Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 34: If You Double the Price Again, I Will Definitely Beat You Up

Chapter 34: If You Double the Price Again, I Will Definitely Beat You Up

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"You're going to blacklist me? A lowly cook like you?"

Lord Zhang's housekeeper was startled by Bu Fang's actions and started to laugh out loud. He was laughing so much that tears were almost coming out.

The people around them could not help but snicker as they looked at Bu Fang with ridicule and contempt in their eyes. Was this young cook an idiot? Did he not know who he was speaking to? That was the housekeeper of Lord Zhang!

Lord Zhang was a noble and renowned bigwig within the imperial city, and his housekeeper was naturally well-known as well. For the cook of a little restaurant located within an alleyway to shamelessly boast that he would blacklist the housekeeper of Lord Zhang, it was the biggest joke in history.

"Do you know how easy it is for me to tear down this restaurant? The fact that I am eating here is giving you face. You should be happily serving my food to me. Who gave you the courage to be conceited in front of me?"

The housekeeper snorted while haughtily crossing his arms.

Bu Fang was expressionlessly looking at the housekeeper as if he was looking at an idiot.

"Housekeeper? Is that something impressive? Even a prince was rejected by me, do you think I would care about a housekeeper?"

Bu Fang did not even bother to reply and just lightly patted Whitey's wide belly. Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes lit up and she was overjoyed to see Whitey in action again.

Whitey's mechanical eyes suddenly lit up and flashed red as it mechanically said, "Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others."

Lord Zhang's housekeeper was startled. Putting his hand over his ear, he stretched out his neck and taunted, "What? What are you going to strip?

"Say it again, what are you going to strip?"

Whitey's mechanical head slightly rotated and locked on the housekeeper. Its mechanical arms instantly reached out and grabbed him.

"Hmph! How impudent!" Lord Zhang's housekeeper coldly snorted with a sullen expression. As a third grade Battle-Maniac, there was no way that he would be afraid of a piece of junk that did not even have the slightest spirit energy.

"I will turn you into scrap metal! Take this, Bone Breaking Palm!"

With a loud shout, the housekeeper imposingly gathered true energy within his body and struck Whitey's mechanical arm with his palm.


The result was very different from his expectations.

The fierce palm strike by Lord Zhang's housekeeper was like a drop in the ocean as it made contact with Whitey's arm. Whitey did not even budge from the attack.

"Gosh, darn it!"

The housekeeper's body stiffened as he awkwardly raised his head and made eye contact with Whitey's mechanical eyes. Then, Whitey proceeded to slap the housekeeper into the ground like it was slapping a fly.

The true energy within his body was dispersed in an instant...

The sound of cloth tearing rang out as the housekeeper's clothes were being torn off. After there was only a loincloth left to cover his private parts, he was then thrown out of the store in a parabolic arc.

Everyone in the store was dumbfounded while their eyes were transfixed by the housekeeper's body. As they watched it sail through the air, their entire bodies shuddered.

Zhao Ruge only just arrived at the entrance when a human figure flew out of the store and landed at his feet… For some reason, there was a sense of déjà vu about the situation.

It seemed that every time he went to the store, there would be someone flying out naked.

"I'll say it again, queue up accordingly and do not make any noise. Any violators will be blacklisted," Bu Fang simply said as he swept his eyes over the now silent crowd. Then he turned around and returned to the kitchen.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was standing behind him with her fist clenched. "The smelly boss is really impressive!"

Zhao Ruge shuddered as he recalled his previous nude streaking experience. His original intention to jump queue disappeared as well and he obediently lined up at the back of the queue.

When the Minister of the Left, Zhao Musheng, found out that there was an attempted assassination on the third prince, he sent out his son, Zhao Ruge, to investigate the store. In the beginning, Zhao Ruge flatly refused. However, when his father promised him a fifth grade Spirit Gathering Pill as a reward, he shamefully compromised.

Xushi was gravely staring at Whitey. Even a fifth grade Battle-King like him felt a slight pressure from it. "This puppet isn't simple."

Great Secretariat Su Yuanqing was pensively nodding his head as well. "This must be the hidden expert of this restaurant."

The two of them looked up and smiled at each other. Then, they lowered their heads and continued to gobbled down the food. It was simply too good!

Intimidated by Whitey, the subordinates of the bigwigs were much more docile. The cultivation level of Lord Zhang's housekeeper was considered quite strong among them. However, he was still helplessly stripped naked by Whitey.

Without a doubt, they would only end up the same way if they tried anything. They could only be docile if they did not want to end up naked.

Ouyang Xiaoyi haughtily glanced at them as she memorized their orders and reported them to Bu Fang.

Xishu and Great Secretariat Su reluctantly finished their food with enraptured expressions. There was a reason for the expensive prices of the dishes. The taste was even better than food from the imperial kitchen. Also, the two of them could feel the true energy within their body had increased. It was obvious that the dishes were extraordinary.

As they hurriedly left the store, the people at the start of the queue took their seats. Bu Fang's cooking speed was fast as well, so they did not have to wait for too long.

Without a doubt, everyone who tasted Bu Fang's dishes was completely subdued.

Zhao Ruge's appetite was being triggered as he breathed in the fragrance drifting from the store and watched the customers—that had finished eating—reluctantly leave.

It was his third time coming to the store, but he was unable to taste the dishes the previous times. From the looks of it, they seemed pretty good. He was looking forward to trying them out.

When someone satisfactorily left the store, a joyful expression immediately appeared on Zhao Ruge's face. He elegantly walked into the store and gracefully stopped in front of Ouyang Xiaoyi.

"Oh, it's you, sissy Zhao," Ouyang Xiaoyi looked up and said while pouting. She obviously knew Zhao Ruge.

"For the princess of Ouyang family to humbly become a waitress, what a waste. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'll have Lees Fish," Zhao Ruge ordered after glancing at the menu. If he had to eat, he would eat the most expensive dish.

"That's none of your concern!" Ouyang Xiaoyi snorted while scrunching her nose.

She turned around and walked to the entrance of the kitchen to report the order. However, before she could shout it out, Bu Fang expressionlessly walked out of the kitchen.

"Today's business hours is over. Customers who haven't eaten, come back tomorrow," Bu Fang simply said.

With his words, the eight people in the queue started to clamor.

"What? We've already waited for close to an hour and you're telling us that you're not cooking anymore?"

"Owner Bu, this is unfair to us! It's still early, so you should continue cooking. We want to taste your dishes."


Bu Fang was unfazed while facing the countless complaints by the crowd.

"I'll say it again. Today's business hours is over. If you want to eat, come early tomorrow. Oh, and please don't make a racket," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Behind him, Whitey's mechanical eyes were shining red as they locked on the people who were clamoring. Immediately, these people went silent as if they were being strangled.

With Whitey keeping watch, they could only swallow their anger and resentfully leave while thinking about how to report to their masters.

Zhao Ruge felt as if a countless amount of invisible arrows had pierced his chest. "Damn it, business hours is over again?! Could you not be so punctual?"

"Owner Bu, I'll pay five times the price… I want to order!" Unwilling to give up, Zhao Ruge tried to persuade Bu Fang.

"I refuse. You've already tried to tempt me the previous time," Bu Fang simply said.

"Rules are determined by humans, Owner Bu! Ten times! How about ten times the price? Today, I definitely must try out your dishes," Zhao Ruge gnashed his teeth and said while ominously glaring at Bu Fang.

"No." Bu Fang's heart was bleeding as he resentfully rejected Zhao Ruge. "If you raise your offer once more, I will definitely beat you up!"

Zhao Ruge was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. He coldly glanced at Bu Fang, then angrily snorted and stormed out of the store.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's face was filled with admiration as she looked at Bu Fang. She always thought that Bu Fang was a greedy person. She did not think that he would be so principled.

"Smelly boss, the way you rejected that sissy was so handsome!" Ouyang Xiaoyi gave him a thumbs up.

"Haha," Bu Fang expressionlessly smiled.


On the next two days, Fang Fang's Little Store was always teeming with people. There were new customers arriving every day. Xushi and Great Secretariat Su would come every single day and were completely subdued by Bu Fang's food.

On the other hand, the Xiao siblings and the third prince, Ji Chengxue, did not appear during that time. Of course, Bu Fang was slightly surprised but did not pay any heed.

And so, the third day arrived.

It was also a very important day in the imperial city.

The number one expert in the imperial city, Great General Xiao Meng, was triumphantly returning after battling the clans outside the empire borders. He was escorting the six leaders of the Heterodox Sect, Death Soul Palace, that he took as prisoners back to the imperial city.

That day, the imperial city was filled with opportunities as the city gates were laid wide open.

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