Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 49 - Chocolates from a Dog

Chapter 49: Chocolates from a Dog

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What was the dog doing with a box of chocolates in front of her door?

“Xiaoxiao?” Lin Yiqian asked with a confused frown on her face.

Gu Xiaoxiao left the box of chocolates on the floor as it immediately charged to the floor below.

What was the meaning of this?

As the dog disappeared out of sight, Lin Yiqian turned to look at the box of chocolates on the floor.

Xiaoxiao did not know her very well. It would not deliver chocolates to her for no reason. Could the fellow have asked it to send them over?

That was not possible…

Lin Yiqian was still pondering when an angry man’s voice was heard from the direction of the staircase. “I gave them to you. What right do you have to give it away to someone else?”


Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Gu Nianshen helplessly as it howled.

It was Gu Nianshen who had asked it to do his bidding.

Lin Yiqian was speechless.

Gu Nianshen would rather give the chocolates to the dog than to her.

Lin Yiqian was about to toss the chocolates away when suddenly her phone in the bathroom started to ring. She immediately went in to pick it up. It was a call from Bai Se.

She brought the phone to her ear.

“Are you home?” Bai Se asked.

“I…” Lin Yiqian was about to say that she had arrived safely. However, a smirk suddenly appeared on her face as she walked closer to the door. “Yes, I have just arrived at home. I am now eating chocolates from a dog. It’s from the Qian Si brand of chocolates. They’re delicious!”

Gu Nianshen overheard Lin Yiqian as he stepped into the study. Hence, he immediately frowned.

‘Chocolates from a dog?!’


Lin Yiqian did not feel comfortable talking to Bai Se while she was at home. Therefore, she quickly hung up after they were assured of each other’s safety.

As she sat herself down on the couch, she looked at the box of chocolates in her hand. She hesitated for a moment before deciding to eat it.

Since she had already brought the box of chocolates into her room, she might as well eat the chocolates.

As soon as she placed one of the chocolates in her mouth, a Wechat notification could be heard from her phone. She was stunned when she saw that it was a message from Changlin.

Changlin had sent her his location at the Song family’s suburban villa.

Lin Yiqian placed the remaining half a piece of chocolate in her mouth before picking the phone up to reply to Song Changlin’s message. “Oh, you’re back?”

“Yeah,” Changlin replied.

“It’s about time you came back. Your mother is getting old. You should spend more time with her.”

In that instant when she saw the message from Song Changlin, an image of Gu Nianshen’s hand wrapped around her neck appeared in her mind. It was as if he was warning her against doing something.

Lin Yiqian suddenly had the thought of ignoring Song Changlin.

‘Lin Yiqian, that’s Song Changlin. Song Changlin. Have you really gone mad because of Gu Nianshen?’

Song Changlin very quickly replied. However, he did not continue with Lin Yiqian’s topic. “There seems to be more stars in the country.”

Stars? The weather seemed awful when she had arrived home. There were even strong winds with signs of rain. Were there stars?

Lin Yiqian wondered as she peeked out of the window. It was pitch black outside and not a single star could be seen.

“It’s going to rain tonight. How could there be visible stars?” She asked.

“Is that so?” Song Changlin replied with an added emoji of a confused expression.

“Song Changlin, you are terribly lame.” Lin Yiqian frowned.

The conversation was obviously getting awkward.

“Why aren’t you addressing me as your uncle?” Song Changlin did not stop replying to her messages.

Although he was trying to lighten up the mood, it did not seem to be working.

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