeming with customers in the past few days.

"There's something strange going on today. Why isn't there even a single customer? Normally, Fatty Jin and his fat army would have already finished eating and would be paying the bill by now.

"And the little loli did not turn up for work as well. Did the waitress and the diners disappear at the same time or something?"

Bu Fang was silent for a moment, then finally went into the kitchen. He suddenly remembered that Xiaoyi seemed to have mentioned that "Xiao-something" was returning to the imperial city and that she needed to apply for leave.

However, why were the customers missing as well? That was what Bu Fang was concerned about.

The truth was that the customers who ate at his store were all people with status. To celebrate the triumphant homecoming of Xiao Meng, the emperor set up a celebration feast at the Great Hall and invited every renowned and influential person in the imperial city. As Fatty Jin and the rest had all gone to the palace to attend the celebration, it was natural that they were not at the store.

Bu Fang opened up the environment simulation cupboard, then took out an earthen jar—that had half a human's height—and placed it in the middle of the kitchen.

"It takes three days for the wine to be completed, and it has been three days since I placed this jar into the cupboard. This Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine should be ready." Bu Fang suddenly remembered that he was still brewing a jar of wine. He originally planned to take it out that night, but since there were no customers, he decided to take a look.

Taking out three small earthen jars prepared by the system, he was ready to unseal the jar and filter the wine.

In the same instant as he removed the cloth cover that was sealing the earthen jar, a burst of wine aroma gushed out of the jar and rushed into his face.

After deeply inhaling the wine aroma, Bu Fang was slightly shaking as a soft redness appeared on his face.

"The aroma is rich but does not irritate the nose, and strong but not overwhelming... " Bu Fang already had made an evaluation and was slightly joyous.

Taking out a bamboo ladle prepared by the system, Bu Fang reached into the earthen jar and scooped out half a ladle of wine. The exterior of the ladle was verdant while the interior was a yellowish beige. The wine itself was as clear as water, without any impurities to be seen.

As expected of the wine produced by the magnificent Nine Brewing Method, the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was true to its name and was as clear as the water found in deep ravines.

Bu Fang brought the ladle closer to his nose and took a deep breath. The rich and thick wine aroma immediately filled his nasal cavities. Before he even drank a single sip of the wine, he was already salivating and slightly intoxicated.

As he poured the wine from the ladle into a blue and white porcelain wine cup, the stream of wine was pristine and transparent, like top-quality wine.

Bu Fang eagerly lifted up the wine cup and brought it to his lips. As the wine entered his mouth, it enveloped his tongue and instantly flowed down his throat. A cold feeling spread through his entire body, then in the next moment, it was like a raging fire was burning in his stomach. Just when the flames were going to overwhelm him, he felt a cold feeling reappearing once more. The heat and the cold were constantly alternating…

"What a fine wine!" Bu Fang smacked his lips with his face filled with enjoyment. Even though he was not knowledgeable when it came to wine, it was the best wine that he had ever tasted.

However, even though the taste was delicious, the aftereffect was too strong. After all, with its complicated brewing process, it was natural that the aftereffect would be strong.

Suppressing the urge to continue drinking, Bu Fang filled up the three small earthen jars and covered them with cloth covers. After pasting a rectangular red paper with the character, "Ice", written on it, the work was finished.

After especially keeping a jar of wine for himself, Bu Fang placed the earthen jar back into the environment simulation cupboard. He was holding the wine cup in his hands as he happily walked back to the front of the store, planning to slowly enjoy it on his own.

However, when he left the kitchen, he discovered someone standing at the entrance. It was a man in black clothing with a black-veiled bamboo hat and a long sword—wrapped in a rag—on his back.

A hoarse voice came out of the man's mouth, with a trace of yearning.

"Shop owner, do you have any fine wine in here?"


[1] Dragon robes(龙袍) - This can only be worn by emperors and as its name implies, images of dragons are sewn on top of it.

[2] Black-veiled bamboo hat (黑纱斗笠) - It's basically a bamboo hat with a veil hanging from the edges to hide the face of the users.

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