Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Save my mother

Village Chief Li glared at the old lady and Mrs . Liu .

But, because the two of them saw Bai Zhi actually didn’t die . They were naturally not scared . They both climbed up from the ground .

Old Lady Bai replied: “This is our family’s problem . There’s nothing important issue into it, so I would rather like it if you won’t bother us . ”

Village Chief Li angrily said: “Nothing important? You almost killed a person . Do you know what will happen if you killed her? Fortunately, the little girl didn’t die . Otherwise, you two will go straight to prison . ”

Old Lady Bai got a bit scared, but she still smiled and said: “You can still tell a joke despite your old age ah . Who hasn’t encountered a one or two of these issues? But, does anyone who killed a child went to prison?”

On the side, Bai Zhi stood up and coldly said: “That is because no one has reported the crime . That’s why the officials didn’t pay attention . If I died and my mother went to the government office and reported it . Do you think both of you can run?”

Village Chief Li lifted an eyebrow and stared at Bai Zhi . He thought this child doesn’t know much .

“What Bai Zhi had said is right . That is the real case . ” Village Chief Li said and nodded .

Old Lady Bai and Mrs . Liu look at each other . Their eyes were full of horror . Inside their heart, they were very thankful that this dead girl had survived . Otherwise, they will live miserably .

Bai Zhi saw Zhao Lan, who was lying on the ground seemed to move, but haven’t woke up yet .

Her eyes suddenly lit up and had an idea . She busily showed a pitiful expression and head towards the old lady: “Grandmother, my niang was injured . I beg you, please find a doctor to cure her . ”

Old Lady Bai frowned her eyebrows . Her face become cold: “Find a doctor? If we have money to spare, do you think you will die? This dead girl, your mind must be clouded . With just a few stick hits, you want me to spend money to a doctor? You must be dreaming!”

The old lady’s answer was already beyond the villager’s expectation . When Old Bai, her husband, and her third son fell on the roof and had big injuries . The old lady was also very reluctant to spend money to ask the doctor for treatment . And so they lost their lives .

How can a person who was so cruel to her husband and son, be good to her daughter-in-law?

Bai Zhi turned her head and cried out loud: “Village Chief, my niang is dying . Please, I beg you to save my niang . ”

In the old village chief’s eyes, it can be seen that he cares about this child . Earlier, when he just came back from the mountain, he saw the old lady . He disagreed with her plan . He tried to convince her, to just let the mother and child lived happily together .

But, who would have thought that this old lady will be more and more unreasonable? If he won’t use this opportunity to teach the old lady a lesson, she will surely come up with a more hideous plan .

Village Chief Li made up his mind and said to Old Lady Bai: “Hurry, call for a doctor . If something bad happened to her, this can only be blamed to the two of you . ”

Old Lady Bai didn’t make any movement, so Village Chief Li’s face darkens: “There were many people have witnessed that you have beaten her to death . If this will be reported, let’s see if you two can get away from it . When the officials come, we will serve as the witnesses . ”

Old Lady Bai was full of hate and anger . This Village Chief and villagers were too noisy .   She hated this mother and child but has no intention to kill any of them . 12 was the prime of age, where the body was strong and can work all year round, so she planned to sell her with a good price to get some benefits .

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