Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 46 - The Youngest Uncle Returns

Chapter 46: The Youngest Uncle Returns

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“Why should I recall it?”

Gu Nianjia asked grumpily. She then realized who it was as she turned around excitedly.

“Small Uncle.”

The man was wearing a pair of long black trousers and a white shirt. He seemed very well-dressed.

His eyes gleamed as he looked at Gu Nianjia.

Although they were only a few years apart, he was still older and therefore had a more mature way of behavior.

When Gu Nianjia saw Song Changlin, she cheered joyfully and immediately approached him with open arms as she then wrapped them around his neck.

Song Changlin felt helpless in the face of Gu Nianjia’s enthusiasm. He let her do whatever she wanted but tilted his head backward.

“You’d better recall the message. Otherwise, you might not even be able to enter the house tonight.” He reminded her.

“I’m not recalling it,” Gu Nianjia said in a huff.

While she said that she would not do so, her behavior proved otherwise.

She immediately let go of Song Changlin and took her phone out to recall the message. However, as soon as she opened the message, she appeared dumbfounded.

Gu Nianshen had already heard her voice message. In fact, he had even written her a reply. “Get your ass back to school and don’t appear in front of me for the rest of the month.”

Gu Nianjia was so scared that her hands were trembling. She nearly dropped her phone as she raised her head to look at Song Changlin. “Small Uncle, my brother has already heard the message. He’s not letting me go home. What should I do?”

“Come with me then.” Song Changlin patted Gu Nianjia’s head.

His hand felt warm.

Gu Nianjia could not help but hug him again. “You’re still the best.”

Gu Nianjia hated Lin Yiqian even more because of how nice her youngest uncle was to her.

She felt that Lin Yiqian had stolen everything away from her.

“Why are you back all of a sudden?” Gu Nianjia asked after a while.

Song Changlin stopped smiling as he began to appear melancholic.

“Nianjia, did you mean what you said earlier?” He asked without answering her question.

“What?” Gu Nianjia was confused.

“You said that you would help me get Lin Yiqian back.” He smiled.

That was what he meant…

“Small Uncle, you’re horrible. Please stop liking that woman. I have a lot of pretty friends at school. I’ll introduce them to you,” Gu Nianjia said, frowning.

“Let’s go.”

Song Changlin chuckled as he decided to stop teasing Gu Nianjia.


Lin Yiqian was sitting in the back of the car. She had initially thought of several topics to talk about with Gu Nianshen.

However, Gu Nianshen appeared to be in a bad mood after receiving a message from some unknown person. He was now holding on to the steering wheel so tightly that his veins were showing.

Lin Yiqian did not dare to speak.

She silently shifted her gaze away from Gu Nianshen’s face.

While doing so, she noticed a few golden boxes on the seat next to her.

She was instantly surprised by what she saw.

“Oh, these are chocolates from Qian Si.”

Lin Yiqian had always been a fan of Qian Si’s chocolates ever since she was a child. However, it was not easy to find them in the country. Therefore, she had not eaten them for quite a long time.

She excitedly picked up one of the boxes as she carefully examined it.

As the car had stopped at a junction, Gu Nianshen turned around and glanced at Lin Yiqian’s face. An almost indiscoverable smile appeared on his face.

When he saw the box of chocolates in Lin Yiqian’s hands, he frowned. “Qi Shaodong has given them to me. I told him I did not want them. Why hasn’t he thrown them away?”

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