Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: One’s life experience

Bai Zhi looked at the wild ginseng in her hands . If it was in the modern era, such a hundred-year-old wild ginseng will sell at least 200, 000 yuan .

In the 23rd century, there were farmers specialized in growing ginseng . They were growing an artificial ginseng but the price was still good . At most, the price was 100, 000 yuan per piece . And the real hundred-year-old ginseng has been dug and cut out by them . So, most likely, all the wild ginseng in the market were fake, which ordinary people couldn’t distinguish .

“Hu Feng, how much money can you sell this wild ginseng?” Bai Zhi asked .

Hu Feng shook his head again: “I don’t know . ”

“Anyway, no matter what price we could sell it, we will divide it in half . ”

Hu Feng raised an eyebrow . This little girl was generous . She thought he was protecting her, so she should give him half of the price . Hu Feng didn’t refuse, their family was too poor and also needed money .

Bai Zhi wrapped the ginseng in the leaves and put it inside her bamboo bag . She also put some common herbs on the top, so that when they went back, no one could see it .

Now, she and the Bai Family aren’t separated yet . If they learn this thing, will they let it aside? Obviously not .

The two of them went back on the same road . They were lucky enough because they came back early . On the way back, Hu Feng hunted two pheasants . Although it was not worth a lot of money, he could sell it if needed .

After going down the deep forest, they drank water at the stream . They dug the pit of yacon and washed all the remaining fruits to take it back .

There was a bamboo forest not far from Bai Zhi’s current place . Hu Feng went close to it and cut a bamboo that was thick as an arm .

After cutting, Hu Feng threw it in front of Bai Zhi and asked: “What do you want to do with it?”

Bai Zhi pointed her finger at the stream on the side and smiled: “Hu Bo and Niang are both working in the field . The weather is hot, so they must have drunk the water they brought . This water is very cold, it will alleviate the heat in their body . ”

Hu Feng understood her meaning: “You are very careful . ” He took the bamboo tubes and cleaned it before he filled it with the water stream . Then, he covered it with the leaves .

Bai Zhi’s bamboo bag almost become full . There were still injuries in her shoulders . So, every step she took was like torture .

Bai Zhi gritted her teeth and didn’t scream in pain, nor complain .

Hu Feng was originally walking in the front . He deliberately slowed down his footsteps, but the little girl still couldn’t keep up with his pace .

He stopped and turned to look at the slender figure, step by step walking towards him . Under the sunlight, her face was full of purple bruises and wounds . She lacks the tenacity of ordinary girls should have .

She was always frowning and biting her lips . Her hands were at the bottom of her back as if she was trying to relive some weight on her shoulders .

Despite this action, there were some traces of scarlet blood on the shoulder part of her dress .

Hu Feng wrinkled his eyebrows and quickly approached her . Then, he stretched out his hand and unloaded the bamboo bag on her back .

Bai Zhi looked up and stared at Hu Feng . Her sweat was almost covering her eyes, but the tall and fuzzy figure gave her a peace of mind .

“What are you doing?” Bai Zhi rubbed her aching shoulder and looked at Hu Feng inexplicably .

Hu Feng took out the pheasant from the cloth bag on his back and said: “You hold this, I will carry your bag . ”

Hu Feng was originally carrying two big gray rabbits, two pheasants, a thick green snake and a bag full of yacon fruits . Adding them all, he was carrying a much heavier stuff than the little girl . But now, he was also carrying her bamboo bag on his back .

Hu Feng didn’t say another word, he just turned and walked away .

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