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Chapter 1661 - Dual swords in one

Chapter 1661: Dual swords in one

Although there were no stars in the night sky on Taoxi road, the streets were still bustling with life.

“It’s cold outside, wear thicker clothes. ” Yuan Zhou said to Mao Ye.

Mao Ye was shocked at first, but he replied after he came back to his senses,”Ah, I see. Thank you, boss.”

The old drinker had told Mao Ye that he did not have to stay on the second floor all the time, because he was used to doing everything himself. Only when there were new guests in the tavern did he need to introduce various things.

However, Mao Ye was also very honest. He did not wait at the small pub but stood at the entrance of master chef Restaurant to see if the boss had any instructions.

“You’re sick, so you have to take sick leave. You’re still not feeling well, so take care of your health.” Yuan Zhou said.

Mao Ye quickly nodded, then paused before saying,”Boss Yuan, someone asked me to ask you a question.”

“What’s the problem?” Yuan Zhou asked.

“It’s the master chef Restaurant. Do you need a waiter? the kind that only works for free. ” Mao Ye said, a little embarrassed.

Yuan Zhou said,”you don’t want money and only want to work?” This isn’t an illegal shop, and two employees are enough. ”

Mao Ye nodded his head in embarrassment. Actually, this was a question that her roommate had been asking her for a long time.

In the beginning, Mao Ye did not understand why his roommate was willing to work as a shop assistant for free. After working here for a week, he roughly understood that this job was very popular and Mao Ye felt that he should work harder.

“I need to go out for a while,” Yuan Zhou said to Mao Ye.

“Okay, boss. I’ll take good care of the shop.” Mao Ye said immediately.

He was carrying a black technology thermal container in his hand. That’s right, it was the one provided by the system. Having just finished the phone call, Yuan Zhou knew that Xiao Ya was working overtime again and had no time to eat.

Working overtime and staying up all night for a long time was not good for the body either. But according to Yin ya, the Vice director of the company’s Secretary Department would retire at the end of this year. Therefore, she had a great chance to work hard and stay up all night while she was still young.

Yin ya’s words reminded Yuan Zhou of a saying on the internet. When one was young, one would exchange one’s life for money. When one was old, one would exchange money for one’s life. But if one didn’t have money, one wouldn’t even have the chance to exchange one’s life for money.

Another argument came. Was it that if one did not risk their life when they were young, they would not have to exchange their lives when they were old? Yuan Zhou couldn’t figure it out, but he still supported Yin ya to fight for this position. At the same time, he would cook a very nourishing soup for Yin ya, just like tonight. The peanut and papaya soup was in the thermal container.

Papaya soup could help clear heat. Staying up late would make one easily get heaty. Peanuts could also calm the liver and nourish the lungs, remove the bones and nourish the yin. Most importantly, the peanut papaya soup could improve the dryness of the skin. Yuan Zhou had done some research secretly and found out that girls staying up late were most afraid of having skin problems.

When Yin ya got off work and sent her home, it was already 11:30 by the time she returned to master chef Restaurant. Mao Ye had already tidied up in the pub and the customers left in twos and threes.

“Boss, I’ll get off work and leave.”

“Okay, be careful on the road.”

Another full day passed.

“Today, there are peanuts, papayas, and pork ribs.” Before Yuan Zhou went to bed, he took note of the ingredients used to make the soup today. In order to not let Xiao Ya get tired of drinking it, he tried to separate the ingredients and not repeat them.

One should know that Yuan Zhou was a man who had completely mastered Cantonese cuisine. Cantonese cuisine soup was known as “anything can be cooked”. It was too easy for him to not repeat it for one or two months.

“Do you really think you can lose weight by staying up all night? Little ya, you’re still too naive, hehehe. ” Yuan Zhou revealed a Devil King-like laughter and then fell asleep happily.

A new day arrived as scheduled.

For Wu Hai, the meaning of a new day was that he could go to the canteen to eat again.

Eaves Wu, when exactly is your art gallery opening?” A customer asked. This customer was a fan of Wu Hai. To be exact, he came here for the eaves of Wu’s door. But after seeing Wu Hai’s image … He was very disappointed. He was completely different from the gentlemanly and refined type he had imagined.

To be precise, the fan eater thought that the Black Beast was more like a professional rice bucket than a painter.

However, when the fan saw the monster eating picture, he was instantly shocked. This was a real artist!

“There’s still some time before the renovation is done. I thought of another idea the day before yesterday and asked the renovation Masters to change it for me. ” Wu Hai said.

“Um … Eaves Wu, the gallery has been renovated about seventeen or eighteen times.” The pink foodie asked.

Wu Hai said indifferently,”seventeen or eighteen times?” Wasn’t it normal for an Art Gallery to be renovated 40 to 50 times?“

” 40 to 50 times?” A drop of cold sweat dripped down the customer’s forehead.

Wu Hai said,”that’s what Jiawei told me. He said that many famous international art galleries have been modified 40 to 50 times. Therefore, he told me to think about it when I’m free and then modify it casually until I’m satisfied.”

Can be very strong, the painted fan foodie did not say anything more.

When the lunch was over, Wu Hai shouted to Yuan Zhou excitedly,””Let’s go, let’s go. ”

“I don’t know the place. I’ll wait for Mr. Zhao,” said Yuan Zhou.

“What do you mean by unknown place? with a little genius like me looking for directions, is there any place you don’t know?” What Wu Hai meant was to ask Yuan Zhou to go with him.

“Hehe.” Yuan Zhou could only reply with these two words.

Wu Hai tried to prove to Yuan Zhou that he was looking for the little prodigy Lu, but Yuan Zhou didn’t give him the chance.

About 10 minutes later, Zhao Lunze came and took over the statue of Dai Zong from Yuan Zhou. It was a sculpture of “Dai Zong laughs out loud in the temple of the mountain”. Zhao Lunze praised it again when he took it over. At this point, all 108 pieces were completed.

Zhao Lunze drove here, so they went straight to her private museum.

That’s right. Since the 108 swords were officially finished today and the audience had gone to master Cheng’s place, Yuan Zhou accepted Zhao Lunze’s invitation to visit the swords when he had free time.

It just so happened that Wu Hai knew about it and said he would come too. As a famous domestic artist, or even the most famous one, he was quite popular. Therefore, Zhao Lunze also formally invited Wu Hai on the spot.

Although it was a private museum, it was not small. Zhao Lun had even carefully divided it into several exhibition areas.

“Head chef Yuan and eaves Wu, please take a seat and have some tea. I’ll come back to accompany you after I’m done with the preservation work of this laughing at the ancestral mountain temple.” Zhao Lunze continued,”it might take a while. You two can also visit my private museum first. Head chef Yuan’s exhibition hall is on the other side. I will bring you there when I come.”

That’s right. Zhao Lunze had even built an exhibition area for Yuan Zhou’s sculptures.

“Yes, you go first. Business is more important.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

“Go ahead. Yuan … Yuan Zhou and I will take a look at it ourselves. We don’t need you to lead the way. Also, we don’t need to make tea. Anyway, your tea leaves are not as good as Yuan Zhou ‘s.” Wu Hai originally wanted to call him compass, but then he remembered that it wasn’t appropriate to call him that in front of outsiders, so he immediately changed it.

Zhao Lunze couldn’t help but smile wryly, but she didn’t refute him. She was also considered a tea aficionado. She had also ordered the salty and fragrant cold tea and the steamed tofu stir-fried with tea leaves in Yuan Zhou’s restaurant.

Strictly speaking, these two dishes were both Yunnan cuisines. The taste difference was very big. One used green tea while the other used PU ‘er. However, the common point of the two dishes was that the tea used was the F * cking best tea.

To be honest, if Zhao Lunze didn’t think that she had a low chance of winning, she would have exploded on the spot.

Actually, in Yuan Zhou’s opinion, he was just too anxious. One should know that there was another famous dish in Zhejiang cuisine called Longjing shrimp. This dish was created by Weng Shuping using the Longjing shrimp from before the Qingming Festival. According to the standard of ingredients provided by the system, Yuan Zhou felt that he might be surrounded and beaten up after this dish was served. Of course, it was still very safe for now.

“That’s good. ” Zhao Lunze was still holding the statue carefully in her hands, trying to do something to it.

Yuan Zhou felt that Wu Hai had learned some bad things from Lee Yanyi. He even knew how to scold people with his words. But then he thought that it didn’t seem to be the case. When it came to food, the Black Beast had always been very good at scolding people.

Wang Hong had once written that master chef Restaurant had four great Merman Vajra eating critics, the merman Vajra Lee Yanyi, the merman Vajra Chu Xiao, the data Merman Vajra Yu Chu, and the merman Vajra beast Wu Hai.

Soon, the two of them began to tour the private museum.

“You’re quite capable to have this thing. ” Wu Hai said while looking at a pen on display.

Without drawing, Yuan Zhou couldn’t tell what was so special about the pen, thus he waited for Wu Hai’s explanation.

“This kind of brush is called the drop of water and ink fragrance. I don’t know the specific process, but it’s said that it’s done by wrapping the ink stick in the brush handle. When you want to write, you can use a drop of water to produce the ink from the tip of the brush.” Wu Hai explained.

There shouldn’t be such an operation to wrap the ink stick in the brush. Yuan Zhou thought for a while and felt that this shouldn’t be the case for the ink-drop ink brush.

“I don’t know the details, but no one made the ink drop fragrance at the end of the Qing Dynasty. I’ve only seen it once. I didn’t expect it to be preserved here.” Wu Hai said.

Many skills had been eliminated by the advancement of technology, but they did have a purpose to be recorded.

After walking around for more than 40 minutes, Wu Hai recognized many things. Although Wu Hai seemed to be out of tune, as a painter, he actually knew a lot of things and was very knowledgeable.

Yuan Zhou also knew a lot of things. Many of them were told to him by Carpenter Lian and master flying finger.

Ten minutes later, Zhao Lunze came from behind.

“It’s already done?” Yuan Zhou asked.

“The preliminary preservation is done. It needs to be able to be preserved for a long time like those. There’s still a process that will take a few hours, so I can do it later.” Zhao Lun said.

It was really complicated. However, to preserve a radish sculpture for a few years or even longer, it would be strange if the craftsmanship was not complicated.

“How is it, head chef Yuan and Mr. Wu? is my private museum okay?” Zhao Lun asked.

Wu Hai asked,”it’s quite interesting. There are a lot of things like ink tools and ink brushes. Where did you find them?”

“I often go to mountain villages with inconvenient transportation to buy a lot of old objects.” Zhao Lun said.

It seemed that Zhao Lunze really regarded it as a career. Yuan Zhou felt that he had given the right statue.

“I heard that there was an old Carpenter who was recuperating in your province, but when I got there, he had already passed away. His family was packing up his belongings, many of which were very rare now. There was also a treasure chest.”

Zhao Lunze became serious when she talked about this.

“I wanted to buy it at that time, but the old Carpenter’s descendants said that they had to follow the old Carpenter’s will and burn all these things for him.”

Zhao Lun heaved a heavy sigh and said,””The old Carpenter’s children were very filial. In the end, I could only watch the treasure chest and many old objects turn into ashes in the fire.”

The treasure chest wasn’t a chest that contained many treasures. It was a type of ancient chest with many hidden compartments and layers. It was said that it had a high space utilization rate.

The main point was that every treasure chest had a different interior. Even in the entire country, there were less than ten of them.

This was truly a pity.

“This thing belongs to the old Carpenter, so he can handle it however he wants. But it’s really uncomfortable to see such an exquisite thing being burned.” Zhao Lun said.

It was hard to imagine why the old Carpenter would make such a choice. Most craftsmen hoped that their works would be passed down to the world.

“Alright, head chef Yuan, Mr. Wu, I will bring you to the exhibition area for the sculptures.” Zhao Lun chose to lead the way.

On the left side of the central axis of Yuan Zhou’s special exhibition area was a narrow room, but it was very long and a little like an alley.

When he opened the door, he could see that the exhibition area was well built. The entire wall was built in the shape of a sand plate, and the sand plate was an ancient landscape, battlefield, and building. 108 statues were placed in it, like a scroll.

“This place could be a tourist attraction.” Wu Hai observed it carefully,”this sculpture is really good. The strength and the conflicting scenes are too good. Except for Yuan Zhou, no one else in the world can have such carving skills.”

It was indeed a spectacular sight. Apart from Dai Zong, who had returned to his position, each of the one hundred dan seven generals had a story to tell. The background was decorated with flowers. This painting was magnificent.

“This exhibition area will probably be opened to the visitors the day after tomorrow.” Zhao Lun said.

“I suddenly have the urge to draw a picture of 108 people together.” Wu Hai suddenly said.

It was too difficult to present 108 people in different forms on a single painting.

Even with Yuan Zhou’s sculpture as the template, it was still too exaggerated.

However, Wu Hai started to dance with joy as if he was possessed. He even waved his hand in the air as if there was really a brush in his hand.

Then, he would imitate Yuan Zhou’s sculpting movements. For example, he would imitate Lu Zhishen’s action of uprooting a tree. But in fact, Wu Hai looked as if he was squatting in a pit.

Those who knew the cause knew that Wu Hai was imitating him. Those who didn’t know him might even think that he was a mental patient who ran out of a mental hospital after the rain wall collapsed.

“I’m going to go back and do some research. ” Wu Hai suddenly stopped and ran out with a Swoosh.

“Well …” Zhao Lunze disappeared before she could say anything.

“Director Zhao, you don’t have to be so surprised. Wu Hai often does that.” Yuan Zhou explained,”he’ll come back twice in a while.”

“You came back twice?” Before Zhao Lunze finished her words, Wu Hai had already run back.

“Don’t release this exhibition area yet. Wait until I finish painting and then release it at my art exhibition. Then, your exhibition area will be opened. By then, Yuan Zhou and I will be a pair of swords in a harmonious combination. Hahaha. ” Wu Hai said to Zhao Lunze after he ran back.

Without waiting for Zhao Lun to say whether she agreed or not, Wu Hai ran out again.

“It seems that the behavior of a genius is different from that of an ordinary person like me,” Zhao Lunze sighed.

That’s right. Zhao Lunze had always thought that Yuan Zhou was also a genius. That was why he was the only ordinary person in the room.

However, Wu Hai’s way of doing things was very good. If Wu Hai could really draw 108 generals, this painting would definitely shock the world’s painting industry.

If the prototype of this painting was released at the same time, its popularity would definitely be world-class.

After all, Wu Hai’s paintings were world-class while Yuan Zhou’s sculptures were also world-class.


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