Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 488 - A Meeting Between Brother, Goddess, And Uncle

Chapter 488: A Meeting Between Brother, Goddess, And Uncle

As soon as Lin Yiqian moved two steps away, a black car came to a halt right next to her and Song Changlin.

“Gu Nianjia!” A man called out from the car as soon as the door was opened.

Almost immediately, a man wearing a white shirt got out from the driver’s side. He glared at Gu Nianjia before turning to look at Lin Yiqian and Song Changlin.

Coincidentally, Lin Yiqian was also looking at him.

As their eyes met, Gu Nianshen felt a sense of guilt as he tightened his grip on the door’s handle while his other hand curled into a fist.

After two seconds, Gu Nianshen looked away from Lin Yiqian to Gu Nianjia.

“Brother, you’ve come back,” Gu Nianjia greeted him before turning to face Song Changlin. “Uncle, you told me my sister-in-law was fine last night. You must know where she is. That’s why I have asked my brother to come over.”

Gu Nianjia then walked over to Gu Nianshen and grabbed his hand before pulling him toward Song Changlin.

As the two men came face to face, it was a familiar sight. One man seemed warm and approachable while the other cold and hostile.

“Nianshen,” Song Changlin said in his usual authoritative tone.

Before he could say anything else, Gu Nianshen cut him off. “She is my wife. Naturally, I would know where she is.” Gu Nianshen paused before lifting his chin slightly as he gave Song Changlin a sarcastic look. “On the other hand, my dear uncle, it is probably inappropriate for you to keep in touch with your nephew’s wife.”

Gu Nianshen’s hands curled into fists as he spoke.

He was trying very hard to stop himself from getting physical.

Meanwhile, Song Changlin remained calm. “I chatted with Little Yi until very late last night. She might still be in bed.”

Lin Yiqian was speechless.

They had barely exchanged ten messages. How could he say that?

With a frown, Lin Yiqian turned to look at Song Changlin. Just as he finished his sentence, Lin Yiqian caught sight of a sly look on his face.

Was he doing this on purpose?

Lin Yiqian immediately turned to face Gu Nianshen. Indeed, he seemed enraged.

As things became heated up, Gu Nianjia stood on her tiptoes and softly whispered into Gu Nianshen’s ear. “Brother, what are you saying? Our uncle was only chatting with my sister-in-law out of concern. He’s getting along well with my goddess. Look, they are even together now.”

Gu Nianjia’s goddess would misunderstand what was going on after all that effort Gu Nianjia had put in.

Why was Gu Nianjia’s brother being such a fool? As long as Song Changlin bonded with Catwoman, Lin Yiqian would no longer miss him.

Finally, Gu Nianshen noticed that Catwoman and Song Changlin were standing so close to each other that their elbows were touching.

He then looked over at Lin Yiqian and stared into her eyes beneath the mask.

He had peered his eyes as if inspecting something.

Lin Yiqian smiled before speaking in English with a raspy voice, “Mr. Gu, why are you staring at me like that?”

If Lin Yiqian had known, she would have waited longer to leave the house. If she had left five minutes earlier or later, she would not have bumped into these three family members.

Right then, she felt more nervous than the times she was performing on stage.

Fortunately, she had not been lazy today and made sure she had placed all the tattoos in the right places. She had even worn arm sleeves and long pants to cover up her body.

On top of that, she was using a brand of perfume that Lin Yiqian hated the most.

“I understand that Catwoman is American,” Gu Nianshen probed.

Lin Yiqian was not surprised at all by the fact that Gu Nianshen made investigations on Catwoman.

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