Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 516 - Catwoman Has Ties To Night Forest Kingdom

Chapter 516: Catwoman Has Ties To Night Forest Kingdom

Lin Yiqian was speechless.

Xiaoyu always found ways to trick women into adoring him.

Such a shameless little jerk.

However, Lin Yiqian was equally surprised by how her usually cold and arrogant mother-in-law suddenly treated a child with this much patience and affection.

Could she have found out about Xiaoyu’s identity?

As soon as the thought arose, Lin Yiqian began to feel uncomfortable.

She wondered why Bai Se had been so busy lately.

Perhaps, she needed to reduce his workload so that he could pay more attention to Xiaoyu.


After breakfast, when Song Changwen had to leave for work, Lin Xiaoyu was still unwilling to let her leave.

In the end, he insisted on seeing her off by walking her to the door and watching her leave on the top of the stairs.

As soon as Song Changwen entered the car, she waved at Xiaoyu. “I’m going to work.”

“Goodbye, Grandmother.” Xiaoyu waved back at her.

The way Xiaoyu addressed Song Changwen left her stunned. As she looked at the tiny and plump figure at the top of the stairs, a familiar image appeared in her mind.

‘Goodbye, Mommy.’

Meanwhile, Lao Si had already turned on the engine.

Only when the car had made the turn to exit the courtyard did Song Changwen look away from the window. There was still a smile on her face.

Lao Si glanced at her through the rearview mirror. “Sister Wen, why are you treating that child especially well?”

“Go to the Shanghai Hospital,” Song Changwen said without answering his question.

“Do you feel unwell?” Lao Si turned to look at her nervously.

“Something doesn’t feel right in my heart.” Song Changwen sighed as she shifted her gaze to the view beyond the window.

Seeing how solemn she appeared, Lao Si stopped himself from asking further.


Lin Yiqian brought Xiaoyu upstairs with her to get her purse before heading downstairs together.

At first, she thought that Gu Nianshen would have left. To her surprise, he was still standing by the door. “Why haven’t you left yet?” She asked curiously.

“I’m waiting for you!” Gu Nianshen replied energetically before lowering his gaze to look at Xiaoyu. “Are you taking this fellow with you to the office?”

What did the child do to get Lin Yiqian’s to like him this much?

Did someone teach him tricks to make Lin Yiqian like her?

The more Gu Nianshen thought about it, the more insecure he felt.

In his mind, he was trying very hard to come up with a reason to get rid of the child. He would not allow him to continue interacting with Lin Yiqian like this.

“If I don’t take him with me, will you take him with you?” Lin Yiqian asked all of a sudden.

“Why should I?” Gu Nianshen raised his voice as he was taken by surprise.

Then, he glared at Lin Xiaoyu before hurrying down the stairs.

For some reason, Lin Yiqian found Gu Nianshen’s behavior oddly suspicious.

Had he taken the wrong sort of medicine today?

Meanwhile, as soon as Gu Nianshen got into his car, he dialed a number on his phone. “Is there any development in what I asked you to investigate?”

After asking the question, he looked in the direction where Lin Yiqian and Lin Xiaoyu were walking into the garage.

Gu Nianshen was feeling extremely insecure.

“It seems that Catwoman has someone very powerful protecting her privacy. Apart from Na Wa, it’s possible that nobody else has seen her without her mask. Besides, her civilian information in America has an added layer of security. Our technological experts are still finding ways to break through the firewall,” the person on the other end of the call answered respectfully.

“However, we do have some important news.”

“What is it?” Gu Nianshen peered his eyes.

“There’s a famous hacker named Seven in Catwoman’s team who once worked for Night Forest Kingdom.”

As soon as Gu Nianshen heard the name, his facial expression changed.

To his knowledge, Seven once hacked the back-end servicing operations of America’s biggest financial conglomerate, which had caused billions of losses within minutes.

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