Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Gossip

Village Chief Li shook his head and really felt sorry inside his heart . But in the end, it was true, that this was Bai Family’s business . It’s not good to meddle too much .

“Oh, how unlucky ah . You’re all hurt… …” Village Chief Lo approached the wounded Zhao Lan and looked at Hu Changlin: “If they lived in this broken house, their injuries will get worse . Old Hu, what do you think? Can they stay at your house for at least two days?”

Although Zhao Lan was a widow, she was known for being an honest person . Hu Changlin was also the same . So, hearing this, the villagers didn’t open their mouth to speak . They didn’t dare to make irresponsible remarks . They just went back to their homes .

Bai Zhi can see that Hu Changlin and Village Chief Li were really a good-natured people, so she has no opinion . On the other hand, Zhao Lan was very worried . She was a widow and her daughter was still very young . In the Hu Family, only Hu Changlin and Hu Feng live in there . If she brings her child, she might hear terrible remarks . She was quite old now, so she has no worries for herself . But her daughter was different . In the future, she would like to find her a good husband, so she shouldn’t let her reputation be tainted .

After thinking carefully, Zhao Lan looked towards them: “Hu dage, Village Chief, thank you for your kindness . But, since we can’t separate from the family, we will leave it like that . My daughter and I were injured . We don’t want to burden anyone . ”

Both Hu Changlin and Village Chief Li know her real concerns . So, they understand her choice . After all, a woman’s reputation was far greater than anything . Because it is related to a lifetime happiness . She shouldn’t be careless .

The two men were planning to leave, but suddenly, they heard a thunderstorm up in the air . Coupled with the strong wind, all the dust rose up in the courtyard, and they lose a sight .

n.o.body could react . They couldn’t only listen to a few more noises . But, when they tried to look back, the broken house has already collapsed .

This was not the first time the broken house collapsed . But, whenever it happened, Zhao Lan and her daughter hide in the large house and slept in there for a night . Once the rain stopped, she would repair their house . She continued to live like that until today . But, with her fractured arm, how could she fix it?

Don’t say that she has two brothers-in-law, even if those two returned, they wouldn’t help her .

Seeing this condition, Hu Changlin said, “Zhao Lan, I’m afraid that this is not a good time to repair your house . Let’s just do it this way, I have a small cabin behind our main house . Although it is very simple, it can be used as a shelter . In that cabin, you don’t need to worry about gossips . Would you like to stay in there for a few days?”

When Village Chief Li heard this, he hurriedly persuaded Zhao Lan: “This is a good idea . I know that cabin, it was like a wooden hut, at least in there, you don’t need to worry about the sudden gush of the strong wind or the rain . You and your daughter were injured, it’s not good for you two to sleep in the mud . ”

Zhao Lan looked at the large house . The door was closed . According to her intuition, they have locked it inside . Today, they were not qualified to sleep in there . They can only sleep in the mud .

Seeing her daughter’s appearance, she knew she wouldn’t be able to endure the cold rain all night .

So, she gritted her teeth and finally nodded her head: “Hu dage, thank you . ”

Hu Changlin quickly waved his hand: “What are you thanking me for, it’s nothing but an old empty cabin . You wait here, I’ll help you get the quilt inside your house . I don’t have an extra in our home . ” Hu Changlin said in a hurry and enter the half-collapsed broken house . In there, he took the patched quilt and two old wooden basins .

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