Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 491 - Here For Revenge

Chapter 491: Here For Revenge

Just like before, Lin Xiaoyu longed for Gu Nianshen to walk over and hold him in his arms.

Gu Nianshen looked away in fear.

‘Xiaoyu’s Mommy doesn’t seem to know who his father is…’

That was impossible. Lu Chen must have gotten it wrong. He must have taken a wrong sample for the DNA test.


“Mommy, did Daddy lose his memory and forget about Xiaoyu?”

The first thing Lin Yiqian arrived at the office was to give Xiaoyu a call.

The little fellow was still sad that Gu Nianshen had ignored him at the parking lot.

“He has a much worse condition than short-term memory loss. It’s called Parkinson’s. It’s better if you forget about him too.”

Hearing this, Xiaoyu felt even worse. “Is Daddy old already? I don’t want Daddy to grow old.” Xiaoyu began crying.

Lin Yiqian tried to console him. “Mommy will make him put on face masks. Perhaps he might regain his youth.”

“Really?” Xiaoyu immediately stopped crying.

Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

It seemed like it was not a good thing for children to be too naive.

Whilst Lin Yiqian struggled to keep herself from laughing, she could hear some noise outside the office.

“You people can’t go in there.”

“I’m going to call the police.”

What was going on?

Lin Yiqian looked warily in the direction of the door.

“Lin Yiqian, come out!” A woman shouted. It was a familiar voice. Lin Yiqian bid farewell to Xiaoyu and hung up as she stood up and began walking to the door.

She had barely taken two steps when the door was suddenly kicked open from the outside.

Eight big and strong men charged into her office and could not even be stopped by the employees and two security guards in the CEO’s management office.

At the forefront were Song Feifei and her mother. Lin Yiqian could see that Song Feifei’s face was still swollen.

Clearly, they were here for revenge.

Lin Yiqian smiled coldly as she took two steps back and leaned against her desk.

Madam Song immediately began shouting at her, “Lin Yiqian, you dirty bitch. How dare you hit our Feifei? Do you think you can get away with it that easily?”

Staring at Lin Yiqian angrily, Madam Song was still upset despite having screamed at Lin Yiqian. Catching sight of the huge flower pots next to the door, she walked over and pushed them to the ground.

As the pots came crashing down on the ground, the soil had spilled all over the floor.

The security guard and the secretary immediately ran over to stop Madam Song.

Meanwhile, Song Feifei and the strong men around her took the opportunity to go for Lin Yiqian. “Get that bitch over here. I’m going to shave her head and destroy her face.”

The men began approaching Lin Yiqian with fierce looks in their eyes.

Lin Yiqian frowned as there was a cold glimmer in her eyes. She stood up straight and walked around to the back of the desk before reaching for two pots of succulents.

Two security guards and several male employees rushed over to protect her.

“Call the cops!” The secretary suddenly recollected herself and was about to run out to get her phone.

Madam Song ran after her and grabbed her by her hair. “If you call the cops, I will kill you first.”

After warning the secretary, she looked at Lin Yiqian. “Lin Yiqian, you can either kneel down and apologize to Feifei, or come over and let us slap you twice the amount of times you have slapped Feifei. You can then shave your own head.”

Lin Yiqian snorted. “The sun is already up in the sky. You’re better off dreaming at night.”

She refused to lose her pride.

“We have a recording of you hitting Feifei last night. There are even medical records to prove it. Even if I kill you today, it would be fair and right. If we are going to prison, we can all go in together,” Madam Song said through gritted teeth.

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