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Chapter 1108 - A better memory  

Chapter 1108: A better memory

“Of course not every customer does that.” Yuan Zhou answered decisively. The head chefs and head chefs heaved a sigh of relief. It was true. How could they possibly order every dish that every customer ordered to such an extent? A person’s energy was limited. If they really did this, wouldn’t they be exhausted to death? While speaking, Yuan Zhou gasped for breath. What he said next made the head chef and the other head chefs dumbfounded. “I have divided the dishes into two flavors. One is the basic taste, which is recorded in my notes. This is based on the average taste of ordinary people.” Yuan Zhou paused for a moment and continued,”the other is what I call my personal taste. There are no two leaves that are exactly the same in the world. Similarly, no one has the same taste. Even if everyone likes spicy food, the degree of spiciness is different.” There was no dispute about this point. Everyone had different taste buds. As for the basic taste and the personal taste, they were all categorized by Yuan Zhou himself. It could be said that he had a lot of good taste. “So, if the first time a customer comes, it’s the basic taste. Then, the second time, we should record the personal taste of the customer.” “For example, if you eat lightly, reduce the salt, soy sauce, and other ingredients on the basis,” said Yuan Zhou. “It’s my principle to make the same but different food according to the customers “taste.” Yuan Zhou said. After Yuan Zhou said that, it was as if a silence bomb had been placed on the spot. There was dead silence instantly. Yuan Zhou answered Zhou Shijie’s question seriously and didn’t try to act cool. With Yuan Zhou’s talent, he was able to tell the saltiness of the customers the first time they came here. However, no matter how low-key they were, they were still dazzling. To say nothing of others, those who could come to Taoxi road to participate in the ceremony were at least famous. It was rare for them to cook personally. At head chef Mei’s level, she did not even know how to make a menu. Therefore, what Yuan Zhou said just now was simply a fantasy in comparison. “Head chef Yuan, you must be joking. Although your restaurant is small, the number of customers you have in a year is uncountable. It’s impossible to remember everyone’s personal taste, right?” A certain head chef said. What this head chef said was the most reasonable way of thinking. If it wasn’t Yuan Zhou who said that just now, everyone would have thought that he was simply talking nonsense. “I think head chef Yuan is talking about regular customers.” Wei He stepped forward to smooth things over.”It’s like the taste of a regular customer who has been here seven or eight times.” “It’s not like that. I think little Yuan is telling the truth. ” Zhou Shijie frowned as he recalled something. He said,””I still remember that it was the second time I came to the restaurant to eat. I felt that the food was better. Now that I think about it, it should be more to my taste.” “Now that I think about it, it seems to be true. The second time was better than the first time. Speaking of food quality, it’s impossible to improve so much in such a short time. In that case, it must be more to the taste.” Zhang Ye thought about it and felt that it was the case. In fact, Zhang Yan and Zhou Shijie didn’t say that on purpose to support Yuan Zhou. In fact, it was because of their trust in Yuan Zhou and Yuan Zhou’s adjustment to his personal taste that the dish would indeed be better. That was why he had the illusion. “Regarding this point, I think master Cheng should have the most right to speak.” “Before that, master Cheng has been observing little Yuan for quite some time,” Zhou Shijie said. “I can see it clearly. Even for the same dish, the chef will cook it differently for each customer. He will only use a simple egg-fried rice. If the rice is a little harder, the egg-fried rice will be cooked a little later.” Master Cheng answered. The diners who were the onlookers also emerged and gave their own examples. If they didn’t mention this, they wouldn’t have thought of it. Once they mentioned it, there were a bunch of examples. With the approval of the two chairmen and master Cheng, the customers wouldn’t be fooled even if the three of them helped to cover for him. The customers ‘comments were like a mirror to a chef. Whether it was delicious or not, one would know by looking at the customers’ comments. “Head chef Yuan has subverted my world view time and time again.” Even though yang Shuxin was not a chef, he was still shocked beyond words. “Personal taste and basic taste, it’s a really amazing way to classify them. At the same time, I believe that only people who are extremely serious about cooking can do this.” Cao zhishu felt that he had been too stupid to compete with such a person. “Originally, I came here to exchange my experience with boss Yuan. Now that I have, I can’t use any of them.” A certain head chef sighed. “Believing is one thing, accepting is another.” Wei He, who had just helped to smooth things over, muttered to himself.”How could his memory be this good?” “Because I might not have anything else to do other than cooking.” Yuan Zhou thought for a while and gave an explanation. Yuan Zhou continued,”I put all my energy into this line of work. Besides, my memory is slightly better than ordinary people ‘s.” He really focused all his energy on cooking. Strictly speaking, Yuan Zhou didn’t have any living time or personal time. Simply put, Yuan Zhou’s personal time was also used to improve his cooking skills. It was just that Yuan Zhou’s explanation was not convincing at all. A better memory? How could this be described with a single point? everyone ridiculed in their hearts. The shock they had received today was simply too great. First, it was a notebook with more than six million words, and then it was the taste of all the diners. Any of these two things would be a monster for a chef. However, the combination of the two things was equal to Yuan Zhou ‘s, because even the monster couldn’t do it, only Yuan Zhou could. The next step was to get to know each other and greet each other. With the two guild leaders leading the way and the escort of recruiting girls, it was very successful. At around 4:30 in the afternoon, the guests slowly dispersed. After the distinguished meeting ended, it was time for master Cheng to see the real ‘token’. “This box is my notes.” Yuan Zhou pointed at a small paper box placed on the stairs. “Thank you, master.” Master Cheng expressed his thanks delightedly. Master Cheng went up and carried it up. It was full of notebooks with serial numbers. After a rough glance, he found that there were 54 notebooks, which were almost all the techniques of Yuan Zhou’s research on Sichuan cuisine. The contents of the notebook were accumulated over the years, but the serial number was added by Yuan Zhou yesterday. It was really tiring to write so much. “I will definitely finish reading master’s notes.” Master Cheng nodded his head solemnly and promised again and again. “A chef needs to have his own style, so reading it is just for you to have something to reference, not for you to change your style and be completely like me.” Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then instructed. “Yes.” “Master, I have to go back to the restaurant to deal with some things,” master Cheng said. “Yes, go ahead.” Yuan Zhou agreed and saw master Cheng off. Not long after that, Chairman Zhang Yan left, leaving only a few people in the restaurant. “Chairman Zhou, may I ask you a question?” Yuan Zhou suddenly said. “What’s the problem?” Zhou Shijie said. “Chairman Zhou must have taken in many disciples. What are the conditions for them to finish their apprenticeship?” Yuan Zhou asked. ……

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