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Chapter 1660 - High conference of famous chefs

Chapter 1660: High conference of famous chefs

Master Cheng was also an impatient person. To be exact, he felt that as long as it was about his master, he couldn’t delay for even a moment. After all, he had left the restaurant and arrived at the headquarters of the green Chef society.

If he didn’t have matters to attend to outside, Liao Yue, as the Executive Vice President, would almost always stay in the headquarters.

On the other hand, Wanli and Qin Kaili went to host the exchange meeting.

Upon hearing that master Cheng had arrived, Liao Yue hurriedly went out to welcome him. He led him to the living room and made a pot of good tea.

“I’ve already discussed the matter of the knife work observation group with master. ” Master Cheng went straight to the point.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you in the future, master Cheng.” After Liao Yue heard master Cheng’s words, he immediately thanked him,””Master Cheng, if you have any news, just let us know. Please make another trip.”

“Master’s matters are my matters. ” “It’s really the best decision that you’ve made to invite me to be the chairman of the green chefs ‘Association,” master Cheng said.”I’ve considered this point, so I’ll let you practice your cutting skills with me first.”

As the number one Yuan Chui, all the credit went to his master, just like this time.

Sure enough, Liao Yue was very touched when he heard this. The president took time out of his busy schedule to teach them, but they couldn’t keep up with the lessons themselves and even found another one.

Was there a better Chairman than Yuan Zhou in this world? In any case, Liao Yue had never seen it before. Therefore, he agreed with master Cheng’s words that finding Yuan Zhou to be the chairman was the best decision.

“We, the green Chef society, respect the president very much.” Liao Yue said.

“Mm, very good.” Master Cheng nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he told him about the things he was going to teach tomorrow, including plate presentation of Sichuan cuisine and some knife skills.

“I’m really grateful to be able to learn under master Cheng. ” “I’ll tell this to the head chefs in the club immediately,”Liao Yue said.

The gratitude in his tone was not fake. When someone taught you something and you did not pay anything in return, no matter what the purpose was, you should be grateful.

“It’s fine. Come to the Cheng family restaurant at the same time as you used to visit the master.” Master Cheng said.

“Then, master Cheng, is there anything we need to pay attention to?” Liao Yue asked.

“No, it’s still the same,” After saying that, master Cheng got up and prepared to leave.

Liao Yue sent him to the door and even prepared to drive him back to the Cheng family restaurant. However, master Cheng refused him decisively and took a taxi back to the restaurant.

On the way, master Cheng suddenly thought of something and returned to the headquarters of the Qing chef Association.

According to the thoughts of Liao Yue and the others, they definitely had to go and thank Yuan Zhou and make a big scene.

Therefore, the reason why master Cheng came back was to remind them not to make a scene.

Yuan Zhou was very busy this afternoon. The chefs of Jiangsu cuisine were also very busy.

In the largest conference hall of the Jiangsu cuisine Association, the director, Executive Director, Vice President, and honorary Vice president of the Association, as long as they were old-timers in the Association, were gathered.

“Elder Wang’s body is still very healthy.”

“I’m really looking forward to this year’s saber banquet. ”

“I wonder if I’ll have the chance to see the turtle soaring lion dance this year.”

“Of course. Head chef Wang Mingjie is very powerful. He has almost inherited Grandpa Wang’s legacy.”

When old man Wang pushed the door open and entered, most people stood up to greet him out of respect.

“Thank you for your concern. I can still be tough for a few more years.” Wang Huai said.

After he sat down, he greeted di Feng.

“Old Feng, where have you been recently?” Wang Huai said.

“I went overseas to eat some good food.” Di Feng laughed and said.

He was the only one who had sat down and greeted Wang Huai. Di Feng was also in his seventies this year, and his hair was all white. He and Wang Huai were chefs of the same era.

Old man di Feng, who was also fatty Liu’s Grand Master, was the founder of modern Jin Ling cuisine.

“I really envy you. You travel all over the country every month.” Wang Huai said.

“What’s there to be envious of? Mingjie can also afford to hold a knife now, so you can also play with me without restraint.” Old man di Feng said: “don’t worry too much. Even if the sky falls, there will be young people to hold it up. What are you worried about?”

“Not yet, I still have to look after him.” Wang Huai thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Give the young people more chances. If you don ‘t, how do you know it won’t work?” di Feng said.

The two of them had always had a huge dispute on this point. Old master di had already taught his restaurant and other things to his disciple when he was 60 years old. He had not asked about it for more than ten years.

As for old man Wang, even though his son, Wang Mingjie, was second only to the five tigers in su cuisine, he was still worried and was still supporting him.

“Okay, first of all, I would like to thank President hang for giving me this opportunity to invite the SU family’s master chef.” Old man Wang said.

“No,” hang Tian said.”Elder Wang has spoken. We have to listen.”

The conference room was relatively quiet. In front of old man Wang, Wang Jike would be very quiet.

“Many of the chefs present went to zhama banquet organized by head chef Yuan to watch the butcher dismembering an ox.” This was Wang Huai’s first sentence.

After that, the chefs who went there shared their thoughts in a low voice. Without exception, they all said that Yuan Zhou’s cooking skills were extraordinarily excellent.

“I’ve studied it many times, but I’ve never been able to get the hang of it. Head chef Yuan’s performance this time has raised the upper limit of our entire cooking industry.” Wang Huai said.

Old man Wang was very accurate. Before watching a butcher dismembering an ox, everyone had thought that the tortoise and lion dance was the ceiling of cutting skills. But now, everyone knew that there was still a way to go. Even if this path seemed unreachable, it was better than having no goal at all.

“Alright, I won’t beat around the bush. I’m going to present the knife King’s horizontal board to head chef Yuan.” “If any of the head chefs present have any objections,” Wang Huai added,”it’s very simple. Show us a knife skill that surpasses head chef Yuan ‘s.”

He went straight to the point.

The conference room fell into an extremely quiet atmosphere.

After more than 30 years of preservation, most of the chefs in the SU family regarded this plaque as the glory of su cuisine.

To put it simply, it was something that belonged to the chefs of Jiangsu cuisine. Now that it was suddenly going to be given to someone else, except for Wang Jike and a limited number of people who knew about this long ago, everyone in the front wanted to make a fuss.

However, Wang Huai’s last sentence caused all the different opinions to be stuck in their throats.

He had never seen the scene of the butcher dismembering an ox at zhama banquet. He had only learned about it through some videos or an episode of a program specially produced by Yangma.

Surpassing Yuan Zhou? this was the same as telling a small-time author that he had to surpass Victor Hugo in terms of the thickness of his article.

That’s Hugo, not an Apple!

She felt wronged, but she couldn’t say it.

“Old Wang, have you really made your decision?” Di Feng broke the silence in the meeting room.

“I’ve decided. ” Wang Huai nodded, then changed his tone and said,”Saber King, you’re not just a beautiful person. You’re also an encouragement to yourself.”

“If our Jiangsu cuisine chef can be on par with head chef Yuan, I will definitely keep the knife King’s board.”

“Because I’m also a chef of Jiangsu cuisine. I have my own selfish motives … I put the saber King’s horizontal board in the museum.”

Wang Huai spoke the truth. Previously, some Jiangsu cuisine chefs had some resentment in their hearts, but now, all of it had disappeared.

As Wang Huai had said, he was the one who had put the plaque there. Wang Huai was the one who felt the worst about taking the plaque out of the museum.

However, because he was Wang Huai, the person who created the knife school, he drove Wang Huai to do this. It sounded very stubborn, but as a master chef, he had his own insistence.

No one else had any more objections, so Wang Huai decided on this matter.

“Everyone will gather at the saber banquet in a few days. I’ll be going back first.” Old man Wang left.

“Sometimes, it’s not good to be too responsible.” Old man di Feng sighed and left after bidding farewell.

Di Feng knew that his Grand disciple Liu Li had learned cooking skills from Yuan Zhou. The appearance of a chef like Yuan Zhou would only bring benefits to the circle of chefs in China.

Then, the remaining head chefs all bade their farewells to Chairman hang Tian and left. A few minutes later, the previously lively conference hall was empty.

Old man Wang didn’t go home directly, but came to the Zhu garden.

The Zhu garden was a small Manor that Wang Huai had bought in his early years. The knife Department had been established here, and the first dish of the knife banquet had been cooked here by old man Wang. The current banquet dishes were prepared here.

When Wang Huai arrived, not many people greeted him. This was because the old master had specifically mentioned this once. When cooking, there was no need to stop and greet him. The food was the most important in front of the chef.

In ancient times, there had always been famous Qujiang banquet, Shaowei banquet, Kongfu banquet, and tan family’s dishes. However, those were all in the past. In the modern era, there were very few banquet dishes that were recognized by the public. Therefore, the old man Wang Huai’s creation of the Huai Dao banquet was a very impressive thing.

A few years later, the chef’s Alliance would be ranked as the top ten banquets of the new era, and the knife banquet would be ranked fourth.

The first place was “Yuan banquet,” the second place was the Cheng family banquet, which was known as the essence of Sichuan cuisine, and the third place was obvious.

“How are the preparations?” Old man Wang Huai waited at the side until a dish was ready.

“There’s no problem with the dishes, dad. Don’t worry. ” Wang Mingjie was in his forties and was still in the prime of his life.

“How’s your practice of the soaring turtle lion dance?”Wang Huai nodded.

“I’m 90% confident. ” Wang Mingjie said in a serious tone.

“Since we’re almost done with the preparations, then come with me to Rong city before the saber banquet.” Wang Huai said.

“How does a butcher dismembering an ox compare to your turtle-soaring lion dance?” Wang Mingjie asked. He knew about the plaque, so he asked.

“You can’t compare.” Wang Huai only said three words.

Wang Mingjie understood it. He didn’t say that he would win it back in the future, because Yuan Zhou was more than ten years younger than him. If he made progress, wouldn’t the others make progress as well? That was why this kind of thing was the most meaningless.

Wang Huai decided to go to Rong city the day after tomorrow. On one hand, he wanted to bring Wang Mingjie to broaden his son’s horizons. Well … It felt a little weird for a 40-year-old chef to see a 20-year-old head chef.

On the other hand, Wang Huai had also agreed to perform the turtle and lion dance for Yuan Zhou. He still remembered that.

The future Saber King, Yuan Zhou, was having a long conversation with Yin ya on the phone in Chengdu. As they hadn’t seen each other for a day, he missed her a little. He also had some questions to ask her.

The cooking mutual Summit had been put on the agenda. As for the specific planning, Yuan Zhou had no experience, so he had to ask someone with experience.

“First of all, blockhead, I don’t think the name cooking mutual Summit is a good one. Mutual assistance is mutual help. Although the purpose is that, I think all master chefs care about their face. If you participate in it and become the one being helped, many people might be a little unhappy.” Yin ya said.

It made sense. It would be fine if they were all familiar people, but if there were enemies at the summit, it would be disharmonious.

“That’s why I feel that the core of this famous chef Communication Conference is for the chefs to bring out their problems and communicate with each other. ” “And I think the mode of the high-level meeting can be changed from asking questions on the spot to collecting cooking questions in advance. This way, the effect of the meeting can be maximized,” Yin ya said.

While Yin ya was explaining, Yuan Zhou wrote everything down in his notebook. A professional was indeed a professional.

On the other side of the phone, Yin ya asked,”besides, blockhead, have you ever thought about it?” Is this meeting a registration or an invitation?”

“Xiaoya, which one do you think is better?” Yuan Zhou thought for a while but couldn’t figure out the reason.

“If it were someone else, they would only be invited. But blockhead, with your reputation in the cooking altar, you can use it as a registration. We can set up an official website and set up preliminary registration rules.” “Then this is related to publicity,” Yin ya said,”because this meeting must be known to the famous chefs on the fifth floor and above.”

“Yes, yes, I know.”


While Yuan Zhou was on the second floor, there was quite a commotion outside the restaurant.

“Hahaha, let’s barbecue it.” Wang Hong practically skipped his way to master chef Restaurant. He was extremely happy and excited.

When he arrived, he didn’t see Yuan Zhou. Therefore, he found Mao Ye and asked,””Little Mao, did boss Yuan go to prepare the ingredients for the BBQ?”

“No, the boss said that the rain will stop soon. We’ll still be opening the pub tonight.” Mao Ye said honestly.

“What the hell? it’s raining right now, and there’s only an hour left before the opening hours start. The rain doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter or stopping, so it’s definitely going to be a barbecue tonight.” Wang Hong wanted to eat roasted chicken wings.

“The boss said that the rain will stop in a while.” Mao Ye repeated, then ran away, ready to open a small bar.

Wang Hong couldn’t believe it. He had seven or eight weather apps on his phone, and all of them showed that there would be light rain until 3 or 4 am.

In fact, sometimes, after writing too much, one’s brain would become very stiff. No matter how many apps there were, their messages came from the weather Bureau, so it was useless.

Ten minutes later, Fang Heng and the others arrived. Wang Hong didn’t look good. After another ten minutes, the rain gradually became lighter. It stopped in about ten minutes before the pub started. After the last three times, the same scene happened again.

For the sake of grilling chicken wings, Wang Hong had really hit the south wall. He still didn’t turn back and wanted to hit it a few more times.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that boss Yuan is more accurate than the weather forecast every time.” Wang Hong wasn’t convinced. He made up his mind in the heart that he must see Yuan Zhou not allow him to do so even once!

The unconvinced Wang Hong had no choice but to leave. He would be infuriated if he stayed where he was and was mocked by the heavenly demon sect’s witch.

“Could the shop owner really have been a half fairy before? This calculation is too accurate. ” Mao Ye muttered in his heart, but his hands did not slow down at all. He cleaned up the rain on the second floor of the small Tavern and dried those that needed to be dried.

Then, the tavern officially opened for business.


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