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Chapter 912 - World esper conscription order

Chapter 912: World esper conscription order

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Muguang City.

 Su Hao temporarily stayed there.

 It was both for the sake of Su Hao and the residents of Muguang City.

 The path of Kingdom of Heaven was somewhat unusual. It wasn’t calculated in a way that one talent is equivalent to one unit. Based on Su Hao’s understanding, the stronger the talent, the greater the effect it brought to Kingdom of Heaven! There was no doubt that each time a grade S talent appears, the changes happening to Kingdom of Heaven would be huge.

 And this time, this special grade S talent that can grow and improve was without a doubt a big fish for Su Hao.

 This was why Su Hao must stay.

 As for these people…

 Su Hao shook his head; there was no cure.

 The only way he could treat these people was to use his Rule Force, but he knew that with his current amount of Rule Force, he could only treat a few people at most. Here, there were tens of thousands of people in Muguang City! If one is to let him heal them slowly, how many years would that take him!

 As for treating only a few people?

 Su Hao was very well aware of human nature. Right now, everyone was grateful to him because Su Hao could help heal the babies. However, if they were aware that Su Hao could heal them all but didn’t wish to do so, these people would probably leave with angry complaints.

 Never underestimate the anger and frustration of a dying man, especially under the premise of facing an unknown enemy.

 “Are there still any uncured babies?” Su Hao asked indifferently.

 Muguang City only had very few babies. Even after searching for the whole city, only three were found! And they were all thanks to accidental pregnancies…

 As for those born earlier, they were long dead.

 Three families that were on the verge of mourning death were suddenly brought back alive by Su Hao. After shattering the talent, Su Hao saved two more lives. In an instant, everyone in Muguang City looked at Su Hao with gratitude and awe.

 “There is no more, for now, only these few.” Da Zhuang respectfully said, “However, there are quite a few who are now in the maternal term.”

 “It doesn’t matter.” Su Hao said indifferently, “I will stay here temporarily and wait until the children are born.”

 “Yes.” Da Zhuang replied in excitement.

 “However, I’m sorry. I can only treat those babies. I can’t do anything about the virus in the adults’ bodies.” Su Hao said in a very sad tone.

 “There is no issue.” Da Zhuang’s teeth could be seen as he grinned, “This is already good enough.”

 What do the healthy babies represent?

 Their future’s hope.

 When there is hope, the Muguang City could become alive again. After hearing that Su Hao was staying here, they became even more excited that they could barely control themselves. Does that mean that they could have children in the future? They were now able to give birth to healthy babies.

 “Won’t the child be infected?’” Da Zhuang asked a worrisome question.

 “Nope.” Su Hao immediately replied.

 This isn’t a joke. After all, they used to have grade A talents. Although they got crippled by Su Hao, ordinary viruses wouldn’t dare to come close to them. This is especially so for the current virus; those infants were already considered as someone infected before. Thus the virus wouldn’t come near them again.

 After getting an affirmative answer, everyone became excited. Su Hao was very sure that in the near future, the entire Muguang City would be busy making babies.

 Su Hao naturally liked what he saw.

 As for staying here for several years?

 Of course not.

 However, Su Hao believed that this was the only way to force the other party out! If Su Hao just came here and withdrew without doing anything, then that guy could easily deal with Su Hao. But once he heard that Su Hao was going to stay here or even settle down here, it would be strange if he still didn’t show himself.

 Thus, Su Hao decided to stay here temporarily.

 “I want three random people to visit me daily.” Su Hao gave out such a strange order, but that message instead made the residents happy. Su Hao was studying how to crack the virus infecting the people of Muguang City.

 “Although the hope is small, I will give my best.” Su Hao said seriously.

 Muguang City’s residents were extremely grateful. Every day, they would take the initiative to come and help Su Hao in carrying out various “experiments”. In an instant, the entire Muguang City was lifted in spirit. And each of these was just an act to force out the opponent hidden in the dark to come out!

 Su Hao was helping the children, can you still sit calmly?

 Su Hao was trying to crack the virus, can you still hide?

 No matter how much he was wary of Su Hao, can he still stay behind the scenes after Su Hao repeatedly provoked his bottom line?

 “I will wait for you to show yourself.”

 Su Hao smirked.

 At the same time, Su Hao was a strong peak professional esper in everyone’s eyes. Yes, just a peak professional esper! Sure, in the Federation, a peak professional esper. However, for this ghost town, such an existence was already quite powerful!

 Muguang City.

 Just like that, Su Hao became a fisherman, waiting for the lure to hook the big fish.

 At the same time, the news of Taihu Territory’s destruction had also been transmitted by Su Hao, which caused a lot of shock in the world realm circle.

 Several months had passed, but recalling what he experienced, it was still an unforgettable memory. Su Hao explained the things that happened during then in detail. Of course, he skipped the matter about King of Fire. Just those alone were already enough to cause an uproar.

 Su Hao tried to obtain more detailed information through these people.

 About Taihu Territory, about this world.

 However, it was such a pity…

 Su Hao didn’t get much information. However, thinking about it, that was natural. In these past years, such places were basically under the jurisdiction of the ten major families. After the ten major families divided among themselves, the opportunity for those wandering experts was even less.

 Otherwise, how would Yan Tianyu decide to help Wan Cheng for a bit?

 It wasn’t until the top ten families were completely destroyed that those areas became unmanaged. It was just such a pity that when they were opened to outsiders, Taihu Territory was already destroyed. Regarding Su Hao and the others’ harvest in Taihu Territory, everyone’s eyes were red from jealousy! That was a boundary spirit!

 Of course what was even more important than these contents was to rectify Li Lei!

 Because he could feel that Li Lei was the one who saved them in the end, for a person who rescued them, Su Hao didn’t plan to keep this in the dark. In his description, when the secret techniques in Taihu Territory were all taken away and experienced a collapse, Li Lei rescued them with his life, causing the prestige of this predecessor to rise again.

 “This is all I could do, right?”

 Su Hao laughed at himself.

 He didn’t plan to stay in Muguang City for long. Just one month and too many things were already happening outside. As the Federation had been unified, their influence was as steady as Mountain Tai! The internal worries had all been eliminated, and the actions against berserk beasts had already begun and proceeded in full swing.

 In the Federation’s army, there was this rumor that an esper with a unique ability had appeared. He was second to none in being ruthless and intelligent. Under his super command, for the first time ever, he brutally suppressed the beasts and won numerous military achievements.

 Without the interference and influence of the ten major families, the Federation’s orders were simply too smooth that it can’t be any smoother.

 However, the beasts were unexpectedly quiet.

 The beast army that had always been known as cruel, but after receiving such a heavy blow, there were actually not many acts of resistance coming from them.

 “Huh, did they get beaten till they became afraid?”

 “What joke are you talking about? They are afraid? There must definitely be a conspiracy going on.”

 “Hehe, at the equator ring, what conspiracy could they have? Can they cross over the beast battlefield?”

 “That’s not an uncertainty.”

 The higher-ups of the Federation were also full of controversy.

 On the surface, they looked peaceful, but it was the peace before a calamity. After a major victory against the beasts, the Federation once again targeted their own people and issued a command that shocked everyone.

 A conscription order!

 Recruit strong espers to join the army!

 This was not much of a big deal. After graduating from Zhanzheng College, there would be a mandatory enlistment. The people have already been accustomed to the obligation of mankind in fighting the beasts. However, the only reason for the uproar caused by this order was its target, world espers!

 World espers who were hard to be seen in public!

 The Federation finally shifted the attention to them!

 Even if the previous top ten families were included, there were only about one hundred world espers. With such a large population in Federation, how many world espers were hidden from the spotlight?

 No one knew!

 However, those strong espers that died or appeared in Taihu Territory clearly showed the number. The number was definitely more than what an ordinary man thought! Literally every world esper with fame or those that had been exposed received the invitation from the Federation, a red invitation card.

 No one is allowed to refuse!

 With how the Federation integrated into society, it was now akin to a giant national machine, eradicating every abnormality. To conscript the world espers was only the first step.

 Do you want to resist?

 What are you going to resist with?!

 That was the Federation!

 Those espers who were present in Taihu Territory and even the ones who were secluding themselves from the world, each one of them would probably be dug out by the Federation. To hide from the Federation’s detection, or join the Federation and enjoy superb benefits? They did not seem to have a choice.

 Just like that, an unbelievable order to recruit all the world espers to the Federation was done. One could expect that a giant storm will erupt soon. However, all these were unrelated to Su Hao, who was fishing leisurely in Muguang City. He just enjoyed his comfortable life by eating, sleeping, and repeating the same routine daily.

 That night, the people of Muguang City fell asleep soundly.

 In the guest room of Da Zhuang’s house, a strange red light was hovering around Su Hao. The vigilant Su Hao suddenly woke up, but the scene earlier was like a dream.

 A gale engulfed everything.

 The earth was a land of desolation.

 It was a lonely world. The earth was dyed in bloody red, and it was full of aftermaths of disaster. One could even hear the wail of the earth.

 Su Hao raised his head.

 Such a scene…

 As far as his eyes could see…


 Su Hao stared at the scene in front of him, yet felt a sourness from the bottom of his heart. Reaching out his hand, he wanted to touch the land.


 The place collapsed, and Su Hao woke up from his dream.

 “It turned out to be a dream.” Su Hao realized.

 However, looking back on the scene earlier, why did he feel bitterness and sorrow coming from the depths of his heart?

 Was that…

 Really a dream?


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