Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 349 - Clamor

Chapter 349: Clamor

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“Your Royal Highness, are you going to the Yan manor?” Feng gave Jun Linyuan a knowing look.

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, clenched his fists, and darted an arrogant look at Feng. “Why? I can’t?”

The Yan manor would never be given such an honor if it wasn’t for that girl.

“Of course you can. Would you like a plain carriage or…” Feng asked attentively.

Jun Linyuan darted another arrogant look at Feng. “It’s been a while since I last used my guards of honor and you guys are out of practice. It’s time to put them to use now.”

Feng was speechless.

The Yan manor.

Feng Wu sat at her table, surrounded by all the murmurs and smirks.

Some stared at her openly, while others stole glances at her.

Some were curious and some jeered.

There was both sympathy and contempt.

However, Feng Wu, the center of attention, kept her gaze on her chopsticks and enjoyed her meal, as if all the clamor had nothing to do with her.

Feng Liu was here to laugh at Feng Wu and she wasn’t satisfied by Feng Wu’s calm at all.

“Sister Wu, don’t be sad. We’re all here for you —” Feng Liu took Feng Wu’s hands and said in a clear voice. “Sister Wu, you can stop pretending. It breaks my heart to see you force yourself like this.”

So… the others saw the light suddenly.

They had thought that Feng Wu was really that tough. As it turned out, she was only acting.

“That girl is so fake.”

“I thought that she was shameless. So, she’s only pretending.”

“I would have run away in tears if I were her. How can she just sit there?”

The Zuo family sat at a table that was much closer to the front and many ladies had surrounded them.

Lady Qian, one of the bolder ones, asked, “Mrs Zuo, what do you think of the fifth daughter of the Feng clan?”

Mrs Zuo asked in bewilderment, “The fifth daughter? Who’s that?”

Ignoring Feng Wu was the most insulting reply.

The others around the table chuckled and Lady Qian went on. “Mrs Zuo, I was talking about Miss Feng Wu, the girl who was once engaged to the crown prince.”

Mrs Zuo didn’t even raise an eyebrow. “Her? Didn’t she ruin her own cultivation?”

Lady Qian said, “That’s what everyone says. But after all, she used to be as famous as your daughter once and they were called the ‘two genius girls of the imperial capital’ back then.”

Their table was some distance away from Feng Wu’s, but the hall was rather quiet and everyone heard it.

Mrs Zuo smiled. “That’s why we should never be too greedy. My Xiao Luan knew from the very beginning that you can’t rush your cultivation.”

Zuo Qingyu said proudly, “My sister is a Spiritual Elder now and she’ll only get better. As for a certain someone… she’s long fallen in the dirt and she should stay there. But no, she just has to walk around, taking advantage of my sister’s fame. Shame on her.”

“Xiao Yu!” Mrs Zuo cast a stern look at Zuo Qingyu and feigned a vexed tone. “Watch your language!”

“I’m telling the truth!” Zuo Qingyu said indignantly. “Even I’m in Imperial College now, but she… Haha, even compared with me, she’s nothing. How dare she mention her old fame? If she has any sense of shame, she should have killed herself back then. She’s an insult to us all!”

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