Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 50 - This is the Last Time I’m Calling You Changlin

Chapter 50: This is the Last Time I’m Calling You Changlin

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Lin Yiqian hesitated for a moment before she sent her next message. “Alright then. That will be the last time I’m calling you Changlin.”

After sending the message, she put the phone down and walked over to the balcony as she stared into the pitch-black sky.

Despite her straightforward attitude, Lin Yiqian still felt a tinge of sadness as if she had to give up something dear to her.


Song Changlin froze when he saw Lin Yiqian’s reply. In an instant, he seemed to have zoned out as he began to stare blankly ahead.

“Small Uncle, what’s wrong?” Gu Nianjia asked.

Song Changlin raised his head to look at Gu Nianjia after his thoughts were interrupted. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he grabbbed Gu Nianjia’s hand. “Nianjia, I’m taking you home.”

As he spoke, he was already dragging her to the door.

Gu Nianjia was in a state of shock. Thus, she did not know how to respond.

All of a sudden, an old woman’s voice could be heard from the second floor. “Changlin, you’ve just returned. Don’t tire yourself. Besides, I have not seen Nianjia for a long time. Let her accompany me for a few days.”

She spoke with a firm tone.

Changlin began to recollect himself. He then looked at the old woman who was standing at the staircase as a smile appeared on his face. “Alright.”

He let go of Gu Nianjia’s hand as he walked back to his seat.

Gu Nianjia followed right behind him. Once the old woman had gone up to the second floor, she sat down next to Song Changlin. “Were you trying to see Lin Yiqian by sending me home?” She asked with a whisper.

While he did not deny her accusation, a smile appeared on his face. “When have you become this smart?”

“Even Grandmother could tell. Why can’t I?” Gu Nianjia said with a pout.

“Are you saying that grandmother is not as smart as you?” Song Changlin raised his brows.

He was intentionally changing the topic. However, Gu Nianjia would not allow him to as she wrapped her arms around him. “Small Uncle, please stop liking that woman. Let her trouble my brother instead.”

“Am I more important than your brother?” Song Changlin asked as he chuckled.

“Of course.”

“My brother is always bullying me. He does not treat me like his sister,” she added.

Gu Nianshen had actually left her behind at the airport and he took the annoying woman home instead.

“Nianjia… ” Song Changlin suddenly said with a deep tone.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Nianjia seemed confused.

“Please be nice to Yiqian. She’s your sister-in-law… ” Song Changlin nearly choked when he said the final word.

He was tearing up all of a sudden.

Gu Nianjia could see the tears in his eyes as her own eyes started to fill with tears. She did not know how to make him feel better. Therefore, she gave him a hug instead.

“Small Uncle, please don’t be sad. There are many more fishes in the sea. I will introduce a few of my classmates to you,” Gu Nianjia said as she took her phone out and sent several Wechat contacts to Song Changlin. These were all her female classmates.

Song Changlin did not want Gu Nianjia to feel depressed. Hence, he sat down on the couch and went through the women’s profiles one at a time.

Gu Nianjia sat close to him as she introduced each of them. “This is my roommate. Her parents own a coal-mining company.”

“And this one. Her parents are teachers. She has a great personality.”

“This one is pretty good too…”


Lin Yiqian accidentally finished half of the box of chocolates. Therefore, she did not go downstairs for dinner. Instead, she immediately started working after taking a shower.

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