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Chapter 350 - Young Lord Feng, the Savior

Chapter 350: Young Lord Feng, the Savior

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Zuo Qingyu raised her voice deliberately, making sure that Feng Wu could hear it.

Anyone who genuinely cared about Feng Wu would have jumped to their feet by now. However, Lady Wang and Feng Liu only exchanged satisfied looks at the insult.

Feng Wu clenched her fists.

No one with any sense of self-respect would turn a deaf ear to such humiliating words.

However, Feng Wu knew better than anyone that she couldn’t do anything reckless.

A Level 9 Spiritual Master was something in Northern Border City, but here in the imperial capital, she still wasn’t strong enough.

Feng Wu wasn’t going to take it lying down, though. She was going to rise to her feet when —

“Little Feng Wu —”

A familiar voice ran out.

It was a melodious male voice.

And Feng Wu wasn’t the only one who heard it. Everyone turned in that direction.

A teenager sat on the hedge to their right, beaming at Feng Wu.

Bright light shone behind him, giving his smile a blurry effect and making it all the more stunning.

One couldn’t help but cheer up at the uplifting air the teenager gave off.

“Feng Xun!”

Everyone cried out in surprise!

Feng Xun, the Young Lord Feng, was infamous in the imperial capital for his unruly behavior. As the only son of the Northern Feng General, his mother doted on him, which had resulted in his current personality. He could behave like the most spoiled young lord.

It was common knowledge that Feng Xun obeyed one person only — the crown prince.

The eyes of many ladies lit up at the sight of Feng Xun!

Not only was Feng Xun handsome, he also had a superior status. In the list of “ideal husbands” in the imperial capital, he was second only to Jun Linyuan.

“Little Feng Wu!” Feng Xun hopped off the hedge, ran up to Feng Wu, and rubbed her hair in an affectionate manner. His warm smile reminded one of the pleasant spring sunlight. “Where are you looking? I’m right here.”

The smiles froze on many of the young ladies’ faces.

Were Feng Xun and Feng Wu… very close?

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him. “Your hand.”

“What?” Feng Xun was bewildered.

“Off me.” Feng Wu hated when other people touched her head. It was bad luck.

“Sure.” Seeing Feng Wu’s frown, Feng Xun obeyed right away. He patted her on the shoulder instead and smiled broadly. “You’re here for the banquet as well? Gosh, isn’t it so boring? Come, I’ll show you around.”

Feng Wu then stepped on his foot.

Feng Xun cried out and accused Feng Wu with an exaggerated expression, “Hey! Little Feng Wu! You stepped on my foot!”

“Hit her! Now!”

Zuo Qingyu clenched her fists and stared at Feng Wu in hatred, wishing that she could pierce Feng Wu with her gaze.

Zuo Qingyu had been secretly in love with Feng Xun for a very long time and she couldn’t get over her infatuation. She had hinted to her mother on multiple occasions to propose her marriage into the Feng family. Never had she expected that Feng Wu would be so familiar with Feng Xun. She grit her teeth so hard out of jealousy that her molars almost broke!

However, Feng Wu overpowered Feng Xun with her smirk. “Get back to wherever you came from. Now.”

Feng Xun darted a look at Feng Wu, then whispered in her ear, “Aren’t you angry about all these people saying such things about you? How about I get revenge for you?”

All human beings were emotional animals. After everything Feng Xun had done for her, Feng Wu would be lying if she said she wasn’t touched. It was just that —

“That won’t be necessary.” Feng Wu turned him down casually.

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