Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 519 - A Grandmother's Concern

Chapter 519: A Grandmother’s Concern

On the way home, Lin Yiqian asked the driver to stop five times in total. Each time, she got out of the car to buy food.

When they arrived home, the passenger’s seat was fully stocked with food.

Once the car had been parked, Lin Xiaoyu took off his own seat belt swiftly. In a swift motion, he made his way out of the car before opening the door to the passenger’s side in front.

Almost immediately, he began carrying the stuff on the seat away and onto the ground.

Once he had moved everything out, Xiaoyu closed the door before picking the heaviest box with cartons of milk inside and lifting it up.

“Mommy, I’ll carry this. You can carry the rest,” he said to Lin Yiqian before turning around and walking toward the house.

However, the box of milk was much too heavy for Xiaoyu at his age. Whilst walking, he stumbled from one side to the other.

Lin Yiqian immediately picked up the other stuff on the ground before running after him. “You can’t hold the weight. Come on, let’s switch.”

She attempted to exchange a bag of snacks for the box in his hands.

However, Xiaoyu did not give in. “I’m a man. Of course, I can carry this.”

As he spoke, he even raised one hand to tap on his chest. “See, I’m strong.”

Before he could even finish speaking, the weight of the milk took him down to the ground.

Instantly, Xiaoyu’s plump little body toppled over and rolled over the milk cartons on the ground.

Lin Yiqian winced with mixed feelings. “See, what did I tell you? Give it to me.”

Lin Yiqian was about to pull Xiaoyu up when she suddenly heard Song Changwen’s voice from the house. “Lin Yiqian, what are you doing?”

There was a sense of urgency in Song Changwen’s voice.

Surprised, Lin Yiqian turned her head around to see Song Changwen running out with her slippers on. “Mother?”

Why was she here?

As Song Changwen got closer, she ignored Lin Yiqian and instead went over to Xiaoyu to pick him up. “Did you get hurt?”

She seemed genuinely concerned.

“Beautiful Grandmother.” Lin Xiaoyu was overjoyed to see Song Changwen. “It doesn’t hurt at all. Xiaoyu is a big man,” he said whilst shaking his head.

He was a child who behaved like an adult.

With his eyes glistening, his round face made it seem as if he was made of dough.

“Look at you. Such a good boy,” Song Changwen said before pinching his cheeks affectionately.

‘This… This doesn’t look right!’

Lin Yiqian began to feel insecure as she observed the way Song Changwen interacted with Xiaoyu.

Meanwhile, Song Changwen was paying full attention to Xiaoyu and had completely ignored Lin Yiqian.

“Where have you been today?” Song Changwen began carrying Xiaoyu into the house.

“I went to work with Mommy today. Mommy brought me to eat a lot of nice food earlier,” Xiaoyu answered honestly.

As he spoke, he turned his head around and pointed at the bags of food in Lin Yiqian’s hands.

Only then did Song Chang turn around to look at Lin Yiqian. However, it was only a brief glance.

“Do you like eating all of that?” She asked affectionately as she looked at Xiaoyu.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“In that case, I will buy them for you next time.”



Lin Yiqian, on the other hand, had not moved an inch as she listened to the conversation between Song Changwen and Xiaoyu. She would soon not be able to hear them as they had walked far ahead of her.

Feeling insecure, Lin Yiqian shook her head.

‘This isn’t right.’ Her mother-in-law should not be treating Xiaoyu like this.

As she thought of this, Lin Yiqian hurriedly ran after them.

She did not even bother picking up the milk cartons that had fallen to the ground.

By the time she made it inside, Song Changwen had already taken Xiaoyu’s shoes off. They both now sat on the couch while Song Changwen searched for cartoon shows on the television for Xiaoyu using the remote control.

The scene was heart-warming to look at. It felt almost like a grandmother was looking after her grandson.

In all honesty, was that not the case?

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