Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 487 - My Uncle Has Met My Goddess

Chapter 487: My Uncle Has Met My Goddess

After entering the lift, Song Changlin walked behind Lin Yiqian and stood in an aloof manner as if he had not noticed her.

On their way down, several people entered but none of them paid attention to Lin Yiqian either.

Once she was out of the lift, she sighed in relief.

She continued to walk to where Bai Se parked his car. However, Song Changlin was tagging right behind, which made her feel rather worried.

“Oh my god. Isn’t this my goddess?” Gu Nianjia’s shriek gave Lin Yiqian a fright. Lin Yiqian looked up in surprise as she saw Gu Nianjia running toward her.

Gu Nianjia was wearing a blue T-shirt and white shorts, which left most of her legs bare.

This was the first time Lin Yiqian saw Gu Nianjia dressed like this, which made her legs seem longer, and her overall height much taller.

However, she recalled that Gu Nianjia was still crying like a baby the night before when she begged Lin Yiqian to go home. Why did she seem like she was completely fine even though Lin Yiqian had not returned home?

Indeed, Lin Yiqian figured that she was not as important as Gu Nianjia’s goddess.

Still in a state of disbelief, Gu Nianjia ran up to Lin Yiqian and carefully examined her mask.

“Goddess, it really is you,” she exclaimed after making sure it was indeed Catwoman.

Gu Nianjia then reached for Lin Yiqian’s hand.

With a frown, Lin Yiqian pulled her hand away.

After all, she was the high and mighty Catwoman. Why would she mingle around so closely with her fans?

On the other hand, Gu Nianjia was hardly embarrassed by Lin Yiqian’s behavior. Very naturally, she shifted her attention to Song Changlin who was approaching them. “Uncle, why are you with my goddess?”

Song Changlin looked surprised when he turned to face Lin Yiqian, as if he had only just noticed her.

After a brief glance, he calmly replied to Gu Nianjia. “It was a coincidence.”

“My goodness. This is fate! I have been wanting to introduce you two to each other but I keep missing the opportunity. Thankfully, what was meant to be, finally happened!”

Gu Nianjia’s eyes were wide open as she walked up to Song Changlin and wrapped her hands around his arm. She then pulled him closer to Lin Yiqian. “Goddess, this is my very handsome youngest uncle. He studied at a university in America as well. You two might have been breathing the same air in the same city long ago.”

After praising Song Changlin, she pointed at Lin Yiqian as she looked toward Song Changlin. “Uncle, this is my goddess.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you.” Song Changlin nodded politely.

“Nice to meet you.” Lin Yiqian nodded in return.

Lin Yiqian had spoken in English. As they knew each other too well, she was very careful about changing her tone of voice.

A single mistake could easily expose her.

After all, Song Changlin was someone who paid attention to the smallest of details.

With their formal way of conversing, Gu Nianjia began to feel concerned that they might not like each other as much as she hoped.

Carefully, Gu Nianjia nudged Song Changlin such that he was forced to move closer to Lin Yiqian. “Let’s not be too serious. You two ought to have a good chat together.”

Lin Yiqian glared at Gu Nianjia. Was Gu Nianjia even looking for her aunt who had stood up to other people for her?

Why did Gu Nianjia have the time to help her uncle with his romantic pursuit?

Lin Yiqian cursed at herself for even feeling touched by Gu Nianjia the night before.

Whilst Lin Yiqian and Song Changlin both remained silent, Gu Nianjia continued to push Song Changlin closer to Lin Yiqian. Their arms would soon touch.

Suddenly, a car could be heard approaching them rather quickly. Lin Yiqian instinctively stepped toward the side of the road.

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