Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 290: Segregated

Chapter 290: Segregated

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"You… how dare you?!"

Wei Dafu looked at the robust man who got thrown out of the tent after being stripped bare. Immediately, his heart shuddered while the finger that was pointing out trembled, and his face was showing an implausible expression.

How could he dare to throw him out? For what reason did he dare to throw him out?

This was the first time he had met such an unreasonable newcomer, the first time he met such a savage newcomer!

Wei Dafu was furious, he felt as though he was slapped in the face; utterly embarrassed. That lump of steel that Bu Fang brought did not spare any consideration to his feelings.

The robust man thrown outside of the tent stood up totteringly. There was a mingling of green and red color on his face. He was depressed to the point of almost vomiting blood. This f*cker... he would go so far as to tear off someone else's clothes? Is there a need to be so berserk?

"Kid... Just wait!" The robust man looked at Bu Fang who was sitting cross-legged on the bed. He wanted to leave behind some ruthless words but he sensed a red ray sweeping past him. Immediately, even his buttock had also started trembling as he looked at Whitey in terror.

Even though he was a chef in Cooks' Army Unit, he still had a certain level of cultivation. Once he picked up a weapon, he could also become a soldier who was able to go into battle. However, when facing Whitey, he could not even figure out what had exactly happened and was already stripped bare and thrown out.

Being stripped bare was not something terrifying. The crucial point was that he did not even know how did he get stripped!

Inside the tent, dead silence took over for a while. Then, questioning voices resounded one after another. The Cooks' Army Unit members all displayed an angry look. This newcomer unexpectedly really dare to retaliate? Did he really think that just because he could cook a few dishes of delicacies he could become complacent? He had actually made a move on the old man!

"Kid, you are looking for death? You actually dare to make a move on us, your seniors?"

"Humph! A newcomer is always newcomer. You actually dare to make a move on us. Do you want to chop firewood for your whole life?"

"This savage newcomer, we have to teach him a lesson! Otherwise, he would never know how to be respectful to his seniors!"


Chattering sounds circled within the tent unceasingly. It forced Bu Fang to open up his eyes. He frowned and displayed traces of annoyance.

"Those who were being clamorous... strip them bare and throw them out."

Bu Fang said unsympathetically and his tone was extremely cold. Facing these people, he did not have any slightest intention of being modest.

Some people had been truly angered by Bu Fang. "The way this kid spoke... is too savage, isn't it? Could it be that he really think that we don't have anyone here who would be able to discipline him?"

A few of their expressions turned fierce as they shouted while dashing toward the direction Bu Fang was at.

However, very quickly... they realized something was amiss. After they had dashed out, they felt that they were as if treading on clouds and had unexpectedly been flung up. Their body streaked across the skies in an elegant arc and their view, which was supposed to be them advancing, had unexpectedly turned to them retreating.


Bang Bang!

Sounds of heavy objects landing onto the ground resounded consecutively. Those two who had planned to deal with Bu Fang were similarly stripped bare and thrown out of the tent. They looked like other two scarlet red figures crawling up from the floor awkwardly.

Wei Dafu expression congealed slightly. "How audacious!!"

Just as he had opened his mouth and was planning to interrogate Bu Fang, he realized that the red-eyed Whitey had already appeared in front of him before him knowing it. It lifted up his collar and threw him out. His body rotated in the air and his shirt was also in the midst of rotating as he got stripped bare.

Got stripped bare... damn it!

Bang... Wei Dafu was stupefied. From the start to the end, he was stupefied. Only when he landed on the ground and felt a severe pain did he understand that he had been stripped bare and was thrown out.

Inside the tent, the grumbling of questions and curses at that very instant was put to a stop. They seemed like male ducks whose throats had been grabbed, with their eyes open wide and their faces filled with terror.

Wei Dafu, Captain Wei, who had the most experience in the Cooks' Army Unit and was also the most proficient in culinary skills, had also unexpectedly been thrown out by Bu Fang's steel puppet. Furthermore, he was also stripped bare as well...

Everyone's body trembled while there was endless excitement in Long Cai eyes.

Wei Dafu crawled up from the floor and covered his crotch. He was utterly discomfited while his eyes were filled with hatred.

"Brat! Just you wait!! From today onwards, you just have to stay here, in this ordinary ingredients camp obediently. Don't even think of touching the hair of spirit energy ingredients!"

"Long Cai, what are you laughing at?! Do you also feel like staying in this ordinary ingredients camp?!"

Wei Dafu was angered to the point of stomping around but he did not dare to make any of his actions wide. Therefore, it appeared rather comical, causing Long Cai to want to laugh, but he didn't dare to.

"Scram!" Bu Fang opened up his eyes and there were traces of impatience in it. Ever since he had joined the Cook's Army Unit, this Wei Dafu had been opposing him unceasingly... Bu Fang was already somewhat stupefied. What was he up to?

However, at that moment, it was no longer important as to what he was up to. Bu Fang was already impatient and did not give him any face.

The people inside the tent were like water as they retreated. They knew that it was impossible for them to use force to deal with Bu Fang because that lump of steel was way too strong. But since using force was out of the question, then they would isolate him, leaving him alone!

Everyone was given an order to not have a single bit of interaction with Bu Fang...

To have been isolated in the army, this was practically something too awful for a lot of people.

However, Bu Fang was indifferent toward it.

Ultimately, Long Cai also glimpsed at Bu Fang worriedly and left. Very quickly, the insides of the tent became very quiet and cold.


Dang Dang Dang!!

Sounds of striking the pot resonated. Subsequently, Wei Dafu's ice-cold voice spread throughout the entire camp.

"Get ready to march off. Quickly fall-in for me. Carry your equipment well and bring along your tools. We are moving off!"


In the midst of chaos, there were orderly sounds being resonated. Subsequently, figure after figure exited out from the tents.

On the back of these people, they were carrying black steel woks as they lined up according to their team within the camp.

At the very start, they got Bu Fang to carry the wok... and Bu Fang had rejected it. He could had completely kept this black wok into the system's storage space. However, because this time he was undergoing the mission, the system's storage space had been sealed off, not allowing him to use the ingredients inside the system's storage space. As far as this problem was concerned, it had become a headache for Bu Fang.

Therefore, he had no choice but to follow the Cooks' Army Unit members as he carried the wok and walked out of the tent. They converged within the camp as they lined-up accordingly to their formations.

The Cooks' Army Unit were marching off because they had to be responsible for cooking. Therefore, they had to carry the black wok with them. After they had set up the camps, they would put up their stove on the spot straightaway and start cooking.

Wei Dafu was also carrying a wok as he swept past the entire formation gloomily. When he saw Bu Fang was also carrying a wok, his complexion became vaguely heavy as he harrumphed to himself once.

Under the bugle horn echo, the Cook's Army Unit members also carried their black woks one after another as they pushed the heavy wagon and departed from the camp. They regrouped with the Western Mystery Army third corps and moved toward the outside of Western Mystery City together.

The march this time not only had the Western Mystery Army Third Corps, there were also the main force of Western Mystery Army, the Second Corps. The two big corps departed from Western Mystery City as they headed toward the nearest city to provide assistance because Western Mystery City had received letters requesting for help from the neighboring cities.

In the letter, they had described the enemy as someone extremely formidable. Hence, they had sent out two corps of their Western Mystery Army.

After all, Western Mystery City was the largest city in the northwest. Besides, it was one of the three big ancient cities. They had to support the order of the northwest of the Light Wind Empire, and wiping out the enemies was their responsibility.

On the vast field, a long and narrow army was traveling unhurriedly. The distribution of the unit formed a very long line. Every location had different types of soldiers and Cooks' Army Unit was the last unit. Each of them carried a black wok behind them, making it difficult for them to advance forward.

The hot sun blossomed in the sky as it shone down its scorching sun rays, causing the whole field to seem as if it was being roasted to the point of being evaporated.

Many of them were suffering due to the scorching heat and almost couldn't endure it any longer.

Bu Fang carried the wok while Whitey followed behind him blindly. The distance between him and his unit was quite big because, after experiencing the incident on the previous day, the Cooks' Army Unit members did not get along with Bu Fang. Other than Long Cai, all of them had completely isolated him.

They wanted to take revenge on Bu Fang using this method, making him turn mad while he was in the Cooks' Army Unit.

Every time Long Cai chatted with Bu Fang, he would be stared at by Wei Dafu. Thereafter, Long Cai would run away dejectedly, leaving behind a Wei Dafu who used a sneering expression to look at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang felt that this Wei Dafu was a crazy man...

Creak, Creak.

While pushing the heavy wagon cart, the wheels produced heavy sounds on the road but the march still continued nevertheless.

When the pitch-black nightfall hanged itself high up on the sky, two curved moons stretched out its head mischievously.

Under the command of a voice, the soldiers stopped their onward march and started setting up their encampments.

The Cooks' Army Unit members started to get really busy as they quickly built up their tent and set up their wok holders to begin cooking the dishes.

Bu Fang stopped at the back as he looked at the quick and orderly Cooks' Army Unit built up the tents and set up the wok holders while faint traces of amazement showed up on his face.

No doubt, these people were indeed part of the Cook's Army Unit who often marched and had lots of experience doing it. When they did these things, they did it so skillfully and easily.

Bu Fang had also built up his tent himself and set up the wok holder as he prepared to begin cooking.

However, when the Cooks' Army Unit had started cooking with the smoke rising in spirals while the other soldiers were all resting to preserve and nurture their spirits, following the rustling noise in the surrounding, the shrubs that were covering the encampments seem to have noises of fragmentation resounding.

This caused the surrounding soldiers' hearts to become panicky. A soldier went forward to examine and had just pushed aside the shrub... when a ferocious wolf howl resonated. Subsequently, a huge figure pounced out as it bit onto the soldier who had gone forward to examine.

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