Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Eating meat again

She wanted to use her own efforts to prove to the world that she was worth it . She wanted her parents to regret abandoning her .

After looking for a long time, she finally found her biological parents . She was planning to show herself with such great achievements . She wanted to stand upright in front of them and tell them that she lived very well without them .

Unfortunately, she hasn’t achieved that goal, when she changed from a famous doctor of the 23rd century into a young farmer in this world .

Hu Feng always looked at the little girl in front of him . He didn’t take away his eyes to her childish face . Her eyes looked beautiful, bright and smart . But at the same time, there was deep restraint that wasn’t consistent in her age .

“That is wrong . A person’s memory is proof of his existence in the past . How can a person obliterate his past just because of someone else preference? Can you call person normal if he can’t remember his past?”

Hu Feng rarely spoke such a long sentence . What more, he rarely spoke . But today, he seemed said a lot of words . With this little girl, he always talked, just like the ordinary people in the village . In front of her, he seems like a normal person .

Bai Zhi sighed and said: “You are right . Everyone’s situation is different . Because I have some bad memories, I felt like losing some memories were not a big deal . Perhaps in your memory, there were a lot of good and beautiful things that you don’t want to forget . So, you can’t just forget them all . ”

Bai Zhi looked up and looked at his half lighted and shadowed handsome face . Then, she said with a serious looking face: “Hu Feng, rest a.s.sured . I will cure your illness . I’ll help you recover your memories as soon as possible . ”

Although he didn’t know how much a promised could cost . And how much her success rate was . He felt very comfortable in his heart . He felt that he still had hope in this life . He felt like all his struggles were worth it .

Hu Feng was about to say thank you when a slight movement came from behind her . His eyes then pa.s.sed over her neck and landed on the trunk behind . A fancy green snake spitting a long red tongue was rushing towards Bai Zhi .

Without any plans, Hu Feng grabbed the snake with one hand, as his other hand quickly pushed Bai Zhi away on the ground .

His push was extremely strong . Bai Zhi’s body completely planted on the ground . Her mouth kissed the mud . Bai Zhi climbed up to curse Hu Feng, but she saw a snake as thick as a child’s arm on his hand . The snake’s opened mouth revealed it’s little fangs . And it’s throat revealing a strange sound .

It turned out there was a snake behind her . If Hu Feng didn’t save her, she might have been bitten by that snake now .

Hu Feng grabbed the seven inches green snake . Then, he slammed it on the trunk to the side . The green snake’s head was broken .

Hu Feng then turned to look at her . “Are you okay?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head and said: “I’m fine, what about you?”

Hu Feng also nodded his head: “I’m fine, let’s go and find the herbs you want . Then, let’s hurry go down the mountain, before it get’s dark . ”

However, Bai Zhi pointed her finger at the dead green snake under the tree: “Let’s take this . Then, let’s go and find Hu bo and Niang later . Let’s roast it and eat together . ”

Hu Feng stared at her with wide eyes opened in shocked: “Eat the snake? Can you eat a snake? Isn’t a snake poisonous?”

Bai Zhi also looked at him with shocked: “You haven’t eaten a snake?” The snakes were delicious . Its meat was soft and tender . Whether it was fried or stewed, it was delicious .

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