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Chapter 911 - A ray of hope

Chapter 911: A ray of hope

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“The ones before this…” Su Hao asked his own doubts.

 That man answered Su Hao. There was no doubt that the previous outsiders either died for not believing their words or actively carried out investigations in the city, and the end result was also death! In the eyes of those people, the outsiders were just courting their own death!

 In fact, once you step in here, you can’t leave again.

 “This virus can do what?” Su Hao suddenly asked.

 Based on what he saw, although the spreading rate of the virus was terrifying, there was nothing much of a danger. At least, he didn’t see any suffering from these people.

 That man revealed a strange look on his face, “What it does… Um, does increasing the rate of conception count?”


 Su Hao thought that he had misheard him.

 “You didn’t hear me incorrectly.” That man shook his head, “After getting the virus, although we can’t leave, it increases our conception rate, and we basically one will get pregnant on the first try.”

 “One try…”

 Su Hao didn’t know what to say.

 That man scratched his head, “Anyway, it has been like this since then.”

 “I’m not sure too.”

 “Hold on…”

 Su Hao looked at the crowd and suddenly realized a problem. If that were the case, the population here would be huge, how would the number only be this small?

 “What about those people then?”

 Su Hao sounded stern.

 That man went silent. With a sad look on his face, he replied, “Dead, all dead. Less than a week after birth, they died.”

 “They died…”

 Su Hao’s eyes flashed coldly.

 An explosive virus that only increased the chance of conception. For the child to be born and then die in a short time, no matter how one sees it, that was terrifying.

 “What’s your name?”

 “You can just call me Da Zhuang.”

 “You also have a dead child?”

 Su Hao noticed the sadness in the corner of that man’s eyes.

 “En.” Da Zhuang sighed, “In the past when I just got infected with the virus, it had no impact on my life. Muguang City experienced a surge of pregnancy that made the entire city joyful. However, who would have thought after birth, the newborns ended up dying after a while.”

 “That was simply a nightmare.” Da Zhuang sounded fearful.

 Su Hao understood his feelings.

 In the past, pregnancy was a great event, but it now represented a disaster. A child that grew from scratch but had to greet death after being born. Throughout Muguang City, literally all three generations had experienced that terrifying nightmare that continued even today.

 Everyone in Muguang City felt lifeless.

 Su Hao estimated that they didn’t even dare to have sex now, fearing they might get pregnant. Once pregnant, the baby would then die ten months later. No wonder this entire city had no love.

 Such a city…

 Su Hao seemed to have understood something.

 This was his first contact with this talent, and if he guessed correctly, this virus infection that spread to the people of Muguang City is an origin technique.

 A terrifying origin technique.

 And the role of this origin technique was like what Su Hao guessed before, but its ultimate goal was only to obtain stronger strength or talent!

 “Since Model Analysis could grow into Realization…”

 “What about other talents then?”

 Su Hao’s eyes turned cold.

 With such a large population in the Federation, there would always be one or two special cases. If Su Hao was right, someone must have found a method, but what was it? Is it to increase his own strength? Or is it to collect something? Why must he kill the babies?

 Su Hao looked pensive.

 “Wa~ Wa~”

 A cry woke Su Hao up. He raised his head quickly and then saw a girl in her late teen in the distance, holding a newborn baby.

 “This is…”

 Su Hao was shocked.

 “She’s my daughter…” Da Zhuang smiled bitterly, “She and another young man in Muguang City couldn’t help but steal the forbidden fruit. Now, even with the child born, we can only wait for his death! Each time he cries, it might be his final breath…”

 “Then why did your daughter still want to give birth?” Su Hao curiously asked.

 “Our medical equipment failed to show it, and we couldn’t abort. Thus, she could only give birth.” Da Zhuang gritted his teeth bitterly.

 “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

 The girl smiled with her pale green skin while slipping tears across the corner of her eyes and comforting the child in her arms, “Mom is with you, don’t be afraid.”

 “Why don’t you go and have a look?”

 Su Hao looked at the sad-looking Da Zhuang.

 “I don’t want to, and I can’t go!”

 Da Zhuang squeezed his fists hard, “He will die in a few days’ time, and if I go now, later I will feel more heartache! I have persuaded her so many times to give up, but she…”

 Su Hao looked pensive.

 What to do now?

 Su Hao frowned.

 Originally, his plan was to secretly spy on Muguang City and live with these people before gradually waiting for the mastermind to reveal himself. However, when he saw this child, Su Hao decided to change his plan. The first point, he had to identify the ultimate goal of this virus’s appearance, what that man aimed for!

 The second point, he needs a faster solution!

 Instead of slowly seeking the truth, why not let that person take the initiative to knock on his door?

 Su Hao sneered.

 The panic expression deliberately disguised on his face instantly vanished as Su Hao resumed his initial confidence, “Da Zhuang, bring me to see that child.”


 Da Zhuang was stunned.

 At first, he watched Su Hao panic and wanted to leave, which was why he came to intercept Su Hao, but he would never have thought that this guy, who was almost dead in his eyes, would start to give an order.

 “Oh, yeah.”

 Su Hao recalled something.



 An energy wave vibrated.

 The green light simulated by Su Hao on his skin suddenly vanished. In an instant, Su Hao returned to normal. At this time, he once again looked at Da Zhuang, “Now, that should be fine, right?”

 “You, you, you, you…”

 Da Zhuang looked at Su Hao in shock.

 At this moment, those people around him finally discovered that Su Hao had returned to normal. Obviously, they were also stunned, revealing an unbelievable look on their face. Not far away, when the girl saw this scene, she also hurriedly squeezed through the crowd and fell on her knees, “Oh Lord, I beg you, please save my child.”

 Now that’s the right reaction.

 Su Hao walked over and gently put his hand on the child.

 The child was very healthy, and his complexion seemed normal.

 Everything looked the same as a normal person. However, when Su Hao’s energy entered his body, Su Hao finally noticed a shocking scene. This baby, who was only a few days old, actually possessed an activated origin ability!


 Su Hao couldn’t help but let out this word.

 An origin ability given by Heaven?

 An innate type?

 This was simply too heaven-defying!

 Any ordinary person only dares to integrate their origin ability at the age of 18 years old, while talented ones dare to merge in advance. This may not even guarantee success! And yet, this baby turned out to be born with an origin ability? Doesn’t that mean he’s destined to become the strongest esper in the future?

 “No, this isn’t right.”

 Su Hao quickly calmed down.

 There must have been a demon behind the scene, let alone a child born in this way?

 “Ability talent, Modeling!”

 Su Hao quickly established a model of the child’s ability talent.

 Grade A talent, Pathogen. This is a special talent that can absorb all viral powers around them and integrate it into one’s body, making oneself more and more powerful that a transformation of talent might occur. As for Pathogen, it has all the functions of virus type talent.

 “A top grade A talent!”

 Su Hao was very sure of this because he had this talent absorbed.

 Among hundreds of thousands of talents, there were not many talents related to the disease type, and this talent was, without a doubt, the best out of them. It was in the same ranking as the top talents, such as water elemental control or time control talent.

 “This kid has such a talent, then why would he die soon?”

 Su Hao couldn’t understand.

 He didn’t see anything strange except that this child had an innate talent.

 What exactly was it?

 When Su Hao was being puzzled, he suddenly found that when the origin model was successfully established, it got integrated into Kingdom of Heaven. Hold on… Su Hao recovered from his thoughts. The talent got integrated into Kingdom of Heaven? Doesn’t that mean he didn’t have this talent? However, he was very sure that he had such a talent in his body!

 The same grade A talent, the same name!

 “Something isn’t right.”

 Su Hao pondered.

 Once again, carefully comparing those two talents, Su Hao finally found the problem, which was that this talent was unique, and it belonged to the parasitic type.

 Parasitic, this is a special term.

 Normal talent belongs to oneself, but this talent exists in a parasitic manner that absorbs all the energy and viruses in this child’s body so that he looked normal and didn’t seem to be infected at all! When the parasite is saturated, it would then leave the body.

 Taking this child’s life along!

 Su Hao gained enlightenment.

 So that was the truth!

 Using this unique method to create a new parasitic talent, and then integrating it into your own talent to upgrade your talent’s strength! No matter how weak this talent was originally, Su Hao had no doubt that this damn talent is definitely a grade S now!

 The storm of pregnancy throughout the city in the past…

 That wasn’t anything but the death of thousands of babies!

 No matter how calm Su Hao’s heart was, he couldn’t help but be angered. In fact, he nearly failed to subdue his feelings. What kind of person, what level of cold-heartedness could one have to resort to such a method?

 “You will definitely come and find me.”

 Su Hao smirked.


 Origin energy vibrated.

 Su Hao used powerful force to shatter the parasitic talent in the baby!


 The baby cried, and the girl quickly comforted the baby.

 Su Hao withdrew his hand. Looking at the expectation from the eyes of the crowd around him, he said indifferently, “This child is already normal.”


 The surrounding crowd was shocked.

 Su Hao’s sentence sounded normal, but it brought them a special emotion.

 Despite having doubts, looking at Su Hao, who was now normal, they seemed to have a little more faith. Watching the child grow, one day, two days, three days…

 One week passed and he was still safe!


When the child was still crying as always, the whole city went into an uproar!

 He’s alive!

 He’s actually alive?

 The people of Muguang City all came over here once knowing the truth. The entire city seemed to be alive at this moment. For the first time ever, a city that had gone dull for several years, it finally had a feeling that had been lost for a long time, hope!

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