Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 25 - A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 25: A Familiar Feeling

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“She really is Catwoman.”

“I like your songs a lot. I have always wanted to go to your concert, but I could never find the time.”

“Me too.”

Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu were just complaining about Catwoman’s fans. Right then, Gu Nianshen desperately wanted to put a mirror in front of them so they could witness their own behavior.

Such an embarrassment!

Seeing how Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu both claimed to be Catwoman’s fans, Lin Xiaoyu looked at Gu Nianshen and asked, “Mister who can urinate very far, since you have come to her show, are you also one of Catwoman’s crazy fans?”

Why else would he be here?

Uncle Bai Se had mentioned that everyone who attended his mother’s concert was her fans. The mister who can urinate very far must also be her fan.

Although the small boy spoke in a very gentle voice and had to gasp for air throughout his sentence, his words had a way of making one upset without him even trying.

Gu Nianshen clenched his fists tightly. The veins on his forehead were very much apparent.

Lin Yiqian nervously looked at Gu Nianshen’s arms, which were wrapped around Xiaoyu. She was worried that he would accidentally injure Xiaoyu.

Lin Yiqian was close to crying out for him to loosen his grip on Xiaoyu.

She hoped that Xiaoyu would stop saying nonsense like ‘crazy fan’.

Lin Yiqian wished that she had told Xiaoyu yesterday how arrogant the person he respected was. Gu Nianshen had always been a snobbish person. He would definitely not chase after celebrities.

She pondered for a while before smiling and speaking in a soft voice. “Mister, this boy here is my fan. You took him away while we were still interacting. I should be responsible for him at the very least. Since his parents aren’t here, please accept my apology instead. The boy is still young and does not know his manners yet. I am sure his parents will teach him a lesson.”

‘If it weren’t for your own competitiveness, Xiaoyu would not know that you can urinate very far away. He is only a five-year-old child.’

Although Lin Yiqian was offering an apology, her tone and expression did not seem like it. In fact, she reminded Gu Nianshen of someone he had grown up with who had an equally proud attitude.

“Who are you?” Gu Nianshen asked coolly.

As soon as he spoke, Gu Nianshen realized that the woman before him was a complete stranger.

Lin Yiqian was equally taken aback by his question.

Gu Nianshen was speaking to her in his usual cool and indifferent manner.

It turned out that he treated her the way he treated strangers…

Lin Yiqian’s dark blue pupils seemed to have dimmed somewhat at that moment. She tried very hard to hide the pain she felt as she hid her clenched fists behind her back.

Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu both felt that Gu Nianshen had gone too far. Gu Nianshen should have treated the lady with more respect.

In fact, this was not any normal lady. She was Catwoman.

Li Nanmu could not take it anymore. He took this opportunity to make a move. “How about this, Catwoman? If you could be so kind as to take off your mask, I will make sure that my friend stops hurting the child.”

Although the chances were slim, Li Nanmu was still hoping that Catwoman would actually take her mask off.

Li Nanmu’s voice had interrupted Lin Yiqian’s thoughts. She immediately recollected herself as she shifted her gaze to Li Nanmu.

She thought of rolling her eyes at him.

If talking to Gu Nianshen worked, Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue would not have acquired such poor reputations for themselves.

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