Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1654 - To Open a Branch in Kunlun

Chapter 1654: To Open a Branch in Kunlun

The water suddenly calmed down. Black blood flowed all over the sea, and among them were chunks of flesh.

The world fell silent. All the people were stunned by what they saw. The glint of the knife, the fearsome aura… With just one stroke, a Saint-level demon was slain!

“He wasn’t this strong when he fought God!”

“Is that Senior’s real strength? He’s so strong… so brutal!”

All the people were breathing fast and staring in disbelief at the scene. What could they say? They did not know what to say.

Bu Fang hovered in midair with his hands clasped behind him. The sky was overcast and heavy with rain. He opened his eyes and lifted a hand, and the chunks of flesh all flew up from the water.

In fact, they were still wriggling. Soul Overlords’ vitality was simply too strong, and they could not be wiped out easily. After all, they were comparable to Saints of the Great Saint. They were immortal, indestructible, and very difficult to annihilate.

However, those chunks of flesh could not join together now. Suddenly, Bu Fang snapped his fingers. The silver-red divine flame immediately spread around him, burning as it wrapped all the Soul Overlord flesh and brought them up into the sky.

Then, Bu Fang sat cross-legged down in midair, controlled those chunks of flesh with his will, and kept grilling them with the flames. They belonged to a Soul Overlord, and once cooked, they would become delicious Soul Overlord barbecue.

The Soul Overlord meat kept twisting in the flames as if emitting a silent roar. Bu Fang just looked indifferently at them. “Still don’t want to come out?” he muttered.

As soon as he said that, Bu Fang increased the flame’s temperature. After fusing with Suiren’s fire, the divine fire’s power had become very terrifying.

As the grilling continued, one twisting black soul after another flew out from the wriggling flesh. Those were Rage Soul Overlord’s true form. When Soul Thirteen was killed, he also had a true form like this.

The true form looked twisted—it was the source of the Soul Overlord’s immortality. As long as the true form escaped, he could find a new life form, possess it, and be reborn. Besides, the strength of the reborn Soul Overlord might not be weaker than before.

Bu Fang had activated his God of Cooking’s Eye, and he had been staring at Rage Soul Overlord’s true form, which made the true form afraid to show up. However, as the divine fire’s temperature increased, the Soul Overlord had no choice but to leave the flesh.

Suddenly, Qilin, who was lying in Bu Fang’s spirit sea, perked up and roared.

Over the vast ocean, the shadow of a Qilin emerged behind Bu Fang and swooped down. The Soul Demon’s true form wanted to flee in horror, but he was caught between Qilin’s jaws and was swallowed…

From that moment on, Rage Soul Overlord had fallen completely. Others might have difficulties in dealing with a Soul Overlord because they could not destroy the true form, but not Bu Fang. Qilin liked to eat Soul Demon’s true forms.

After losing the true form, the Soul Overlord flesh no longer moved. Under the grilling of the divine fire, it gradually cooked. A sizzling sound filled the air as the scales curled up, while grease began to spit and flow out of the meat.

A rich fragrance wafted across the air, and the overcast sky slowly became clearer. The meat crackled as Bu Fang continued to grill it. As Suiren said, the simplest, purest way to cook in the world was to grill. The smell emanating from the Soul Overlord meat after grilling was extremely tantalizing.

Nethery and the Empyrean Fairy landed beside Bu Fang. At this moment, the fairy no longer dared to be arrogant. ‘Too strong… This chef is too strong! He can kill even a Saint of the Great Path! How terrible is his strength?!’

In the distance, the villagers were somewhat confused. They could not understand why the old man had suddenly disappeared. Superhumans fell from the fighter jets and began to evacuate the villagers. The place was no longer suitable for living. If they continued to stay, the villagers would be killed when the Soul Demons invaded again.

In fact, the people of Dongshi Village were extremely lucky because they had Black Turtle with them. Countless villagers along the coast of Hua had been engulfed by the sea, and many seaside towns and cities were invaded by Soul Demons. Compared with the sad fate of those places, Dongshi was extremely lucky.

As the fragrance permeated the air, many people on the ground came to their senses. They began to call Black Turtle’s name, but he had already returned to where he belonged.

Bu Fang hovered in midair and glanced at these people with a complicated look on his face. He sighed, then took out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The blade flashed, and the grilled Soul Overlord meat was taken out. He removed the scales, then cut it into thousands of slices.

With a flick of his finger, the meat slices flew down and fell into the villagers’ hands. This was Bu Fang’s way of fulfilling his promise to Black Turtle.

Most of the energy in the meat slices had been suppressed by him, so the villagers could eat them. Once they ate the meat, their body constitution would be modified, allowing them to cultivate better on Earth with its spiritual energy recovered.

Erdan looked curiously at the thin slice of red meat in his hand. The fragrance wafted out of it and made his mouth water. He glanced at the sky—he could feel that the old man’s aura was in the sky. The old man was watching him from above.

He held up the meat, shoved it into his mouth, and began to chew. The meat melted as it entered his mouth, turning into a stream of light, which then burrowed into his body and spread through him.

The same thing happened to the other villagers. After eating the Soul Overlord meat processed by Bu Fang, they felt everything in front of them become much clearer. Some seriously ill villagers had all the disease in their bodies disappear at once, while the injured villagers had their wounds healed at this moment.

This was good fortune given to them by Black Turtle. The Empyrean Fairy looked enviously at the villagers. ‘Those are Saint-level meat, and even Immortals could not taste them… These mortals are so lucky!’

In midair, Bu Fang grabbed a chunk of Soul Overlord meat and took a bite. Grease spat as his teeth sunk into it, and the tender flesh immediately fell into his mouth, making him feel extremely pleasant.

It was delicious. Barbecue had a kind of unique flavor. Grilled with the divine fire, the skin of the Soul Overlord meat was crispy, but the meat inside was tender and pinkish. The juice of the meat was milky white, and when mixed with grease, it gave off a delicious fragrance.

Bu Fang feasted in midair. He felt very hungry at the moment. The hunger that came from his stomach made his body and soul tremble. The feeling was hard to put in words. It was as if all the cells in him were so dry that they needed to be nourished with an endless amount of energy.

It was only when all the Soul Overlord meat had entered his stomach that Bu Fang felt his hunger relieve a little. Many people were stunned as they watched him finish the Soul Overlord meat.

When he was full, Bu Fang calmed himself down, and his consciousness went into his spirit sea. The Artifact Spirits had all returned, which gave him a qualitative leap in strength. At this moment, his spirit sea that had quieted down after returning to Earth began to boil.

Vermilion Bird was ablaze with her wings spread, emanating a terrible aura. Gold Dragon was wheeling in the sky, his body emitting brilliant golden light. White Tiger lay in midair with a cocky look in his sharp eyes. Black Turtle had a snake wound around him as he submerged himself in the water. Qilin was burping in the middle.

The God of Cooking’s Menu hovered over the spirit sea, flashing with golden light. Above it was a golden divine power liquid drop, and the true form of Bu Fang’s divine sense sat cross-legged over both of them. The true form had become even more solid now and had almost taken a physical form.

Looking at the thriving spirit sea, Bu fang felt somewhat relieved. His return to Earth was to completely revive the Artifact Spirits, and he had done it at last.

At this point, Bu Fang knew that his time on Earth was almost over. Now, Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle, White Tiger, and Gold Dragon had all woken up from their sleep, and the power of the God of Cooking Sets had improved significantly.

Although his cultivation base was still at the level of a Divine Emperor, his fighting prowess was no weaker than a Heavengod-level expert.

On Earth, his power of Law was suppressed, so he could not use the five supreme Laws of the Universe, but he could feel that each awakened Artifact Spirit actually corresponded to a supreme Law. If they fused completely, he could definitely explode with unparalleled strength.

‘Attention, Host. The dormant Artifact Spirits have all awakened. Host now possesses the qualification to return. Does Host wish to activate the return?’ The System’s serious voice suddenly rang out in Bu Fang’s head.

Bu Fang slowly opened his eyes. A somewhat complicated look could be seen in them. He finally heard the System’s voice again after so long. He sighed. What had happened after he returned to Earth seemed like a dream. He had thought Earth was a simple world, but it was not simple at all.

Sitting cross-legged over the sea, Bu Fang sent out his divine sense, which enveloped half the world in a flash and brought back countless images to him. He fell silent.

“Return?” Bu Fang frowned. At this moment, his stomach rumbled, and a strong hunger came up from it, deepening his frown.

“No, I’m not in a hurry to return…” Bu Fang shook his head and rejected the System.

The System fell silent. The return was not compulsory and could be delayed temporarily. However, Bu Fang could not stay on Earth forever, unless he gave up on his dream of becoming the God of Cooking. There were still many things waiting for him to settle in the Chaotic Universe.

Stroking his rumbling stomach, Bu Fang grinned. He was not in a hurry to return. It was not easy for him to return to Earth, and he did not plan to leave just like this. He needed to leave his footprint on Earth.

He landed on the sea and walked up to Nethery and the Empyrean Fairy. The fairy looked at him respectfully—she could no longer be proud before Bu Fang.

Nethery stared at Bu Fang. A faint smile brushed his lips. With a flip of his hand, he produced a chunk of grilled Soul Overlord meat and gave it to her. He had saved one for her, even though he was still very hungry.

A happy smile came over Nethery’s face, and she excitedly took the meat.

The Empyrean Fairy looked enviously at Nethery. Suddenly, she froze, as she felt Bu Fang’s gaze rest on her. It made her shudder.

“Senior… Why are you looking at me like that?” The fairy’s heart skipped a beat. If Bu Fang wanted to kill her, it only required a thought, so she was very afraid.

Bu Fang stroked his stomach. It was rumbling, but he needed to do one thing first. “Bring me to Kunlun…” he said.

“What is Senior going to do in Kunlun?” The Empyrean Fairy was taken aback.

“To do a site survey. I plan to borrow a piece of land in Kunlun from the Queen Mother of the West and open a branch,” Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

“Hmm… Quickly lead the way. After I’m done with the survey, I need to help Tongtian to grill— Oh, to catch the Soul Overlord. I’m very busy,” Bu Fang said seriously, looking at the Empyrean Fairy. The Kun Bird on his shoulder spread its wing and gave a cry.

The Empyrean Fairy was flabbergasted.

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