Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 289: Why Should I Care if You are Uncomfortable?

Chapter 289: Why Should I Care if You are Uncomfortable?

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Bu Fang calmly covered his pot with a lid made of wood. After sealing it, he carried it out without caring about the cold gazes the other cooks gave him.

The other cooks were extremely angry as the dishes they prepared with utmost care were suppressed by Bu Fang's dish. Not to mention the fact that Bu Fang's dish was made from ordinary ingredients. This was an outright humiliation to the other cooks.

However, no matter how angry they were, they didn't attack Bu Fang. After all, they were in another group's camp and the commander, Zhu, was standing not too far away. Even if they wanted to teach Bu Fang a lesson, they had to wait till they returned to their own camp.

Therefore the only thing the other cooks could do was to snort at him coldly. They also glared at Bu Fang with eyes that didn't harbor good intentions.

Wei Dafu was extremely shocked by Bu Fang's skill. However, his shock was quickly suppressed by him as he knew that the tallest tree in a forest would always be ravaged by the wind. Such a statement was applicable everywhere, and Bu Fang's splendid performance had already attracted many jealous and wary gazes.

Bu Fang's life among the army cooks would just get more and more difficult from now on. It might even reach the stage where it would be difficult for Bu Fang to take a single step out.

However, Bu Fang wasn't concerned about any of this at all.

The only change in his expression was when he furrowed his brows. Ignoring the sharp gazes from the other cooks, he lifted his pot and left the camp. The pot was empty and it was justifiable for him to return to his own tent.

After witnessing Bu Fang's empty pot, Wei Dafu could feel his face heating up. He was starting to feel embarrassed as he was the one who was skeptical about Bu Fang's dish in the first place. He had ferociously said that if Bu Fang's dish wasn't eaten by anyone, he would ruthlessly punish him. However, the results made Wei Dafu choke on his words. It seemed as though his words gave him a sharp slap on his own face.

Not only was Bu Fang's dish eaten, but it was also the first to be eaten completely.

Comparing yourself to another person would truly... make you choke yourself in anger.

"Are the dishes made by this kid.... really that good?" Wei Dafu's head was already starting to spin.

Bu Fang carried his pot as he walked back to his camp. After stretching lazily, he sat down cross-legged on his bed. He thought about the ingredients which didn't have the slightest trace of spirit energy in them and he couldn't help but furrow his brows. He thought about the different ways he could have cooked the ingredients.

While Bu Fang was deep in his thoughts, mealtime ended and the other cooks started returning to the camp.

The atmosphere in the camp instantly became awkward.

Long Cai was the first one who came over to Bu Fang. He was also the first one to give Bu Fang a kind warning. Bu Fang's dish stole the limelight of all the other cooks and thus the dishes prepared by them were not well received by the soldiers.

Currently, the old cooks wanted to give Bu Fang a hard time.

Bu Fang's response gave Long Cai a shock. He stared at Bu Fang dumbfounded when he realized that Bu Fang wasn't the least bit worried about the other cooks. With a calm expression, Bu Fang remained on his bed.

Wei Dafu placed his hands behind his back as he followed the other cooks who were making their way toward Bu Fang's tent. They eventually squeezed their way into Bu Fang's tent.

"What kind of smell is this? It's obviously the smell of some kind of poison! What kind of good dish could be made inside such a run-down place?"

"Tsk Tsk Tsk... All of you, come over and look at this. The vegetable seems to be rotten and the stench of the rotten vegetables is stinking up the room. Someone actually dares to use such ingredients to prepare food. This is truly shameless."

"Where are his moral and principles? If the soldiers develop a stomachache after eating food made from this place, it would be a huge problem! What would we do then? "


The moment the group of cooks came into Bu Fang's tent, they started criticizing and picking fault with him. It was evident that everyone was extremely annoyed with Bu Fang for stealing their limelight.

Bu Fang was a newcomer and a youngster. Yet all of them were experienced cooks and they were suppressed by such a youngster. This made all of them quite unhappy.

Long Cai was angry with the other cooks for picking on Bu Fang, but he had no way to stop them. Although he was young, he had been in the army for quite some time. He heard the stories about how the older cooks would take advantage of their own seniority to suppress the newer cooks. However, this was the first time he actually saw it happening.

He felt a bit disgusted by them. Their current appearance caused goosebumps on his entire body.

Bu Fang was living in the camp where the ordinary ingredients were stored. As they were ordinary ingredients, they had a much shorter shelf life compared to spirit ingredients. Of course, it was normal for some of them to rot. Bu Fang had no idea why they were putting up such a pretentious act in front of him.

Could it be because his dish was accepted by most of the soldiers?

It was easy for a human's mind to lose its harmony. The moment their sanity was lost, they would exhibit disgusting behavior.

Bu Fang calmly swept this group of people with his calm gaze. There wasn't a shred of emotion behind his gaze.

The only thing Bu Fang did was to stare at the rest of the cooks with his cold gaze. He stared at them till all the buzz stopped. The rest of the cooks couldn't help but close their mouth after looking at Bu Fang's cold eyes.

Bu Fang possessed an unfathomable imposing aura which made them slightly cower in fear.

Wei Dafu walked out from the crowd of cooks as he stood before Bu Fang. Facing Bu Fang, a disgruntled expression appeared on his face.

"Kid... I admit that your cooking is truly impressive. However, you shouldn't run around rampantly here. Your attitude would make many people uncomfortable, do you understand? If people are uncomfortable with you here, they would make your life difficult. Your days here wouldn't be good at all," Wei Dafu said.

"Why should I care if all of you are comfortable or not? The mission of a chef is to make dishes to please his customers. It is not to cook dishes to please people like you. Moreover, who do you think you are? All of you think that you are so great… Why must I care about what you guys want?"

With a calm expression on his face, he easily rebuked Wei Dafu. It was his first time meeting such unreasonable people. The reason they were picking on him was due to the fact that he cooked delicious food and caught the soldiers' attention. Did they think of suppressing him just because his dish was the most popular?

Was the imperial capital's black-hearted Owner Bu... this easy to suppress and bully?

"Now... except Long Cai, the rest of you should all get out of my tent. Otherwise..." Bu Fang lightly shouted.

The mechanical eyes of Whitey, which stood in the corner of the tent, immediately glittered with a red light. Whitey's eyes swept through the faces of all the cooks with a vicious look.

"What the f*ck! This kid is truly too arrogant. I'm not going to take this lying down, I'll beat him to death."

A big man which was wearing a military uniform made from linen under his apron walked out from the crowd. He was the most robust among the cooks, and although his cooking wasn't the best, he had the strongest body and cultivation among them.

Arriving in front of Bu Fang, this person gave the table beside him a slap. With a single slap, the table split into several pieces.

As there was already someone taking the initiative to cause trouble, the others followed him and started to cry out angrily and indignantly.

All of them stared at Bu Fang with an angry expression. They were all unhappy with Bu Fang as the dishes they prepared with sweat and effort were suppressed by a dish made from ordinary ingredients. Not to mention the fact that the dish was made by a kid much younger than them.

That kind... that kind of trash dish, what qualifications and right did it have to suppress their dishes?

Long Cai's tender face quickly became pale. He looked at the group of people who were behaving aggressively and overbearing toward Bu Fang. He cowered in fear toward where Bu Fang was positioned.

At this moment, Bu Fang and Long Cai seemed like the passengers of a small boat floating before giant waves. They seemed to be enduring the huge waves crashing toward them and overbearing winds battering against them at the same time. It seemed as though the anger of the other cooks were vast giant waves which were about to overturn their little boat. Bu Fang seemed to be completely suppressed at the moment.

"I said... stop causing trouble in my tent. Otherwise, you shouldn't blame me for being merciless."

Bu Fang stood up from the bed and snapped at all of them.

The robust-looking cook stared at Bu Fang as he took another step toward him. He reached his hand out to grab Bu Fang's collar, wanting to teach Bu Fang a lesson. This kind of insolent and rude newcomer should be properly taught a lesson. He actually dared to steal his seniors' limelight!

Bu Fang stared at him and lifted his slender hand. With a light slap, he slapped away the hand of the robust cook.

A resounding and crisp sound immediately resounded in the room. That robust cook instantly felt as though his hands had swelled up and the intense pain caused beads of sweat to form on his forehead.

"Whitey... strip this group of people who are causing trouble. After you are done, throw them out," Bu Fang calmly said.

Two red eyes behind Bu Fang immediately shone brightly and Whitey's clone appeared. Its glittering red eyes looked toward the cooks surrounding Bu Fang.

"Snort! Stop with your tricks. What are you trying to achieve with this trivial and worn out puppet?" Wei Dafu snorted coldly with disdain as he looked at Whitey.

Whitey seemed quite ordinary and Wei Dafu had seen many puppets like this. In his years as an army cook, he came in touch with many strange and odd sects during the army's campaigns. One of the sects was specialized in making puppets such as the one beside Bu Fang.

Wei Dafu wasn't worried at all as he thought that puppets like this didn't have any kind of fighting prowess. However, he was astonished as the sound of clothes tearing resounded the moment he finished his sentence.


A crisp sound rang out. It was accompanied by a white shadow flying away. The sound caused by a heavy object falling on the floor resounded not too long after, outside the tent.

Everyone blanked out as they simultaneously turned their heads. As they looked outside the tent, they saw a robust and huge naked man covering his crotch as his entire body trembled. He was struggling to stand up, and he looked extremely pitiful.

As the corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upwards, he patted Whitey's round belly. Crawling back to his bed, he sat cross-legged on it as he ignored the rest of the cooks.

His gaze was still calm and composed like a flowing cloud.

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