Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1655 - No Mercy To Those Who Invade the Ancestral Planet

Chapter 1655: No Mercy To Those Who Invade the Ancestral Planet

On a mountain, palaces with golden bricks and jade roofs surrounded by clouds stretched on and on, forming a cluster of magnificent buildings.

Since ancient times, the Immortal Mountain of Kunlun had been the dwelling place for Immortals of Hua. It held a very important status in Hua’s myths, which was not inferior to that of the Immortal Island of Penglai.

In one of the palaces, the Queen Mother of the West was clad in a luxurious dress and sat on a chair. Before her was a huge round mirror, which glowed with divine light as it showed her the images around the globe. At this moment, it was showing the Soul Demons who were wreaking havoc.

The faces of the Queen Mother and many Immortals in the palace were unsightly. The appearance of the Soul Demons was a disaster, and she knew the bad omen and crisis it would bring.

The mirror was showing Tongtian, who was hunting down the Soul Overlord with his immortal swords over the vast ocean. He was alone, but there were four cosmic portals on Earth, and more than one Soul Overlords had come out from them. This was an unprecedented crisis for Earth!

Tongtian had broken through to the level of a Saint of the Great Path, so he could easily kill those Soul Demons. However, he was alone—his strength already fell short to deal with one Soul Overlord, let alone others.

Suddenly, the image on the mirror flickered, and then another image was shown. The latest image, however, stunned the Queen Mother. In the image, a Soul Overlord was cut into pieces and grilled. The meat emanated a rich fragrance as it was shoved into the mouth of a skinny figure, who chewed and swallowed.

What the heck? That was a f*cking Soul Overlord! How did he get eaten by someone?!

The Queen Mother and the many Immortals were taken aback. After giving the image a careful look, each of them sucked in a cold breath.

“It’s that evil man!”

“That evil man is… truly fearsome! No wonder he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Tongtian!”

“Even the Western God, who is a Saint of the Great Path, was killed by this evil man…”

Many Immortals were whispering to each other. Of all the Immortals in the palace, most of them were just Heaven Immortals or Immortal-Emperor-to-be, and only a few of them were Immortal Emperors. So naturally, they were shocked by such a fierce existence.

The image shifted, turning to someone who the Queen Mother was familiar with. “It’s the Empyrean Fairy…” Her eyes grew sharp in an instant. She had sent the fairy and the Kun Bird to subdue the evil man, but in the end, both of them were subdued by that evil man. This was simply a slap in her face.

“Let me hear what this woman is saying.” The Queen Mother’s face was cold.

The Immortal Official in charge of the mirror nodded. Then, a wisp of immortal energy drifted out of his hand. The mirror shivered, and voices rang out of it.

“What is Senior going to do in Kunlun?”

“To do a site survey. I plan to borrow a piece of land in Kunlun from the Queen Mother of the West and open a branch…”

“Hmm… Quickly lead the way. After I’m done with the survey, I need to help Tongtian to grill— Oh, to catch the Soul Overlord. I’m very busy.”

The conversation between Bu Fang and the fairy came through the mirror with unmistakable clarity. The palace, which was noisy a moment ago, fell silent in an instant. Everyone looked at each other, while the Immortal Official was embarrassed.

Suddenly, the image shifted again. A face kept growing larger and larger on the mirror now. Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and seemed to look through the mirror, and his nostrils became very large…

The Immortals present were dumbfounded. After a long silence, the whole palace broke out into an uproar!

“What an insolent evil man! He is too lawless!”

“Kunlun is the dwelling place of Immortals, not some place this evil man can do whatever he wishes! Open a branch… What branch does he want to open here?!”

“An evil man like this must be eradicated!”

The Immortals flew into a rage, and they were slamming the tables with their hands.

The Queen Mother’s face was gloomy and uncertain. Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped the table, shaking the whole palace with a loud noise. “Be quiet, all of you! This evil man is…outrageous!”

The words that came through the mirror proved that Bu Fang had no regard for her, the Queen Mother of the West. This annoyed her a little. However, when she thought about it again, she felt somewhat powerless.

‘Who can deal with this… evil man? Unless Tongtian is willing to do it… But he would sooner share the same trousers with the evil man than kill him…’

The Queen Mother sighed helplessly. She was filled with resentment. She knew that if the Celestial Court of the Primitive Universe had descended, it would not allow this evil man to be so unbridled. She could still remember the sad ending of that Saint-to-be evil monkey, who had wreaked havoc in the Celestial Court many years ago.

All the Immortals demanded that the evil man be punished. They were supreme beings with their own dignity.

The Queen Mother of the West sat behind the table, glanced indifferently at the Immortals down below, and twitched the corner of her mouth. “Which of you is the evil man’s match?” she said coldly.

When those words came out, the whole palace fell silent. After a long time, an old Immortal with white hair cleared his throat and said, “Fellow Immortals, I think we’d better be prepared to welcome this… evil… ahem, this honorable guest.”

The Empyrean Fairy naturally knew the way to Kunlun. Even the Kun Bird knew the way. However, Bu Fang still asked the fairy to lead the way.

The Kun Bird flew extremely fast. In fact, it was the fastest creature in the world, though it was still slower than the Law of Space.

However, the supreme Law of the Universe could not be used on Earth. Bu Fang had tried to use them, but when he did, heaven and earth seemed to be on the verge of bursting. Therefore, he had no choice but to travel slowly.

Before long, the Kunlun Mountains appeared before Bu Fang. The mountains stretched as far as his eyes could see and were shrouded in an immortal aura. Immortal trees and plants grew everywhere, and colorful flowers dotted the landscape. It was indeed a beautiful place.

Bu Fang clenched his fists, and popping sounds could be heard coming out from his knuckles. He knew that the Queen Mother of the West was not friendly to him, and he had prepared to suppress everything with force.

Originally, Bu Fang planned to open a restaurant in the city, but after giving the idea a second thought, he decided to open the restaurant at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. After all, his dishes were not suitable for mortals.

“Senior, Kunlun is a sacred place for all Immortals. Please don’t be too violent…” the Empyrean Fairy said nervously, looking at Bu Fang. Although she did not like the Queen Mother, Kunlun was of great significance to Hua Immortals, and she did not wish to see it destroyed.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do…” Bu Fang nodded and raised his hand. A scorching fire lotus floated over his palm. Its temperature was so high that even a Soul Overlord could not withstand it.

The Empyrean Fairy’s heart began to race.

Suddenly, Bu Fang froze and stared with a blank face. Even the Empyrean Fairy and the Kun Bird were stunned.

Down below, the Queen Mother of the West riding on her phoenix and a group of Immortals standing on auspicious clouds were waiting outside the palace. Every Immortal was smiling warmly as they looked at Bu Fang.

There were also many Immortal Officials before them, who were holding immortal flowers, immortal trees, immortal peaches, and immortal fruits. Clearly, this was a welcoming ceremony.

The Empyrean Fairy was struck dumb. This was not what she had expected. Bu Fang was confused as well. He landed on the ground. The Kun Bird shrank and perched on his shoulder.

The group of Immortals bowed respectfully to Bu Fang. The Queen Mother glanced over her shoulder, then signaled the Immortal Official at her side, who turned, raised his hand, and cried out, “One, two, three!”

“Welcome, Your Excellency! Kunlun is honored by Your Excellency’s presence!” All the Immortals cried out in unison.

Bu Fang, the Empyrean Fairy, and the Kun Bird were rendered speechless.

Had they come to the wrong place? Bu Fang had already prepared to punch anyone who would fight him, but…

An angry fist does not hit a smiling face. These Immortals were mortals before they became what they were now, so they naturally knew the way of treating people.

They talked happily, and the Queen Mother generously gave Bu Fang a shop at the foot of the mountain to serve as his branch. She even prepared a feast for him. Of course, Bu Fang turned down the banquet. Compared to the feast of these Immortals, he felt that his grilled Soul Overlord meat would taste better.

As all the Immortals watched with smiling faces, Bu Fang stepped onto the Kun Bird’s back and left Kunlun. Meanwhile, a new restaurant had opened at the foot of the mountain. Renovated by the System, it was called: Bubu Little Kitchen.

Tongtian was standing on a big wave. In the distance, countless Soul Demons formed an army that stretched as far as the eye could see, filling the hearts of those who saw them with depression. Among them, many Numbered Soul Demons had joined into arrays, which looked very powerful.

There were not only Soul Demons in this army, but even strange Gods who came from the universes behind the cosmic portals. Clearly, they were the Gods in those universes who had submitted to the Soul Demons. They were helping their masters to invade Earth.

The Sect Leader’s face was cold. He put his index and middle finger together, and the four immortal swords immediately soared into the sky, emanating unmatched power.

“I’ll not spare those who invade my Ancestral Planet!” Tongtian bellowed, his brows raised and his long beard waving in the wind. He was facing the army of Soul Demons alone.

In the army, a Soul Overlord with a pair of wings behind his back watched coldly. As a Soul Overlord, he was chased by this old Daoist for tens of thousands of miles. This was an insult to him. Fortunately, he met and joined the army of another Soul Overlord. He swore that he would cut the Daoist into a thousand pieces this time!

Beside this Soul Overlord with a pair of wings was a Soul Overlord lying in an open-air palanquin carried by several Numbered Soul Demons. He was monstrously fat, and his excess flesh seemed to spill out of the palanquin. They were Greed Soul Overlord and Sloth Soul Overlord respectively.

The two Soul Overlords led the army of Soul Demons and seemed to have formed a terrible fluctuation. Dark clouds churned in the sky, which made it look as if the end of the world was here.

But Tongtian was fearless. With a thought in his mind, the seawater churned and four swords flew out of it. Wheeling in the sky, the four immortal swords turned into the Immortal Slaughtering Sword Array, with wind blowing and waves rising inside.

Tongtian stood at the center of the array and turned into its core, emanating a monstrous murderous aura and facing the army of Soul Demons.

Suddenly, a loud laugh came from the distance. A figure flew over on an auspicious cloud, holding a three-pronged halberd. There was a black dog at his heel, who was wagging its tail with a fierce look in its eyes.

“My lord… Yang Jian is here to help you!”

Yang Jian laughed. As an Immortal-Emperor-to-be, he would have no trouble fighting an Immortal Emperor if he unleashed all his strength. And if he was assisted by his Celestial Dog, Howling, he might even be able to suppress an Immortal Emperor.

An Immortal Emperor was equivalent to a Numbered Soul Demon, so Yang Jian could take some of the pressure off Tongtian.

Of course, to Tongtian, who had become a Saint of the Great Path, Numbered Soul Demons were nothing but wild chicken or stray dogs.

In the distance, Greed Soul Overlord and Sloth Soul Overlord narrowed their eyes and sneered. The former had three horns on his head, while the latter had only one hair on his head. Their aura fluctuated and was extremely terrifying as monstrous demonic energy lingered in the air around them.

“One more ignorant fellow is here to get himself killed… And he even brought a dog. Haha! Dog meat tastes good. Looks like we will have a feast later,” said Greed Soul Overlord with a cold smile.

Lying on the palanquin, Sloth Soul Overlord rolled his eyes and smiled. He was too lazy to talk.

“Attack! Rip that old Daoist into pieces for me!” Greed Soul Overlord, who was chased by Tongtian for tens of thousands of miles, shouted at the top of his lungs.

The next moment, the scales in his hand turned into a bone spear, and he flung it with all his might toward the Sect Leader. A whizzing sound tore the sky.

The moment the spear was flung, Tongtian, his face cold, stood in the Immortal Slaughtering Sword Array, put his fingers together, and waved them in the air.

In just a flash, countless swords fell and cut thousands of Soul Demons into pieces. Black blood spilled and covered the sea. Even Numbered Soul Demons could not block the power of Tongtian’s swords.

Suddenly, the Sect Leader’s expression changed. He glanced around and saw that his surroundings were enveloped by dark clouds while terrifying demonic energy was sweeping toward him.

“Haha! You’re dead, old Daoist!” Greed Soul Overlord burst out laughing as he looked around excitedly.

In the distance, fearsome Soul Demons emerged and approached with great armies. Among them, the leaders’ aura towered into the sky and caused the sea to churn. Two more Soul Overlords had arrived—one was Gluttony Soul Overlord, and the other was Envy Soul Overlord!

The four Soul Overlords soon surrounded Tongtian. Yang Jian’s expression changed slightly, while the Sect Leader’s face grew grave. However, he made the four immortal swords float in midair.

“You’ve come at the right time. After becoming a Saint of the Great Path, I’ve not yet done any great deed that will go down in history. Today, I will kill you all to celebrate my breakthrough!” Tongtian roared and raised his hand. At the gesture, tens of thousands of swords rushed into the sky at once!

The four Soul Overlords howled, their voices causing the void to tremble.


“Kill the humans and devour their blood and flesh!”

“Let’s occupy the Ancestral Planet of mankind and summon the almighty Soul God!”

The four Soul Overlords roared, their auras joining and turning into a magical array. In the blink of an eye, the array collided with the Immortal Slaughtering Sword Array and evaporated a tremendous amount of water!

Tongtian’s face was dark and grave. The array formed by the four Soul Overlords was extremely powerful. Separated, he could kill each of them easily, but when they joined hands, their strength brought him tremendous pressure.

‘It seems I’ve come to a hopeless situation today! No wonder the three human emperors are willing to sacrifice their lives to guard the cave… These Soul Demons are really terrifying!’

Suddenly, Tongtian paused, while the four Soul Overlords narrowed their eyes. Together, they turned to look into the distance.

There, a great bird was flying over, moving across ninety thousand miles in a flash with every flap of its wings. Three figures could be seen sitting on its back.

“Hmm? Fellow Daoist Bu?” Tongtian raised his brows.

Yang Jian, on the other hand, sucked in a cold breath. ‘That evil man…’ Behind him, the eyes of the Celestial Dog, Howling, lit up with excitement.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on the Kun Bird’s back. The Empyrean Fairy stood respectfully at his side, while Nethery was eating a chunk of grilled Soul Overlord meat. He slowly raised his eyes and said, “Hmm… Four Soul Overlords. Looks like we’ll have a feast later.”

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