Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: A dead snake

Bai Zhi looked at Hu Feng’s tall figure, that was walking steady and calm . This was not a kind of man that grew up on a mountain . Bai Zhi suddenly got curious: What kind of person is Hu Feng before he got an amnesia?

When Bai Zhi returned to her senses, Hu Feng had gone far, and so she trotted along with the pheasants .

Bai Zhi looked at the sun in the sky and concluded that it was about noon time now . This was how the ancient people predict the time .

At this time, the sun’s heat was the most dangerous . But, people who worked in the field hardly paid attention to it . Some people will go home and have some lunch . Some people will find a place or trees to rest in the shade . Waiting for the heat to disperse a bit and then work again . As to avoid getting sick and buy medicines that were not much worth than a candle .

Hu Feng led Bai Zhi to their family’s field . Their vegetable and wheat field was not in the same place . Their vegetable field was near in the slope, where there were trees and gra.s.s everywhere . That place was cooler than any place in the field . There were many shades that can be used to take a break . No wonder the Bai Family likes to work in a dry land .

When they saw Hu Changlin, he was drenched in sweat . Zhao Lan was following behind him and helping him breaking the soil . Although she was using her left hand, she can still do a good job .

Bai Zhi took three steps sideways and another two steps in front: “Nianggg, we’re back!”

Zhao Lan stopped her hand and turned her head . She saw her daughter running towards her . Her face that was full of purple bruises was red, so it became more and more visible . There were dead pheasants in her hand .

“Slow down, don’t fall . ” Zhao Lan smiled and put down her farm tool . Then, she took Bai Zhi’s hand and pulled her in the shade under the tree: “You rest here . We still have some work left . We will go back once we finished . ”

Bai Zhi pulled her mother: “Don’t, Niang, you take a break, okay? I will do it . ” Bai Zhi handed the pheasants to her mother and turned to go in the ground . She just saw how her mother did it, and it was not hard with the help of the farm tool .

At this time, Hu Feng also unloaded the cloth bag and bamboo bag on his back and put them under the tree . When he saw Bai Zhi going on the ground, he also followed and grab the farm tool in her hand, then said: “I’ll do it . ”

Hu Feng still has a great strength . He held the farm tool in his hand and pulled Bai Zhi to the side with his other hand .

Hu Changlin, who was on the side, look at them with a smile . He said: “Zhi’er you are tired too . Just rest with your mother . I will finish the rest with Hu Feng . ”

Bai Zhi was still injured, she shouldn’t do a heavy work . Hu Changlin said so, so Bai Zhi said nothing regarding about it . She just smiled and said: “Then, I’ll just prepare something you could eat . I’ll make you a good one . ”

Hu Changlin wanted to ask her where was she going to get a food . But, when he saw her happily going under the tree, he no longer asks anything . He thought Hu Feng had dug some more sweet potatoes on the mountain . After all, in that wilderness, what else was there?

Hu Changlin and Hu Feng continued to work hard . While Bai Zhi pulled out the dead snake from the bag .

Zhao Lan was scared to death when she saw the snake .

Seeing Zhao Lan’ s shocked face while jumping to the side . Bai Zhi swayed the snake on her hand and smiled: “Niang, look, it’s a dead snake, why are you so scared?”

Zhao Lan saw that the snake was indeed dead . So, she sighed in relief, but she still didn’t dare to approach it . She pointed her finger at it and said to Bai Zhi: “Hurry, throw it away . ”

However, Bai Zhi shook her head: “That can’t be done . We can eat it for lunch today . Why throw it away?”

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