Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 24 - Please Let Go of The Child

Chapter 24: Please Let Go of The Child

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Gu Nianshen completely ignored Lin Yiqian as he walked over to Lin Xiaoyu and scooped him into his arms.

Without saying a word, Gu Nianshen walked off the stage.

Lin Yiqian chased after him. “Mister, are you this kid’s father?”

Gu Nianshen did not turn around as he replied, “Can’t you tell that he knows me?”

Gu Nianshen had spoken through gritted teeth, which made Lin Yiqian even more worried about how he would treat Xiaoyu.

Although Gu Nianshen would probably not hit the child, he might still terrify him.

When that happened, the reporters went wild as they tagged after Gu Nianshen. Lights continued to flash from the cameras around him as he walked out of the event hall with Xiaoyu in his arms.

Due to Catwoman’s arrival, the venue was packed on every level. All eyes were on the huge screen at the center of the hall, which broadcast Life’s show that was happening.

Even if the fans could only see Catwoman on the screen, they were greatly moved. Some of them could not stop shouting in excitement, while some others even teared up.

Gu Nianshen would not let go of Lin Xiaoyu as he angrily stormed out of the hall. As soon as he stepped out of the building, he was shocked by the scene outside and was immediately jolted backward.

Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu who had run after him, were equally surprised when they saw that Gu Nianshen had turned around. They asked curiously, “What happened, Nianshen?”

Just as they asked the question, the two of them looked beyond the door. The line of security guards was about to be broken up by the fans who tried their best to barge in. Their loud screaming could be heard even from inside the building.

Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu immediately jerked their heads away and shared a similar expression as Gu Nianshen. “These crazy fans of Catwoman are way too frightening.”

When Lin Xiaoyu heard Catwoman’s name being mentioned, he raised his head curiously. “Mister, what do you mean by crazy fans?”

As Lin Xiaoyu was still wearing his cat mask, Qi Wuyue pointed his finger at the mask and said, “Fans like you.”


Lin Xiaoyu seemed as if he was about to ask Qi Wuyue a question. However, Gu Nianshen immediately started walking toward another exit.

After a few steps, he looked confusedly at the young fellow in his arms.

Why was he not crying or begging for mercy?

When Gu Nianshen lowered his head, he saw that the young boy was toying with the button on his collar. Gu Nianshen inhaled deeply as he tried to control his temper.

Gu Nianshen had brought the young boy out to teach him a lesson. A normal child would perhaps have started crying by now. However, this kid seemed to be enjoying the process.

All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen felt that his efforts in front of the audience were wasted.

He was contemplating whether he should let Lin Xiaoyu go when a woman’s voice was suddenly heard from the front.

“Mister, please let the go of the child.”

She spoke in a very stern manner.

Gu Nianshen raised his head. He was now staring into a pair of deep blue eyes which looked strangely familiar. However, he had only felt it for an instant.

Thereafter, Gu Nianshen resumed his cool and arrogant expression.

In the entire world… Not even the entire world, perhaps. The only person who could remain this calm in such close proximity to Catwoman was Gu Nianshen.

Even the son of America’s president had bought a ticket to Catwoman’s concert. In fact, a rich businessman from England had offered thousands of dollars just to take off her mask.

Therefore, Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue’s reactions were not a surprise.

“Damn, it’s Catwoman herself!”

“Am I hallucinating?”

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