Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 323 - Do You Like Me That Much?

Chapter 323: Do You Like Me That Much?

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“Shut your mouth!” Lady Wang turned scarlet red and her face contorted with rage. “What is it that you want?!”

“Very simple.” Playing with the teacup, Feng Wu beamed at her. “I want you to stop targeting me, but I know that’s not going to happen, is it?”

Lady Wang wanted to lie and say that she could do that, but she wasn’t able to make a sound when she looked into Feng Wu’s bright knowing eyes.

“So, what I’m asking for is very straightforward.” Feng Wu was still smiling, her eyes sparkling. However, there was something intimidating about her. “You can keep doing whatever you want to do to me, but leave my family out of it. Try that and I’ll talk. You know I’m capable of doing that.”

Lady Wang clenched her fists in her sleeves. “Why should I believe you?”

“Do you have any other choice?” Feng Wu sounded totally unconcerned.

Lady Wang stood up abruptly. “You better keep your promise!”

She marched off after that.

“Qiuling, see my aunt out.”


Once Lady Wang left, Qiuling asked Feng Wu criously, “Miss Wu, what did you say to Lady Wang? She was so angry she almost bumped into a tree.”

Feng Wu only smiled.

It was a great opening.

She didn’t worry about her own safety all that much, but she was concerned about her family. Only after she made sure that they were left in peace could she go off to do what she needed to do without worry.

It was just that with Lady Wang’s temperament, that deal wouldn’t last very long.

So, Feng Wu had two priorities now.

First of all, she needed to speed up her cultivation. Only when she was strong enough could she make others listen to her and protect her own family.

Secondly, she needed to network and she had to meet more influential people. When she had enough powerful friends, Lady Wang would fear her, which would give Feng Wu temporary safety.

Speaking of powerful people, no one in the imperial capital suited that expression more than the crown prince.

Resting her chin on her hands, Feng Wu recalled what happened in that lake the other day.

“Feng Wu, do you really like me that much?

“Feng Wu, you’re very attractive, but you’re also way out of line!

“I won’t stop you from falling in love with me, but please restrain yourself and don’t interfere in my life!”

Feng Wu narrowed her pretty eyes. Those words still irritated her.

Jun Linyuan, that self-centered bastard! I’m never going near him again! It’ll only bring me more humiliation! The more Feng Wu thought about it, the angrier she became.

“Awoo —” A cute cub stuck its head out of Feng Wu’s sleeve and looked at her with glistening eyes. It looked worried.

“You know nothing, little thing.” Feng Wu rubbed Feng Tutu’s head. She then remembered that Feng Tutu was running out of food.

Seeing that the rain had stopped, Feng Wu stuffed the cub into her chest pocket, left some instructions for Qiuling, then jumped over the wall.

The good thing about Fallen Star Yard was that it was very remote, which meant that Feng Wu didn’t have to use the manor’s front gate. Plus, she found it very convenient.

However, as soon as Feng Wu landed on the other side of the wall, ten very capable-looking guards blocked her way!

Every single one of them was more capable than Feng Wu!

“Miss Wu, my master sends you his invitation —”

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