Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Rice Soup

What else can she say? She can only quietly do her job . Mrs . Liu hadn’t cooked in the kitchen for two years now . Fortunately, she only had to cook a pot of porridge and stir a large pot of vegetables .

Bai Erzhu put the 60 copper coins in his purse and was about to go to their room . However, as soon as he walked out from his aging mother’s room, he saw Doctor Lu carrying his medicine box and a few packets of medicine into their yard .

Bai Erzhu hurriedly welcomed Doctor Lu: “Oh, isn’t this Lu dafu? What brings you here?”

Doctor Lu was feeling lazy to talk to Bai Erzhu . So, he simply said: “I came to treat Zhao Lan . Your not here earlier, so you might not know . But, your mother knew this . ”

Bai Erzhuo replied: “They are not here, their house collapsed, so they went to Hu Changlin’s house . ”

Doctor Lu look towards the broken house, and indeed, it collapsed . Doctor Lu sighed and said: “Okay, I’ll go to Old Hu’s house and give her the medicines . ”

When Bai Erzhu heard this, he hurriedly stopped Doctor Lu: “Give her the medicines? Isn’t she alright now? Her broken hand is not worthy to be spent with medicines . We don’t have so much money to waste with her . Just take back your medicines . ”

Doctor Lu said: “These medicines have already been paid . And it was for Bai Zhi . Have you seen her condition? If I will not give her this medicine, she’ll get sick the whole night . If anything bad happened, then don’t blame me ah . ”

Bai Erzhu remembered the year when his father and third brother fell from the roof . At that time, they vomited blood, but they were still conscious .

Doctor Lu also gave them prescriptions, but he asked them to go to the town to get the medicines . They felt that the medicines in the town will be expensive, so they didn’t go . After dragging the treatment for a few more days, they both died .

Although Bai Erzhu felt distressed this time by spending money to a doctor . He only swallowed his words . After all, if Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi reported this case . His mother and sister-in-law will definitely go to the prison . Can their family survive if that happens?

Bai Erzhu closed his mouth and said nothing, then he turned and entered their house .

Doctor Lu shook his head and took his medicine box to go to Hu Changlin’s house .

At last, the Bai Family was now having their dinner . Old Lady Bai stared at her bowl of porridge and frown her eyebrows: Is this a porridge? This is clearly a rice soup .

The old lady then swept her eyes towards Mrs . Liu . In the past, this daughter-in-law always tried to give her a thick porridge . But now, in this dining table, she didn’t treat her like an elder .

Mrs . Liu didn’t dare to respond to the old woman’s dissatisfied eyes . She only acted natural, as if she didn’t notice anything .

When Mrs . Zhang took a bowl of porridge back from the kitchen and came to the dining hall . She slammed the bowl and said: “Sister-in-law, is this a porridge or a rice soup?”

Mrs . Liu smiled, then replied: “Of course, it’s a porridge, it’s only a little thin . ”

Mrs . Zhang’s said in dissatisfaction: “A little thin? Can you please help me look for the rice in this porridge?”

Mrs . Liu busily replied: “You shouldn’t blame me in this . You and I both eat the same meal . We don’t have much rice in the jar . Of course, I can add more rice to this . But, if I did that, we won’t have a meal on the following days . Not to mention, even rice soup will not do . ”

For this reason, Old Lady Bai’s eyes become soft and so she waved her hand, then said: ” Stop it and let’s just eat . We still have work to do tomorrow . ” Then, the old lady turned her head to her second daughter-in-law: “After this dinner, we will divide the food per head to avoid this situation . ”

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