Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 47 - As Sweet As Honey

Chapter 47: As Sweet As Honey

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Throw them away?

When Lin Yiqian heard the word ‘throw’, she immediately raised her head without hesitation as she looked at the man pretending to be annoyed. “Give them to me instead.”

She then looked at the chocolates in her hand again before casually adding, “Just pretend that you’ve thrown them away.”

Lin Yiqian could not believe that she had just said such words.

To her surprise, she had actually forgone her own principles of pride and honor for a few boxes of chocolates from Gu Nianshen.

As the traffic light had turned green, Gu Nianshen looked forward as he drove on without responding to Lin Yiqian.

From the rearview mirror of the car, Lin Yiqian was able to see his smile becoming wider.

Indeed, that was what she saw just as she opened one of the boxes of chocolates. As she could not see his entire face, she was unable to discern his intentions.

Was he trying to insult her?

She decided not to eat the chocolate after all.

Her pride took over as she closed her mouth and re-wrapped the packaging after chucking the chocolate back into the box.

Gu Nianshen, too, peeked at Lin Yiqian through the rearview mirror. He noticed that she had stopped herself from eating the chocolate, which caused him to frown with a confused expression on his face.

Why had she stopped?

Lin Yiqian no longer paid any attention to Gu Nianshen after putting the chocolates away. Her gaze was directed at some other things outside the window. Occasionally, she would see opposing traffic and other families on the streets. A particularly adorable little girl caught her eye as she clung to her father’s neck. The two seemed to be laughing from their conversation.

Suddenly, a similar scene appeared in her own mind as she pictured Xiaoyu clinging onto another man’s neck. She imagined that they were talking about planes, video games, and all sorts of interesting things.

As she thought of such a scene, a smile subconsciously formed on her face.

Lin Yiqian felt as if she had been submerged in a jar of honey as the sweetness overtook her.


As the car sped up all of a sudden, Lin Yiqian’s head nearly hit the back of the seat before her. Fortunately, her hands managed to stop the impact in time.

As she recollected herself, she could see that their car was overtaking one car after another.

It was during the peak hour of traffic in the middle of the city. What was Gu Nianshen thinking?

Lin Yiqian looked at the man in the driver’s seat. She could see from the side that he appeared rather upset.

Who had put him in a bad mood all of a sudden?

Gu Nianshen continued to speed forward for quite a distance before returning to his normal driving speed. However, this was only after he had stopped at a junction with traffic lights.

Lin Yiqian sighed in relief as she relaxed her arms that were pressed onto the seat in front of her the whole time. Her palms were sweaty.

Her heart had nearly jumped out of her chest from the fear she felt.

The two remained silent for the rest of the ride. By the time they reached home, it was already dark outside.

Lin Yiqian immediately got out of the car while Gu Nianshen was still taking off his seatbelt.

She went to the back of the car to get her luggage. However, she could not open the trunk when she tried.

Why had Gu Nianshen locked the trunk before even locking the car?

She walked to the driver’s side and asked, expressionlessly, “Open the trunk. I’m getting my luggage.”

Gu Nianshen pretended not to hear her as he continued to write an email on his phone.

Lin Yiqian knew that he was doing this on purpose. She was getting upset. “Gu Nianshen!”

She could not help but raise her voice as her emotions took over.

Gu Nianshen finally raised his head slowly. “Are you talking to me?”

Who else would she be talking to? The dog?

Lin Yiqian clenched her fists angrily as she stared at the man’s cold expression. She could not help but feel a sting in her eyes.

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