Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 492 - They Were Not Merely Childhood Friends

Chapter 492: They Were Not Merely Childhood Friends

As Madam Song spoke, she picked up two broken pieces from the pots and hurled them at Lin Yiqian.

Instead, the two security guards were closer to getting hit by the flying broken pot as Lin Yiqian was standing much further away.

When the broken pieces of the pots fell to the ground, they broke into even smaller pieces all over the room.

Agitated, Madam Song picked up another piece of the broken pot and hurled it to the ground.

The office looked a mess right then.

A fierce look appeared on Lin Yiqian’s face as she decisively picked up the phone and made a call. “This is CBD’s Lin Quan building. I’m calling from the CEO’s management office. There are trespassers who are now damaging our property.”

Lin Yiqian thought to herself that she should have hired more security guards.

Seeing Lin Yiqian calling the cops, Song Feifei called out to the strong men around her whilst covering half of her face. “Snatch her phone away and attack her directly. Whoever hits her the most harshly will get paid with extra cash.”

Hearing this, the strong men approached Lin Yiqian and took the phone away from her.

Lin Yiqian moved to the back of her seat and grabbed the top of her chair with both hands.

She still seemed calm.

In her heart, Lin Yiqian was unaware that she needed to seem composed and not show her weakness in front of the Song family.

“Hurry up, come over here and protect Chief Lin.”

The secretary had gathered all the employees in the building. Even the cleaning lady had been summoned.

There were nearly twenty of them in total.

However, not even two of each of those staff could fight against one of those strong men Song Feifei had brought over.

Madam Song glanced at the group of people summoned by the secretary and smirked. “Is this all you have?”

Song Feifei laughed along. “Absolutely pathetic. You are only still here because of the three hundred million Brother Nianshen has sponsored you with. How could you still call yourself a chief with these few employees?” She crossed her hands in front of her chest and tutted as she shook her head. “Do you think Brother Nianshen will always be able to protect you?”

“I don’t believe you are more important than Xiaxia in his heart.” Song Feifei snorted. “Destroy everything in this room,” she ordered.

The strong men did not hesitate at all. First, they picked up Lin Yiqian’s computer and tossed it onto the floor.

They then shoved everything on the desk onto the floor.

The scene was even more frightening than loan sharks demanding repayments. Only several young men the secretary had summoned were brave enough to protect Lin Yiqian.

However, none of them dared to stop the strong-looking men from destroying things in the room.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian remained calm and collected as she observed them breaking her stuff.

Madam Song was very pleased with what was unfolding. “You are merely a seductress who has managed to temporarily charm Nianshen. However, there’s no way you can compare to Xiaxia who grew up with Nianshen. Who do you think Xiaxia is? Xiaxia’s parents died from saving Nianshen’s mother, while Xiaxia herself has saved Nianshen’s life. In what way could you ever compare to Xiaxia?” Madam Song became even more invested as she spoke. “Nianshen has been sleeping in the same bed with Xiaxia since he started wearing pants. Who the hell are you?”

In fact, Xi Xia and Gu Nianshen were not merely childhood friends. There was so much more to their relationship.

Not only did her parents save Nianshen’s mother, but Xi Xia herself had also saved Gu Nianshen’s life…

Lin Yiqian chuckled as she pretended not to be bothered by things being broken in the room.

“Lin Yiqian, you dirty bitch. If you don’t go on your knees and apologize to Feifei, I will destroy everything you have in this place.”

Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth as a look of hatred appeared in her eyes. “Every item you break here, you will have to return it to its original position.”


“In the first half of the month, according to our market research…”

During a high-level meeting, Gu Nianshen’s phone screen suddenly lit up. He looked down at his phone briefly.

When he saw that it was Manager Ma whom he had sent to help Lin Yiqian out at her company, he immediately picked up the call.

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