Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 272: Store Owner, Come Out To Die

Chapter 272: Store Owner, Come Out To Die

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Spring reached the Imperial City, accompanied with spring rain. It gave the capital a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, as if it was an ancient city situated above a boundless field, simple and imposing.

The greenery was overflowing outside the Imperial City, and the vegetation was lush in both sides of the official road, as the flowers were swaying with the wind and scattering their pollen and fragrant scent.

There were all kinds of people who came from all corners of the Light Wind Empire above the official road. They were all rushing to the capital because it was the center of the empire economy, politic, and culture.

In a distant place in the sky, there was a black spot which was slowly enlarging before the naked eye. That black spot seemed only as a pitch-black mass which was rapidly rushing toward the capital. Its speed was extremely quick, and it seemed as fast as lightning.

In only a short while, the people on the official road felt that the sky was covered by a pitch-black mass and they were feeling all repressed. Such a feeling was quite familiar and they had all experienced it when black clouds covered the lands.

Some people confusedly raised their heads, and after they saw what was above them, were immediately scared limp on the ground, and almost started weeping.

There were no black clouds in the sky, but a giant spirit beast, terrifyingly big. Its open wings could almost cover the whole sky, and it emitted a heavy imposing pressure which made them feel as if their hearts would be dragged out of their bodies.

What kind of monster was that?

All of the people on the main road were scared to the ground, and they were all cautiously and apprehensively lying there. They feared to anger this monster and end up dying terribly.


The giant spirit beast landed before the Imperial Capital gate and raised with it, a terrifying gale. All of the guards before the gate were extremely terrified because that spirit beast was absurdly big, as if it was a small mountain.

This spirit beast was a Flood Dragon... its whole body was covered with scales which were emitting a glittering radiance under the moistening of rain, and when it slightly flapped its wings, it brought along with it another terrifying gale.

Its eyes, which were as big as lanterns, slightly rolled and locked onto the guards defending the gate.


The dragon roar was deafening and ear-splitting. All of the people covered their ears and strenuously bore it.

There was a human above that dragon's back. This man's whole body was made of bulging muscles and he seemed like a small hill. His gaze was ice-cold and the short hair on his head was standing upwards as if it was a mass of needles.

"The Light Wind Empire capital... Humph, no matter who dared to kill my little brother, I, Xia Yu, will let him pay for it."

This man's gaze was glittering as if he could see through everything and directly witness what was inside the capital.

He patted the head of the Flood Dragon before he jumped down from it and landed before the city gate.

A talisman appeared and floated in the winds, then absorbed that Flood Dragon in.

The man with a terrifying, valiant and bare-chested body strode toward the capital. On his way inside, a trembling young guard tried to block his path but was directly killed by a slap from him.

"The Light Wind Empire... Where is Fang Fang's Little Store?" After Xia Yu killed the guard, his gaze, which was overflowing with killing intent, swept through everyone before locking into a slightly old guard that was scared by him and still trembling in the ground.

Under such gaze, the already frightened guard could not help blurting out Bu Fang's store location.

Fang Fang's Little Store current reputation in the Imperial City was already prominent, and there wasn't anything strange about why a common guard would know its location.

Xia Yu coldly snorted, placed his hand behind his back, and started walking toward the Imperial City, his target obviously being Fang Fang's Little Store.


Bu Fang was sitting on a chair and crocking his head to one side while gazing at Xiao Xiaolong, whose face was thoroughly red. The former's hand was holding a heavy kitchen knife and playing with it.

The result of the competition came out. Xiao Xiaolong was utterly defeated, which was within Bu Fang's expectation. From the simple fact that Xiao Xiaolong came in late in the morning to the store, it could be inferred how much he was goofing in normal times.

He tossed the heavy kitchen knife and it landed before Xiao Xiaolong, denting the cutting board and emitting a dull and heavy sound.

"Well... today, as well as tomorrow, you don't need to make anything, you just need to take this kitchen knife and practice your cutting techniques and carving skills. You can only stop when I'm satisfied," Bu Fang calmly said, then stood up and went away. He's disinclined to care about Xiao Xiaolong pitiful and aggrieved appearance.

Yu Fu looked at Xiao Xiaolong with sympathy. She once secretly tried to use Bu Fang's heavy kitchen knife, but it was strenuous for him to even wave it, let alone use it to cook.

Xiao Xiaolong was quite aggrieved and indignant, but he could do nothing about it. It was a pit he dug himself, so he could only restrain his tears and jump into it.

When Bu Fang entered the store, Fatty Jin and the others came over making a ruckus, and Ouyang Xiaoyi also cheerfully arrived at the store.

"Owner Bu, good morning! We didn't see you for such a long time." Fatty Jin eyes brightened and he welcomed Bu Fang while laughing heartily.

His group of fatties also followed him and entered the shop. Ouyang Xiaoyi familiarly started recording what they ordered, to later pass the orders to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang greeted the group of fatties before nodding his head at her and returning to the kitchen. He would start cooking.

After a short while, the dishes fragrant scent fluttered from the kitchen. While Bu Fang was cooking, Yu Fu was respectfully standing beside him and trying to learn from him.

Xiao Xiaolong, on the other hand, was quite aggrieved. his both hands were strenuously holding the heavy kitchen knife, and his white face already became as red as a monkey butt from forcing himself to hold it, because that kitchen knife was really too heavy.

The store started its daily regular business.

That podgy old man from yesterday also came. From the moment he woke up, he couldn't repress himself from desiring to taste that delicacy another time. He was completely infatuated with the Dragon Liver Popsicle.

The dish of the podgy old man was quickly served out, and the cube which was as resplendent as a diamond made the customers exclaim another time at its beauty.

The sounds of footsteps transmitted from the alleyway and the figure of a man who experienced the vicissitudes of the world stepped into the store.

Ji Chengxue was wearing a simple white brocade robe and a tired expression was plastered on his face.

"Ah... Your Majesty?" Ouyang Xiaoyi was the first to notice Ji Chengxue, and she was quite surprised of his presence. Ji Chengxue was quite busy, so how come he had time to come to eat a meal in the store?

Ji Chengxue rubbed Ouyang Xiaoyi head and exhaled a breath, before looking for an empty seat and sitting down.

"Serve me one jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine along with a Fish Head Tofu Soup." Ji Chengxue gently said, the current him did not seem at all like an imposing emperor, but only a customer who came to taste a delicacy.

After Ouyang Xiaoyi carried away the orders, Ji Chengxue's gaze became dazed for a bit. He was quite pleased with the store atmosphere and was more comfortable being here.

The current Light Wind Empire had too many troubles he needed to take care of, and every day there were unceasing urgent reports sent to him. Obviously, there wouldn't be any good news in an urgent report.

All the cities were suffering from the spirit beasts threat, and the people were somewhat flurried. In some cities far from the Imperial Capital, there were even some restless people who occupied the cities and declared themselves as kings.

In just a few days, chaos and trouble started roaming the Light Wind Empire.

At such a critical time, he received the news of Lian Fu's death... Ji Chengxue was truly somewhat exhausted, both mentally and physically.

The jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was coming. Bu Fang came out while carrying the jar of wine, sat down facing Ji Chengxue, and poured a cup for the emperor.

"Chief Eunuch Lian Fu...has died," calmly said Ji Chengxue after he emptied his cup in a single gulp and revealed a bitter smile, then he started fiddling with his cup.

Bu Fang was startled for a while. Chief Eunuch Lian? Wasn't he that eunuch who's fond of pinching his thumb and middle finger together, that eunuch who had the strength of a seventh grade Battle-Saint? He unexpectedly died?

The cultivation of that eunuch was extremely powerful, and he always protected the Imperial Palace. Now that he died... it would be a huge blow toward Ji Chengxue and even the entire empire.

He wasn't the same as he was before when he was just some small-time restaurant owner who had just arrived in the capital. Although he may not have had a good understanding toward the state of the entire continent, after he unlocked the Delicacy Map, he at the very least had a good knowledge about the Light Wind Empire and the Southern Border.

The Light Wind Empire wasn't some great power in the land of the Southern Border... and a Battle-Saint expert was an extremely important resource for the empire.

He didn't know how to comfort Ji Chengxue, and although that eunuch was stripped and sent back several times when he came to the store, Bu Fang did not have anything against him, as he was quite an interesting person.

"My condolences." Bu Fang also felt aggrieved for an inexplicable reason. He poured a cup for himself and another for Ji Chengxue, then gulped it down.

When Bu Fang put down his cup on the table, the sound of the trembling ground transmitted from the alleyway, followed by intense whistling. A lance of steel came from far away and smashed into the alleyway floor, completely destroying the tiles which had just been repaired.

All of the customers jumped up from the fright.

Bu Fang was startled for a while and when he creased his brows, he heard the sound of friction from someone pulling the lance from the ground.

"Where is the owner of this store? Since you dared to kill my younger brother, then you should obediently come out to die."

Just as his ice-cold voice reverberated in the air, he immediately strode toward the store with an intense killing intent.

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