Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Hiding food to eat

Bai Erzhu busily said: “Niang, I’m not really sure, but if I go this time to the town, maybe I can really get food . ”

Seeing him with a serious look, and seems not lying . Old Lady Bai ask: “What’s going on? Let’s talk about it . ”

Bai Erzhu leaned towards his aging mother’s ear and whispered in a very low voice: “Niang, when I was working in the field and cleaning up the gra.s.s, I heard from the two people that went to the town and buy some foods that, the Xu Family bun’s shop prepared 100 pieces of steamed buns for the 5 partic.i.p.ants in the compet.i.tion . These 5 contestants will be asked to eat these steamed buns . The contestant who will eat the most will be given 1 bag of flour . ”

“Niang, 1 bag of flour, 1 bag of flour, how long do you think it will help our family?” Bai Erzhu’s smile reached up to his ears . As if this bag of flour had already been delivered to their house .

Old Lady Bai was amazed and ask: “Is there really such a good compet.i.tion in this world? They will ask you to eat steamed buns? And after you eat, they will also give 1 bag of flour? Does the owner of the steamed bun shop has a muddled brain?”

Bai Erzhu said: “The owner doesn’t have a muddled brain . Of course, there is also condition to partic.i.p.ate . It’s not just any person could partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion . The partic.i.p.ant will be asked to pay the money first . ”

Old Lady Bai ask: “How much is it?”

Bai Erzhu showed his palm: “Not much, only 50 copper coins . ”

Old Lady Bai calculated and then asked: “50 copper coins are enough to buy 10 steamed buns . Will they returned the money after you win?”

Bai Erzhu laughed: “Of course, as long as you win the game, they will not only returned the 50 copper coins but also will give you a bag of flour . It’s really a good deal!”

Indeed, it was a good deal . So, Old Lady Bai immediately nodded her head: “Well then, you go to the town tomorrow and be sure to get back, okay? Our family hasn’t tasted a steamed bun for a long time now . ”

Bai Erzhu smiled, and busily stretched out his hand: “Give me the money . ”

Old Lady Bai went to her room to get the money . Bai Erzhu quickly followed in . When he saw his aging mother getting the copper coins from the wooden box, he smiled and said: “Niang, give me sixty copper coins in total . I’ll bring some spare money to ensure no problem will arise . ”

After thinking the 1 bag of flour, Old Lady Bai thinks that there was nothing wrong with bringing some spare money . So, she gave Bai Erzhu a total of 60 copper coins .

In the kitchen, after Mrs . Liu took out two jars of rice, she squeezed herself to her husband and ask: “Why are you winking at me earlier?”

Bai Dazhu looked behind him . When he saw no one followed, he whispered: “After you cook the porridge, we will hide a thick bowl of porridge, so we will not get hungry at night . ”

Mrs .  Liu’s eyes flashed with worries: “If your niang learned about this, she will get angry . ”

After eating a small bowl of porridge and a few vegetables with no oil . Who will not get hungry at night? So, if they can really hide some food to eat in the evening, that would be great .

Bai Dazhu smiled and said with a low voice: “Stupid wife, tonight you will cook the meal . If you add a bit more rice and hide the food early before everyone eats, who will know?”

Mrs .  Liu gradually smiled: “I see . Okay, I will listen to you . ” The unpleasant mood she felt earlier gradually dissipated .

However, seeing Bai Dazhu turning to go, she busily said: “Hey! Didn’t you said that you will help me? Where are you going?”

Bai Dazhu did not return inside the kitchen, he only said: “Just a simple task, yet you still want me to help? I am busy the whole day, I’ll go and sleep . After the sun went down, the mosquitoes are flying everywhere . I wouldn’t be able to sleep by then . Remember to wake me up, when you finished cooking dinner . ”

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