Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 517 - Whose DNA Do These Belong To?

Chapter 517: Whose DNA Do These Belong To?

However, due to the incident that had shocked the entire nation of America, Seven had completely disappeared from the hacking industry as well as Night Forest Kingdom.

There were rumors that someone had secretly assassinated him. After a while, there was no longer any news about him.

To Gu Nianshen’s surprise, one of the most well-known hackers in the world was now working for a celebrity.

This explained why nobody could ever successfully acquire information about Catwoman after all these years. It also explained why various news titles would appear whenever there were rumors about Catwoman.

Who exactly was this woman?

With such a background, it was unlikely that she had any ulterior motive. Perhaps, what happened five years ago was only a coincidence after all?

If that were the case, why did the kid appear in front of him five years later?

Moreover, the child would not stop bugging him and kept forcing him to be his father.

If somebody had ordered him to behave as such, what was their objective?

Unable to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, Gu Nianshen rubbed his forehead. “Keep investigating. Find a way to break in,” he ordered coldly.

He did not believe there would be information which he, Gu Nianshen, could not access.

“Yes, sir!”


When it was time for her afternoon tea, Song Changwen picked up the cup of coffee her secretary had left for her. After giving it a sniff, she put it down as it was still far too hot.

Suddenly, someone knocked on her door. “Come in.” She looked up.

“Lao Hu, what’s the verdict?” Song Changwen stood up nervously when she saw who walked in.

The man who seemed to be around her age held a brown envelope in his hand. Before answering Song Changwen, he closed the door behind him.

“Have a look for yourself.” He then turned around and handed her the envelope.

Once Song Changwen had the envelope in her hands, she hurriedly opened it. There was a DNA report inside. After briefly scanning through the test results, her gaze landed upon the final line of text.

When she saw that there was a ninety-nine percent compatibility rate, her hands trembled, nearly causing the lab report to fall to the ground.

With a mixed look of nervousness and excitement, Song Changwen looked up at the middle-aged man who stood across her. “Lao Hu, this…”

“This means there is a ninety-nine percent likelihood that they are father and son,” Lao Hu said confidently.

“Are… Are you sure there isn’t any mistake?” Song Changwen’s eyes were now wide open as she spoke with trembling lips.

“Do you think I might make such a mistake?”

Song Changwen stopped speaking after being asked the question.

As Lao Hu was her friend of several decades, and also had decades of experience in the medical field, he would definitely not have made a mistake.

However, if that child really was Gu Nianshen’s son, did it mean he was her grandson?”

“Whose DNA do these samples belong to?” Lao Hu asked.

Song Changwen chose not to tell the truth. If Xiaoyu really was Gu Nianshen’s son, it meant he was an illegitimate child.

Avoiding Lao Hu’s question, Song Changwen placed the DNA lab report back into the envelope. “I have something urgent to attend to. I shall leave now.”

After taking a few steps away, she turned around to look at Lao Hu. “Lao Hu, you must not tell anyone about this.”

Then, she turned around and continued to walk toward the door before opening it.

To her surprise, Xi Xia was standing right by the door. Subconsciously, she raised her other hand so that both her hands were holding the envelope simultaneously.

“Xi Xia, why are you here?” Song Changwen smiled almost instantly.

Only then did she notice the insulated food container in Xi Xia’s hand.

“Aunt Hong asked me to deliver this soup to you. Since I was out for a walk anyway, I came over to drop this off,” Xi Xia said calmly.

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