Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Not as good as a pig

“Even if it was picked up by him, this child was only 12 years old. And what is the difference between this little girl and the second son’s daughter? That man shouldn’t be too short-sighted.” Hu Changlin, who had just returned after calling Zhao Lan from the field said.

Mrs. Liu kept shouting. So, Old Lady Bai, who picked up the dried clothes from the backyard, immediately dropped the clothes. And rushed with a stick, after hearing the noise.

“Who hit you ah?” Old Lady Bai asked, as soon as she saw Mrs. Liu sitting on the ground and crying.

Mrs. Liu pointed her finger at Zhao Lan: “Zhao Lan, she hit me, niang, you have to seek justice for me.”

When Old Lady Bai saw Zhao Lan, she remembered that this woman’s child has died. This woman’s daughter has died, so she had to return the 12 silvers that were already been given to her. Which made her felt in pain and heartbroken.

Without hesitation, Old Lady Bai rushed forward and hit hard Zhao Lan a few times.

Zhao Lan was heartbroken. She was completely immersed with the thought of her dead daughter. She didn’t notice that the old lady was holding a stick and rushing towards her. So, as soon as the stick slammed to her body, she fell to the ground and fainted.

The villagers were still standing in front of the courtyard. Hu Changlin saw this, so he shouted: “This old lady just killed her granddaughter, but still couldn’t let go of her daughter-in-law.”

Hu Changlin pushed the people around him with his hand and rushed inside the courtyard. Then, he shouted at Old Lady Bai: “You old woman, how can your heart be so poisonous? Do you want to kill her?”

Old Lady Bai also didn’t expect Zhao Lan to fell on the ground after just a few hits of the stick. This was not the first time she hit her. This daughter-in-law’s skin and flesh were thick. How could she fell down after a few hits?

On the side, Mrs. Liu stopped crying. She then rushed to the old lady and said: “Niang, if you kill Zhao Lan, who will do the work to the field in the future?”

At this time, the little girl who was lying on the straw mat suddenly opened her eyes. She actually regained consciousness a bit earlier, but she was confused and haven’t accepted the fact that she, a famous doctor from 23rd century become an ancient little peasant girl.

After sitting up, she couldn’t help but knitted her eyebrows in pain. The two women were so cruel and killed this 12 yr old child.

“The corpse move, the corpse move!” The villagers in front suddenly shouted.

Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu also saw the dead little girl sat up. Both of them was scared to death and fell to the ground.

Old Lady Bai pushed Mrs. Liu forward and shouted: “It’s her, she, she wants to sell you and use the 12 silvers for her son, Dabao. It’s none of my business.”

Mrs. Liu shrunk and shouted back in a hurry: “No, it’s not me. Your grandmother said she wanted to have a few new clothes. She said that as long as she sells you, there will be money to buy a few fabric. It’s none of my business. It has nothing to do with me.”

Bai Zhi looked up and stared at them. Her eyes look extremely cold. Which made the people’s facial expression not even as good as a pig’s face.

Originally, because of a headache and painful injuries. she intended to pretend unconscious for a while more. But, when she heard what they said, she couldn’t stand it. So, she gritted her teeth and endured.

Feeling lazy to talk nonsense, Bai Zhi went straight to Zhao Lan and look at her injuries. Her right arm was fractured. Her head has a swelling lump. Her skin has bruises and some of it has blood. But, all in all, her injuries were not heavy. Her unconscious state was only temporary. She will wake up soon.

At this time, the villagers keep squeezing themselves to the front. After looking, they saw Bai Zhi was still alive, but she has a lot of purple bruises. Not to mention, she really looked miserable.

Zhao Lan collapsed to the ground, after being hit by a laundry stick.

“What happened? Who did this?”

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