Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 453 - Was He Trying To Find Fault With Her?

Chapter 453: Was He Trying To Find Fault With Her?

Feeling that the conversation had come to an end, Na Wa stood up and prepared to leave. “Remember to come for dinner with us tonight.”

In order to prevent suspicion from arising, Lin Yiqian needed to behave more respectfully toward Na Wa, and thus got up to send Na Wa off.

“We will have dinner together. I’ll get Bai Se to order some food and bring it home. I’ll come right after work.”

The only option Lin Yiqian had of eating with Na Wa and Xiaoyu was to do so at home.

Otherwise, they would attract too much attention.

Whilst conversing, the two arrived at the door. “I’ve got it. Hurry up and get back to work.” Na Wa waved her hand at Lin Yiqian.

Lin Yiqian stayed by the door as he observed Na Wa being escorted away by her manager and bodyguard. She smiled before turning around and returning to her office.

Unintentionally, Lin Yiqian’s gaze landed on the couch. The scene between her and Gu Nianshen appeared in her mind briefly, causing her face to turn red.

‘I’m leaving now. Come home early tonight.’

‘Okay, husband!’ Lin Yiqian thought to herself.


After taking off her headphones, Lin Yiqian gestured an ‘okay’ with her hand through the soundproof glass at Diqlo.

She then hung the headphones back on the rack before walking out of the studio.

By then, Diqlo was already waiting for her at the entrance. “Miss Catwoman, are you not feeling well today? You sound a little off.”

Lin Yiqian furrowed her brows as she stared at Diqlo coldly.

Was he trying to find fault with her?

“Director Diqlo, may I ask which part sounded off to you?” Lin Yiqian asked with a smile.

Her dark red lips made her smile seem unusually aggressive and cold.

One could not help but feel intimidated.

Diqlo was stunned momentarily. However, he quickly recovered and shook his head as he chuckled. “It’s not a big deal. Some post-production reworking should fix it.”

“That’s great. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.” Lin Yiqian’s smile widened.

Without looking at Diqlo, she began to walk past him.

“Miss Catwoman, please rest well tonight. There are only two more days to go. Let’s work to complete this successfully,” Diqlo called out after her.

“Don’t worry, Director Diqlo,” Lin Yiqian answered without stopping.

As usual, Bai Se was waiting for Lin Yiqian in the car. When he saw her approaching, he got out to open the door for her.

Once Lin Yiqian entered the car, she immediately took off her heels. Her feet hurt from wearing them all day.

“Has the food been delivered?” She asked as she rubbed her feet.

“Yeah. Xiaoyu just called to make us hurry.” Bai Se nodded.

“Let’s go home then.” Lin Yiqian could barely wait.

Meanwhile, Bai Se had already turned the engine on and was steering the car out of the courtyard. As Diqlo’s car was parked right beside them, Lin Yiqian could see him getting into his own car as he prepared to leave.

Recalling how Diqlo was trying to find fault with her, her face turned cold. “How did the discussion about our contract termination with Star Films go?”

“They interacted with Star Films earlier today.”

“No wonder.” Lin Yiqian chuckled as she leaned back into her seat.

That explained why Diqlo tried to find fault with her.

He did not want things to end smoothly.

“What do you mean by that?” Bai Se glanced at Lin Yiqian confusedly.

“They’re so petty. It’s no wonder they are going downhill.” Lin Yiqian sneered after explaining how Diqlo was finding fault with her a while ago.

“Yeah… Their director this time around acts far too lowly. Not only is he incapable, but he also goes too far with celebrities.” Bai Se nodded.

Recalling what Na Wa said earlier, Lin Yiqian began to ask nonchalantly. “I heard Night Forest Kingdom is taking over Star Films. Is that true?”

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