Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Bluebell

Hu Feng shook his head: “I’ve never eaten it before . I’ve killed a few snakes before when I was hunting . But, I didn’t know it was edible . ”

Bai Zhi felt pity when she listened: “It’s a pity, you didn’t know the taste of the snake meat . But, you will know it later . ”

Although Hu Feng still has some resistance to eat a snake . He hasn’t eaten meat for a long time now . When he listened to her words, it gave birth to a wonderful feeling . And so, he followed her words and put the snake on the cloth bag .

The two of them continued to walk deep into the forest . Along the way, Hu Feng hunted two gray rabbits . The rabbits were very fat, but Hu Feng didn’t seem to be happy .

“What? You’re not satisfied with them? I haven’t pick up the herbs I want yet . ” Bai Zhi asked with a smile .

Hu Feng swept his eyes to the heavy cloth bag and whispered: “This gray rabbit doesn’t worth much . Even if you add these two, you can only sell it for 60 copper coins . ”

Bai Zhi was stunned and rolled her eyes: “What? 60 copper coins? These two big rabbits only cost 60 copper coins? Isn’t it almost the same the price of a cabbage?”

Hu Feng shrugged his shoulders: “There is no other choice . This animal can easily catch and its meat was unpalatable . Only a few rich families were willing to buy its meat . The town shop put a lot of pressure to its price, so it’s current price only reach the price of a cabbage . ”

“How can it’s meat be so cheap? Moreover, the rabbit’s meat tastes so delicious . Who said it was unpalatable? That person must not know how to cook it . He shouldn’t blame the rabbit’s meat ah . ”

“You know how to cook it?”  Hu Feng raised an eyebrow .

Bai Zhi nodded: “Of course, I know how delicious the braised rabbit meat I made . Don’t sell it . I will show you how good it is at dinner . ”

Hu Feng nodded: “Okay . It won’t sell a good price anyway . ”

While discussing, Bai Zhi suddenly smelled a scent . A scent that was very faint . It was mixed with the fragrance of gra.s.s, leaves, and soil . If a person doesn’t know it, it was very difficult to distinguish .

Bai Zhi began to get excited . She took a deep breath and closed her eyes . When she opened her eyes, she pointed her finger in the direction: “Over there . ”

Hu Feng doesn’t understand: “What’s in there?”

Bai Zhi replied: “The herbs that I’m looking for was over there . ”

Bai Zhi continue followed the direction of the faint smell and went to the deepest part of the forest . Hu Feng followed closely behind her with vigilance . He had never been in this place before .   This area was the real Luoying Mountain and not the area they just walked .

Bai Zhi suddenly stopped her footsteps and looked at the green field not far away from of her . There were no towers of trees, there was a vast blue sky up above . A golden sunlight projected the whole green area . The green field was completely bathing in sunlight . The scent led her into this place .

Bai Zhi was very excited . In the 23rd century, she tried cultivating Bluebell for two years but failed .

Bluebell was almost extinct in the 23rd century . She and several professors tried to cultivate this herb but also failed .

“What is this?” Seeing her so excited, Hu Feng couldn’t help but ask .

“This is bluebell, it’s a very expensive herbal medicine . It’s extremely difficult to plant . Not to mention this many!” At least, the whole green field was approximately 10 square meters .

Hu Feng snorted and asked: “What kind of disease can this herb cure?”

What kind of disease can this herb cure? This sentence seems not only like a nail that was pondered on her brain, but also like a cold water of basin that was poured on her .

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