Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 36 - You Are Mine

Chapter 36: You Are Mine

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“You are mine.”

His hoarse voice and muffled speech caused Lin Yiqian’s heart to beat wildly.

Lin Yiqian clung to his clothes tightly. After a long moment of silence, she finally spoke. “Do you know who I am?”

“You’re so noisy.” Gu Nianshen mumbled with a frown on his face. He turned around and pressed his body onto Lin Yiqian.

His nose was touching Lin Yiqian’s ear.

Lin Yiqian could feel his breath next to her ear. It felt extremely arousing.

She carefully turned her head to look at his face, his brows and his eyes while he remained fast asleep. Everything was so close to her.

She was tempted to touch his face. She carefully lifted her trembling hand from the front of her chest.

“You are mine.”

Lin Yiqian’s hand was about to reach Gu Nianshen’s face when Gu Nianshen suddenly mumbled the three words.

She immediately jerked her hand. She carefully placed it on Gu Nianshen’s hand which stretched across her chest.

Lin Yiqian wanted to push his hand away, but he had caught her before she could do so. “You’re so annoying. Stop moving.”

He sounded forceful but childish at the same time, almost as if half of him was Satan while the other half was an angel.

Gu Nianshen made it very hard for a person to go against his will.

From the way he looked, he probably did not care about taking off his clothes or taking a shower. She should probably just let him sleep.

A long time had passed before Lin Yiqian’s breathing finally became even. He had nearly lost his patience.

Gu Nianshen opened his eyes. Lin Yiqian had dimmed the lights even further before she fell asleep. Her already small face seemed even smaller now.

Her long eyelashes created shadows beneath her eyes. He lifted his hand to carefully caress her face.

She had very smooth and delicate skin. She felt so real lying down next to him. It was not a dream. It was not his own imagination.

He closed his eyes once again as he burrowed his head close to her neck to feel even closer to her.

She had initially wanted to leave after he fell asleep. However, she had unexpectedly fallen asleep first. In fact, the sky had already turned bright by the time she woke up. It had been a long time since she last woke up naturally.

Lin Yiqian cursed at herself as she sat up on the bed. The man sleeping next to her was gone.

There was a clock next to the bed. It was already eight o’clock.

Qi Shaodong had told her last night that their flight would depart early in the morning. They must have already left.

As she thought of this, she sighed in relief. At least, she would not have to face him now and feel embarrassed about sleeping with him for the entire night.

Lin Yiqian sat on the bed for a while before getting up.

She had gone to bed on the other side. Therefore, her shoes were not on this side. Without seeming to care, she walked barefoot to the window and pulled the curtains apart. A breathtaking scene of tall buildings and a developed city appeared before her eyes.

Her mood was immediately lifted. She raised both her hands over her head and stretched her body in a lazy motion.

Lin Yiqian twisted her body to the left and then to the right. She felt even better now. With her eyes closed, she spun around in circles as she sang and danced. “Spinning and leaping, I close my eyes…”

After making several turns and finally losing her balance, she opened her eyes.

A familiar man was suddenly standing in front of her. She jumped in surprise before freezing in place.

Had he not left?

“Have you gone mad?” Gu Nianshen glanced at Lin Yiqian.

He then shifted his gaze away from her to the bed.

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