Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 520 - Is Lin Yiqian The Child's Mother?

Chapter 520: Is Lin Yiqian The Child’s Mother?

But, how could Song Changwen know about it?

Lin Yiqian kept asking herself the question repeatedly as she walked to the couch. “Mother, why are you home this early today?” She asked Song Changwen.

In her mind, she wanted to ask her why she was home at all.

However, Lin Yiqian definitely could not ask the question so directly. It would be too obvious she was trying to make the point of not welcoming Song Changwen.

Finally, Song Changwen shifted her gaze away from Xiaoyu to Lin Yiqian. “It’s dinner time. Of course, I am here for dinner,” Song Changwen said coldly.

She did not mention Xiaoyu at all.

Lin Yiqian could not help but find it even weirder. Based on Song Changwen’s usually straightforward and cut-throat attitude, she would have spoken her mind openly if she found out that Xiaoyu was her grandson.

If she knew Lin Yiqian was his mother, she would have asked Lin Yiqian about it directly. In fact, she would accuse Lin Yiqian of stealing her son’s sperm and perhaps much harsher words.

On the other hand, even if she did not know that Lin Yiqian was Xiaoyu’s mother, she would still ask Lin Yiqian about it openly. After all, for a family like theirs, having children out of wedlock was not something unusual. The most important point was that Song Changwen never thought of Lin Yiqian in good light anyway.

Therefore, Song Changwen would definitely not care about Lin Yiqian’s feelings. Perhaps, she might even wish that Lin Yiqian would divorce her son after finding out that she had become Xiaoyu’s stepmother.

In such a case, Song Changwen would be able to fulfill her wish of having Xi Xia as her daughter-in-law.

After considering all these thoughts, Lin Yiqian concluded that Song Changwen most probably did not know that she was Xiaoyu’s mother.

In spite of that, Lin Yiqian still felt that Song Changwen was treating Xiaoyu in a very unusual way.

Finally, with the onset of a headache after racking her brain, Lin Yiqian decided not to think about it anymore. Instead, she would continue to observe them.

“Xiaoyu, let’s go upstairs to get changed before we come down for dinner, alright?” Lin Yiqian smiled at Xiaoyu as she spoke.

She needed to give this little bastard a pep talk so that he would not spill the beans.

“Alright.” Xiaoyu obediently got up from Song Changwen’s lap.

When Song Changwen saw how obediently Xiaoyu reacted by walking over to Lin Yiqian and holding her hands, she was a little worried that Xiaoyu might have behaved in such a way because he was terrified of Lin Yiqian.

However, she kept quiet and watched as Lin Yiqian led Xiaoyu upstairs. Only when they had completely disappeared around the corner did she look away.

Song Changwen was still in disbelief that she had become a grandmother.

“Chief Song, why are you here again?”

Gu Nianshen looked guiltily inside the house as he stood by the door. He was being cautious as he had heard the sound of a cartoon being played when he entered the house.

Surprised to find Song Changwen sitting on the couch whilst daydreaming, he slowly walked inside and looked around.

Right then, he noticed packets of snacks on the coffee table.

The cartoon was still being played on the television. Was this not what the child would usually watch?

“Aren’t you my son? Isn’t it normal for me to visit you at your place?” Song Changwen fumed.

“It’s normal.” Gu Nianshen came back to his senses as he walked over to Song Changwen before sitting down next to her.

Just as he reached for the snacks on the coffee table, Song Changwen began to speak. “Who is the child’s mother?”

She was clearly speaking much softer than before.

Gu Nianshen was stunned for a moment as he immersed himself in guilt. After a long while, he finally turned to look at Song Changwen. He was aware that she had found out about Xiaoyu’s identity.

“Mother, what are you talking about?” Gu Nianshen pretended to be clueless.

“I’ve already found out that Xiaoyu is your son. Stop acting dumb.” Song Changwen snorted as she lifted her chin. “Don’t ask me how I found out. Answer my question.”

Gu Nianshen refused to answer.

After Song Changwen looked up at the second floor, she moved closer to Gu Nianshen. “Is Li Yiqian the child’s mother?” She asked in a very soft voice.

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