Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 271: Shura Sect Venerable

Chapter 271: Shura Sect Venerable

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Light Wind Empire, Border City.

Just a few thousand miles from the shores of the Light Wind Empire, sat a towering and colossal city. The city was huge and took up a vast amount of land. The city walls were as high as the sky, so high it could block out the sun.

Border City was the biggest city and the first line of defence for the Light Wind Empire. It had a long history and was known as one of the Three Big Ancient Cities along with the Imperial City and Western Mystery City.

When seen from afar, the Border City resembled a huge statue of a War-God, giving off an ancient feel. It rested on the frontier of the Light Wind Empire, looking over the land.

On the vast plains outside Border City, there was a group of travellers. Among the group, there were energetic spirit beasts pulling the carriage, flanked by warriors astride Single Horn Spirit Horses. They were all heading for Border City.

A horn sounded off solemnly from within Border City. The sound was deafening and spreading out rapidly.

The gates of Border City opened and many fully armored soldiers marched out. They raised their hands slightly to welcome this group of people.

Ji Chengyu looked impressed but kept a poker face as he steadily rode the Single Horn Spirit Horse . He smirked when he saw all the soldiers that were there to welcome him.

The moment one entered Border City, it felt like a totally different place. The streets of Border City were totally occupied by the soldiers. Ji Chengyu entered the place and stopped at the center of a group of soldiers.

The curtains in the carriage opened and an elderly figure came out from the carriage, with a wrinkled face and wearing a black robe. Breathing irregularly, he clasped his hands and looked at the surrounding people before inhaling lightly.

From among the soldiers, some people who also wore black robes appeared. They respectfully bowed at the elderly man.

"We pay respect to Shura Sect Venerable."

The warriors in black robes began to greet and bow in great respect for him.

Shura Sect did not belong to any of the top ten sects and was a very old sect. They were finally reformed today, in wait for the time to rise again. Light Wind Empire was the first of many stepping stones for them.

The wrinkles on the elderly man's face trembled. He waved his hands at the crowd and said, "The High Priest sent me here today. My first mission is to assist King Yu in his ascension to the throne, and secondly, to fight for the revival of Shura sect. We Shura Sect have remained in low profile for too long, and many people in the world have forgotten how great we used to be. Powerhouses in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Wildlands and Illusory Spirit Swamp have probably forgotten about us, but soon enough, they will surely remember the fear of being dominated once more."

The Shura Sect crowd was excited; their eyes revealed their enthusiasm.

Ji Chengyu squinted as he saw this sight. His heart began to thud. He had a somber expression.

This Shura Sect… was the force behind Mahayana Island, the backing of Zhao Musheng. Now... they supported Ji Chengyu, whom will rely on them to take back the throne.

However, he knew clearly in his heart that Shura Sect was a double-edged sword, and also a very sharp one. If he did not wield it properly… he would not only sustain mere superficial wounds.


Wuliang Mountain was as tall as the skies. It resembled a sword that extended all the way into the sky, piercing the clouds.

Within the mountain of the Celestial Arcanum Sect, there sat an old man with white hair and brows, inside a derelict wooden two-storey house. His wrinkled hands held a few pieces of yellow talismans. All of a sudden, his eyes opened and it seemed like a ray of light had shone past them.

The yellow talismans in his hands floated up and were suspended in space, forming a unique pattern.

The old man had a serious look on his face as he took a deep breath. He held the unique pattern in his hands and pointed at the talismans.

A special blood came out from the talisman. The strong smell of the blood filled the whole wooden house. The old man was shocked; he squinted his eyes a little.

"The murderous Shura sect…. they have actually reappeared. Why is this evil sect so stubborn? It seems like the southern region will have to experience bloodshed yet again," the old man murmured and sighed.

He turned the sign on his hands and the blood color on the talisman disappeared. The old man shut his eyes, deep in thought.

"Light Wind Empire again? Why are all the bad things happening at Light Wind Empire?" the old man trembled a little, feeling a little odd.

"But this time... Light Wind Empire is in deep trouble."


In the morning, the bright sun shone into the room, dispersing the coldness of the night.

Bu Fang opened his eyes and yawned comfortably as he stretched. This room was indeed more comfortable. He got off his bed, washed up, and went to the kitchen.

Yu Fu was still not awake and Xiao Xiaolong wasn't there either.

Bu Fang stood before the stove, spun the knife, and started to practise his carving and sculpting skills. After a few days without practicing, Bu Fang was starting to miss this feeling.

After Bu Fang practiced his skills for a while, Yu Fu came down the stairs and greeted him. Then, they individually started their own practises.

"Xiao Xiaolong is not here yet? You may practice first. We will start the test once he arrives," Bu Fang said with a frown.

Yu Fu obediently nodded her head, held the ingredients she prepared and diligently started to cut the vegetables.

Bu Fang put aside the big kitchen knife and started to cook Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. Not long after, the strong aroma of the ribs filled the kitchen. Yu Fu was so aroused by the aroma. Bu Fang's culinary skills were way better than hers and it could be seen just by judging the smell of the food. She still had a long way to go.

Bu Fang opened the door and left the shop with the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

In the morning of spring, the temperature was still cool. A gust of wind blew and the aroma of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in Bu Fang's hand dispersed; it was so tempting.

"Blacky, it's time to eat."

Bu Fang whispered, placing the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of the black dog that lay in front of the door.

Blacky lazily opened its eyes and took a look at the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of it. It sneered and did not seem as excited over the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs as it did before.

The human-like expression on this fat dog shocked Bu Fang. What happened?

However, once Blacky sniffed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, its eyes brightened. He stared at Bu Fang with resentment and started gorging down the plate of food, as if he had starved for many days.

Bu Fang raised his brows, patted the clean fur on Blacky and stood up to return to the shop.

As he walked toward the doorstep, he saw Xiao Xiaolong stroll past the alleyway entrance, toward the shop.

"Are you always so late? Why do you even bother practicing carving and sculpting then?" Bu Fang stared at Xiao Xiaolong and said angrily.

Xiao Xiaolong trembled and suddenly remembered that Bu Fang was already back. He was slacking off while Bu Fang was away…..

"Come into the kitchen. I will test your cutting and carving skills. If you fail, you will have to practice your cutting and sculpting skills with a heavy kitchen knife for the rest of the day."

Bu Fang had seemingly guessed something. He sighed, and with a flap of his sleeves, entered the kitchen.

Xiao Xiaolong's face was as black as charcoal.

He sorrowfully entered the kitchen and saw that the hardworking Yu Fu was practicing. He instantly felt terrible.

Bu Fang pulled over a chair to sit on, then looked at Yu Fu and Xiao XiaoLong expressionlessly. His eyes were serious and ready to judge them both.

"As my cooking disciples, I hope that you two are hardworking and will not slack off. A real chef works day and night to attain success. I hope the two of you remember this principle and will continue working hard on your culinary skills. Now we will start the test on your cutting and carivng skills. The two of you will compete against each other and whoever prepares the most dishes in an hour…. will be spared from punishment."

Bu Fang said in a low voice. He had also been a disciple once and he knew the importance of working hard.

Yu Fu and Xiao Xiaolong nodded to signify that they understood what he said.

There was a big carrot placed on the stove beside the two of them. Bu Fang wanted them to cut the carrot into small strips within an hour.

Yu Fu was fine. She was calm and did not panic.

Xiao Xiaolong, on the other hand, was different. His face was as black as charcoal and his eyes wandered around. He was worried.

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