Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 37 - You Pushed Me Off the Bed When I Was Drunk 

Chapter 37:You Pushed Me Off the Bed When I Was Drunk

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Lin Yiqian did not even think before responding. “No I have not gone mad…” She shook her head.

Damn. What happened to her brain?

He was insulting her. Why was she still responding?

She began to blame Qi Shaodong for telling her that their flight was early in the morning. It was already eight o’clock. Did he make a mistake?

Lin Yiqian cursed at Qi Shaodong in her heart. Meanwhile, she felt so awkward that she did not know where to look.

She tried to change the topic to reduce the awkwardness. “You drank too much last night. Your assistant asked me to come over to look after you.”

However, this topic seemed to create even more awkwardness.

Gu Nianshen sounded as if he was thinking about the same thing. “And you pushed me off the bed when I was drunk. You claimed the bed all for yourself.”


Did she really do that?

Lin Yiqian’s eyes widened. She admitted that her memory was not as good as before she had given birth to Xiaoyu. However, she could not possibly have forgotten everything entirely.

She recalled that he was the one who was so drunk that he thought of her as someone else. He had even pressed his body on her, making her unable to move. After that, she had fallen asleep. The scenes were crystal clear in her mind.

As she thought of this, she replied confidently. “You must have drunk so much that your body has become very heated. You probably thought that the floor was much cooler and more comfortable than the bed.”

He had fallen off the bed on his own but yet he was blaming her for it. Even grumpy grandmothers would not be this unreasonable.

Gu Nianshen was speechless.

Had he just been insulted in return?

Lin Yiqian did not care about Gu Nianshen’s confused expression. She started walking away.

When she passed him by, she did not even stop as she directly walked around him.

After leaving the bedroom, she silently sighed in relief. She started walking faster.

As she opened the door, Lin Yiqian bumped into Qi Shaodong who was just about to ring the doorbell. There was a tray of food in his hands.

“Miss, you are awake.”

Qi Shaodong greeted Lin Yiqian warmly.

Lin Yiqian wanted to ask him why they were still around. Was their flight not supposed to be early in the morning?

Qi Shaodong had caused Gu Nianshen to witness her silly dancing in the room. She was even insulted for it.

Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth as she replied Qi Shaodong loudly. “Yes, I am awake!”

She then proceeded to walk out of the room.

Qi Shaodong looked at Lin Yiqian’s back as he shouted out loudly, “I’ve ordered breakfast. Come over to eat with us later!”

Lin Yiqian waved her hand at him. “You can enjoy it yourselves.”

Why did she sound so cold?

Qi Shaodong somehow shivered as he walked into the room.

He saw Gu Nianshen who seemed to be deep in thought. He wore a smile on his face as if something had just made his day.

What had happened earlier?

Lin Yiqian who was always good-tempered seemed to have gone mad while Gu Nianshen who always had an unpredictable mood seemed rather adorable at the moment.

Qi Shaodong was still in a state of confusion when Gu Nianshen suddenly looked at him.

Qi Shaodong immediately placed the tray of food on the dining table as he called out to Gu Nianshen. “Boss, breakfast is served.”

He had bought a lot of food, which took up nearly all of the space on the dining table.

Qi Shaodong sighed. “I thought Mrs. Gu would eat with us. Unexpectedly, she had declined to do so.”

Hearing this, Gu Nianshen stopped spreading the jam on his bread. He looked at Qi Shaodong calmly. “There are two concert tickets in the drawer. I don’t have time to attend the concert. You can give the tickets to anyone who wants them.”

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