Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Eye opener

Village Chief Li looked at the old lady from head to toe and then shook his head: “I’m telling you, you don’t have any injuries to your body . How will you go and report that you’ve been hit by a little girl? Why don’t you look at Bai Zhi? Her body was full of injuries . So, who do think obviously was. .h.i.t?”

When Mrs . Liu heard this, her face turn pale . She quickly grabbed her mother-in-law’s sleeve and shook her head vigorously .

Old Lady Bai looked at Bai Zhi . Her body was full of bluish-purple bruises, her clothes have blood, which was enough evidence . This little girl hit them multiple times, but why they don’t any bruise? If they went to the government office, they will naturally lose .

Old Lady Bai shouted: “It’s not necessary to go to the government office . You are our Village Chief . You’ve just seen it! Let them pay me 4 silvers!”

Village Chief Li shook his head: “I didn’t see anything . ” Then, he turned around and ask the villagers: “Have you guys seen it?”

The villagers shook their head: “We didn’t see anything . ”

“Hey, this is? Are you guys saying that I am lying?”  Old Lay Bai was anxious .

Bai Zhi was happy . Her neighbors were interesting people .

Village Chief Li waved his hand and said: “Don’t speak nonsense . This is the agreement contract that will prove your family had separate . Take a look at it . If there is no problem, put your fingerprints”

Old Lady Bai and Mrs . Liu don’t know how to read . But, they can feel that the village chief was helping the mother and child . So, Old Lady Bai went inside their house and called out Bai Xiaofeng, who was sleeping .

Bai Xiaofeng studied in school for two years now . So, he can read the contract for them .

When Bai Xiaofeng took the contract, his face becomes dark . Whenever he goes to school, he could see some of his cla.s.smates, being served with a tea by their maidservant .

Their family cannot afford to buy him a maidservant, so he treated Bai Zhi as his servant girl . And Bai Zhi treated him like a real young master .

If the people leave, who will serve him?

Bai Xiaofeng was so angry and immediately torn the contract . He looked at the old lady and said: “Grandmother, have you gone crazy? If we separate, who will serve me at school? I’m going to be the top scholar student . Who will serve me by then?”

Although the old lady hated the mother and child, Bai Xiaofeng was his favorite grandson . This grandson was the hope of their family!

“Okay, okay, we’ll do as what Xiaofeng has said, we won’t separate! Let’s go back inside the house, so you can continue your studies… …” Old Lady Bai coaxed and took Bai Xiaofeng back to the house, and then came out to see Zhao  Lan .

Without any scruples, Old Lady Bai said to Zhao Lan and in front of so many people: “You want to separate? You must be dreaming! You think you can find another man after sucking the Bai Family’s money? Zhao Lan, since your married in the Bai family, you can only stay . You will never leave here unless you become a ghost!”

“Village Chief, we will not divide our family, you go back to your house!” After finishing her words, Old Lady Bai was about to leave . However, she noticed Bai Zhi coldly staring at her . So, she turned and looked towards her: “And you, you dead girl, you ate the Bai Family’s food for 12 years, so do you think you can just leave?”

This is an eye-opener . We must separate from this family as soon as possible and draw a clear line! Bai Zhi secretly made a decision inside her heart .

Bai Zhi sneers inside her heart, but she didn’t show it on her face: “People that live here only eat, drink and sleep! So naturally, we will stay! But, I’m sure, if we eat more and work less, you will eventually throw us away!”

Old Lady Bai didn’t want to continue talking to Bai Zhi . And regardless of the villager’s presence, she and Mrs . Liu left the yard and returned to the large room, where they lived .

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