Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 454 - She Had Nearly Forgotten That She Was Catwoman

Chapter 454: She Had Nearly Forgotten That She Was Catwoman

“I did hear rumors about that. However, that hasn’t been proven to be true yet. Regardless, Star Films won’t disappear completely. In the worst-case scenario, it will have a new boss.” Bai Se chuckled.

Before Bai Se finished his sentence, his phone began to ring.

As his phone was in the storage compartment, he did not pick it up. After checking who was calling, he passed the phone to Lin Yiqian. “It’s Xiaoyu again.”

“Xiaoyu, Mommy is coming home,” Lin Yiqian said after turning on the loudspeaker.

Xiaoyu was extremely happy to hear Lin Yiqian’s voice. “Mommy, are you done with work? Can you come back to eat nice food with me now?”

All he thought about was food…

“You only know how to eat,” Lin Yiqian said affectionately. “I am done with work. Are you with Aunt Na Wa now?”

“Aunt Na Wa bought me new toys. We’re playing with them now.”

“Alright. I’ll be back soon.”

“Mommy, get Uncle Bai Se to buy me candies. Don’t forget,” Xiaoyu suddenly added before Lin Yiqian could hang up.

“You’ll get a toothache if you eat too many candies.”

“I want to bring them to Daddy.”

Lin Yiqian did not refute when she heard that the candies were meant for Gu Nianshen. “Alright.”

After hanging up, she turned to face Bai Se. “Drop by at the market to buy some snacks.”

As Bai Se had overheard the conversation between Lin Yiqian and Xiaoyu, he teased her. “You spoil Gu Nianshen even more than Xiaoyu. Poor Xiaoyu.”

Lin Yiqian was speechless.

What did he mean by spoil?

If Gu Nianshen, proud as he was, overheard that, he would definitely get upset.

He would probably deny ever needing to be spoiled by a woman.

Lin Yiqian leaned against the window as she pictured Gu Nianshen’s proud demeanor.

She could not help but smile a little.

“There’s a car following us from behind,” Bai Se suddenly blurted.

It was not the first time they were being followed. Lin Yiqian was already used to it.

As she turned her head around, she still could not quite see the car behind them clearly. However, if Bai Se said there was a car following them, she believed him.

“Let’s not go to the supermarket,” Lin Yiqian said decisively.

“Okay.” Bai Se nodded.


Jin Hua Yuan was the most affluent neighborhood in Shanghai. All of the facilities in the area were top-notch.

Even the parking spaces were bigger than the usual ones by three times. In fact, most of the cars parked in the area were expensive vehicles.

Once their car was parked, Lin Yiqian was the first to get out.

Bai Se proceeded to take their belongings out from the back of the car while Lin Yiqian put on a hoodie.

After putting on a cap, Lin Yiqian lowered her chin and began to walk off.

Having entered the lift, Lin Yiqian pressed on a button before looking down at her phone.

All of a sudden, the light above her vanished and everything turned dark before her eyes.

When she turned her head around, she noticed that the lights around the parking lot had also disappeared. It was pitch black.

“Bai Se.” Lin Yiqian took several steps back in fear.

Sensing someone dashing past her, she reached out thinking that it was Bai Se.

To her surprise, she felt the strong grip of a big hand around her wrist.

The person’s hand was cold to the touch. It felt almost like a freezing temperature.

“Don’t be afraid. The electricity was simply cut off.” A familiar man’s voice could suddenly be heard just as Lin Yiqian wondered why the person’s hand was so cold

Shocked, Lin Yiqian opened her eyes wide and lifted her head.

Right then, the lights were turned back on.

A familiar yet handsome face was close to her. “Chang…” Lin Yiqian gasped.

She was so shocked that she nearly forgot her identity as Catwoman and was very close to calling Song Changlin by his name.

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