Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 324 - Who Is It?

Chapter 324: Who Is It?

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Feng Wu narrowed her eyes in a threatening manner. “Who’s your master?”

Her eyes ran over the ten guards as she spoke. They were almost identical in their height and build and they stood there ramrod straight with emotionless faces. With one look, she could tell that these men were very well-trained.

They had the serious and conscientious attitude of soldiers!

“Miss Wu will know when you get there.” The captain, who led the team, beamed at Feng Wu, looking very confident of himself.

“What if I say no?” Feng Wu smirked.

“Well, this might be a remote corner, but the occasional person can still pass by. I presume that Miss Wu won’t like to be spotted like this?” the captain said with a smile.

“Are you threatening me?”

“You’re mistaken, Miss Wu.”

“What if I refuse to be threatened?”

“Well, I’m afraid that won’t be an option.” The captain was way more capable than Feng Wu. Picking her up swiftly, he said, “Sorry about this!”

The world spun before Feng Wu’s eyes, and when she realized what was going on, she had been tucked under the captain’s arm and was up in the air!

Feng Wu: !!!

Before Feng Wu could figure out what to do, they had landed outside a grand restaurant.

“World Tower?”

Standing outside the restaurant, Feng Wu looked up and saw the vigorous strokes on the shiny golden sign.

So grandiloquent and so overweeningly arrogant, thought Feng Wu.

It was a ten-story building with corniced brackets that reminded one of a great hawk spreading its wings. The exterior was richly decorated in jade and gold hues, reminding one of how magnificent and luxurious a place this was.

This building was as tall as the gates of the Imperial Palace and second only to the watchtower of the Forbidden City. The owner of this place had to be very well-connected to build something like this, or they would have been asking for trouble.

What was more impressive was that Feng Wu sensed a high concentration of spiritual essence in the air once she stepped into the building. This place was equipped with an essence-gathering formation!

The captain led the way and the rest of the guards walked behind Feng Wu in single file. They walked up the stairs as if they owned the place.

Just then, a figure came down from upstairs and the person darted a look at the team in passing. He spotted Feng Wu right away.

“Xiao Wu!”

That person threw himself at Feng Wu like a big butterfly!

It was none other than Feng Xun!

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead. So far, nothing good had ever happened to her when Feng Xun was around. She hoped that today would be an exception, geeze.

Feng Xun knew nothing of Feng Wu’s silent prayer. He was thrilled to see Feng Wu. Hurtling down the stairs, he ran up to Feng Wu in a hurry.

He patted Feng Wu on her slender shoulders in excitement. “Hey, little Feng Wu, why are you here? Came to see me?”

Feng Wu forced a smile. “Heh. You’re here.”

“So, you’re not here for me? Are you looking for your uncle?” Feng Xun looked enlightened.

“My uncle?” Feng Wu frowned. With everything that had happened that morning, her uncle was still in the mood to go out and socialize?

“That’s right. He’s up there on Seventh Heaven. I saw him go there myself just then,” Feng Xun said happily. “His capability can only get him as far as Sixth Heaven, but for your sake, I let him squeeze into the seventh. You can thank me later.”

Feng Wu frowned. “Sixth Heaven? Seventh? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“World Tower consists of nine heavens and ‘Beyond World,’ don’t you know that?” Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu in disbelief. But he soon realized what was going on and he said to Feng Wu in a commiserative tone, “That’s right. You were banished to Northern Border City before World Tower was built.”

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